Decorating your bathroom with a fish and mermaid theme can create a fun, whimsical space that feels like an underwater paradise. From seashell-adorned mirrors to fish-shaped soaps, there are many creative ways to incorporate ocean life into your bathroom design. Read on for tips, trends, and inspiration to give your bathroom a splash of underwater style.

Choosing Fish and Mermaid Decor

When selecting fish and mermaid decor for your bathroom, look for items that complement your existing style. Here are some popular options:

Wall Decor

  • Canvas prints or metal wall art featuring underwater scenes, schools of fish, mermaids, etc. These make great focal points above the toilet, tub, or vanity.
  • 3D wall decor like protruding coral or seaweed gives fun dimension.
  • Frame vintage ocean-themed posters or pages from old books.

Bathroom Accessories

  • Shell-shaped soaps, lotion dispensers, toothbrush holders, etc.
  • Ceramic or glass jars filled with shells, sand, or bath salts.
  • Mermaid figurines perched on the edge of the tub or sink.
  • A small treasure chest for storing bathroom necessities.


  • Shower curtains or towels featuring fish, mermaids, shells, seaweed prints.
  • Coral-colored bath mats.
  • Coordinating fabric bins for toiletries.

Mirror Decor

  • Frame mirror in driftwood, seashells, or rope.
  • Stick on shell or starfish decals.


  • A statement pendant lamp with jellyfish or bubbles.
  • Sconces or vanity lights with a wave or water ripple design.

Creative Fish and Mermaid Themes

When decorating your bathroom with an ocean theme, consider one of these fun and playful design concepts:

Under the Sea

Create an underwater fantasy with dark blue walls, ceramic starfish tile, wavy mirrors, and sparkling string lights across the ceiling like sunlight dancing on the sea. Accent with vivid coral pieces and gauzy shower curtains.

Beach Chic

Use soft sand colors on the walls, natural textiles like jute and linen, and pops of sky blue and sunshine yellow. Incorporate shells, weathered wood accents, and tropical greenery.

Mermaid Cove

Make it feminine and mystical with pastel walls, iridescent tile, and metallic accents. Pink shells, pearls, and hints of glitter add a magical mermaid touch. Flowy shower curtains and vanity skirts complete the look.

Coastal Cottage

Capture a breezy, relaxed seaside cottage vibe with sky blue walls, white wainscoting, weathered wood shelves, and accents in corals, seaglass greens, and ocean blues. Rope wrapped mirrors and net bags full of shells keep it beachy.

Pirate Hideaway

Embrace your inner Jack Sparrow with bold stripes on the walls, dark wood cabinets, porthole mirrors, and distressed metal fixtures. Nautical rope, compasses, and treasure map decals add to the pirate theme.

Fish and Mermaid Bathroom Decor Ideas

Here are some fun and creative ways to decorate your bathroom with an under-the-sea theme:

Seashell Frames

Frame your mirror or artwork with real seashells or faux shells in shades of white, cream, pink, and coral. Apply with strong adhesives to create a beachy frame, or attach shells to a wood frame.

Sand Art

Fill clear glass bottles or hurricane vases with sand and seashells to create simple beach-inspired decor. For extra sparkle, mix in glitter or confetti. Use on shelves or in the shower to hold products.

Octopus Shower Curtain

An octopus peering out from behind curtains adds a whimsical touch. Bonus points for 3D plush octopus shower curtains that really make a statement.

Fishbowl Sink

Turn your vessel sink into a fishbowl by adding glass marbles, faux greenery, or live plants at the bottom. The water rippling above looks just like real fish swimming.

Message in a Bottle

Tuck a small rolled note or love letter into an old bottle to create a cute accent piece. Display on a corner shelf or windowsill.

Underwater Scene Canvas

Commission or purchase artwork showcasing your favorite aquatic creatures and coral reefs. Vintage ocean exploration prints also look cool.

Driftwood Shelves

Incorporate natural driftwood planks into wall shelves, towel racks, and display ledges. The organic texture makes a nice contrast to ceramic tile.

Bubble Chandelier

Fixture shaped like floating bubbles or jellyfish add whimsical lighting over the tub. Use a pendant lamp or install sconces.

Fishy Soaps

Soaps shaped like sea creatures like crabs, turtles, and fish add a playful touch by the sink. Arrange in glass dishes, jars, or ceramic soap pumps.

Tips for Achieving a Cohesive Look

When decorating with a fish and mermaid theme, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to a cohesive color palette like shades of blue and green to evoke the feeling of being underwater.
  • Mix textures like smooth glass, natural shells and wood, gleaming metal, and soft textiles for visual interest.
  • Vary sizes of artwork and wall decor. Try groupings of small pieces alongside one large statement piece.
  • Repeat patterns and motifs throughout like bubbles, waves, shells, nets, etc. to tie the whole room together.
  • Use lighting to enhance the theme. Try sconces or pendants with organic shapes or underwater scenes.
  • Consider paint techniques like stenciling on fish scales or seaweed as an affordable DIY accent wall.
  • Don’t go overboard. Limit ocean-themed decor to around 30-40% of the overall room to keep it looking polished.

Bathroom Features to Highlight

Certain bathroom features lend themselves particularly well to a fish and mermaid theme. Try highlighting:

The Tub

This is prime territory for mermaids! Add a freestanding tub, then decorate the surrounding space with artwork, faux coral and seashells. Add mirrors to create the illusion of a larger area.


Use mosaic tiles, sea glass tiles, or ceramic fish scale tiles as backsplashes or tub surrounds. Metallic tiles in ocean blues and greens create shimmer.


Frame windows with shell or rope curtain ties. Decorate the sill with message bottles, shells, and battery-operated tea lights for ambiance.


Paint or replace vanities in shades of blue, green or white. Adorn with spun glass knobs, shell frames around the mirror, and decor on top like candles or small treasure chests.


Install mosaic tile floors for fish and bubbles. Use patterned shower curtains and corals on caddies. Add a ledge for shampoos decorated with shells.

FAQs about Fish and Mermaid Decor

Is it expensive to decorate with a fish and mermaid theme?

You can decorate on any budget! Less expensive options are prints, inexpensive accessories like soap dishes and frames from craft stores, peel and stick wall decals, and fabric shower curtains. For pricier options, invest in artwork, vanities, tile, and lighting fixtures.

What colors work well in a fish and mermaid bathroom?

Shades of blue, green, white, and pale pink or coral tend to suit the underwater theme. Add metallic accents for shimmer or yellows and oranges for a pop of color like tropical fish or coral. Keep the palette cohesive for the best look.

Where can I buy fish and mermaid themed bathroom decor?

Many major retailers like Target, HomeGoods, and Bed Bath & Beyond carry ocean-themed bathroom decor. Etsy offers handmade and customizable pieces. Local beach shops also provide unique finds.

How can I makeover my existing bathroom on a budget?

Update accessories first with new shower curtains, art prints, floating shelves and baskets for storage. Add a bold accent wall with paint or removable wallpaper. Swap out light fixtures for a wave or bubble design. Stick-on tile can transform floors affordably.

How do I prevent moisture damage with real seashell decor?

Avoid placing real shells directly in the shower where there is prolonged exposure to water. For higher moisture areas like bathrooms, choose thicker, sturdier shells or faux shells made from porcelain, resin, or plastic.

Final Thoughts on Fish and Mermaid Bathroom Decor

Decorating your bathroom with an ocean theme can be a delightfully whimsical project for any sea lover. Start by defining the style and color palette you wish to achieve. Focus first on key accent walls, artwork, mirrors and lighting. Then fill in the space with coordinating accessories in various aquatic-inspired textures and materials. Keep proportions balanced by limiting the theme to 30-40% of the overall room. Most importantly, don’t forget to include playful touches like mermaids, fish soaps, porthole windows and glitter to create your own underwater oasis. With a thoughtful combination of hues, textures and details, you’ll love escaping to paradise every time you enter your beautifully designed fish and mermaid bathroom sanctuary.

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