Fashion weeks around the world give us a glimpse into what’s on the horizon in the world of design. While runway styles aren’t always practical for everyday life, there are plenty of trends from recent fashion weeks that can inspire chic updates for your home. By keeping an eye on emerging styles in fashion, you can bring these looks into your interior decor in creative yet livable ways.

Warm, Earthy Tones

The runways were awash with warm, earthy tones this past fashion week season. From amber and mustard to terra cotta and rust, these grounded shades make a statement and provide a sense of stability in turbulent times.

In your home, add pops of earthy colors through throw pillows, area rugs, and accent walls. Rich amber would make a dramatic focal point in a bedroom or dining area, while sun-baked terra cotta and clay colors work perfectly in southwestern and boho spaces. Accent your existing neutrals with mustard or ochre details for an instant color refresh.



After years of sparse, minimalist decor, maximalism has made a major comeback. This trend is about expressing your personal style to the fullest, without holding back. Layer on the patterns, textures, colors, and accessories for a bold, eclectic look. Maximalism celebrates individuality and imperfection.

Bring maximalist flair to your home with an emphasis on self-expression. Mix and match patterns unapologetically. Display your unique collections prominently. Add in conversation-starting accent pieces that showcase your interests and travels. Handmade items like pottery and weavings add quirky personality.

Natural Materials

Sustainability is at the forefront, with an emphasis on natural materials. Many designers incorporated organic cotton, linen, jute, and other eco-friendly textiles into their collections. The runway looks feel earthy yet elevated.

You can embrace sustainable materials in your home decor as well. Choose furniture and accent pieces made from renewable resources. Jute area rugs, linen bedding, rattan chairs, and reclaimed wood tables bring warmth and texture to a space. Accent with ceramic vases, glassware, stoneware and other natural materials for an organic feel.


Fashion design is ultimately about quality craftsmanship, and many designers referenced traditional handicrafts and artisanal details like embroidery, crochet, macrame and patchwork. By incorporating time-intensive handiwork, they pay respect to ancestral techniques.

Find ways to highlight handmade craftsmanship in your home through pottery, woven wall hangings, quilts, and other textile arts. Seek out regional folk art from local artists and craftspeople to connect with traditional methods. You can even learn simple craft skills like embroidery or weaving to make decorative accents.

Bold Wallpaper

Runway sets featured eye-catching wallpaper in dynamic prints and colors. From digital prints to updated takes on traditional motifs, wallcoverings took center stage on the catwalks. Using wallpaper creatively livens up spaces and expresses personal style.

Make a bold wallpaper statement in your home. Choose dynamic prints and rich colors to transform a room. Geometric patterns, large florals and conversation-starting motifs all pack visual impact. Use removable papers to switch up the look regularly. Start with a single accent wall, then take it further by “wallpapering” closets or ceilings.


Short Suit Sets

Suiting on the runways got shaken up this year, with designers showing short suit sets in fresh fabrics and colors. The coordinated top and bottom sets felt youthful and empowering. This modern take on suiting moves power dressing into spring.

Take inspiration from short suit sets by playing with proportion in your home. In decor, short furniture sets pack a visual punch. Try combining a short sofa with two armless chairs, or go for accent chairs with an ottoman. Small-scale furniture makes comfy conversational groupings.

Sculptural Lighting

Statement lighting stole the spotlight on recent runways. From arches to orbs to cascade fixtures, the runway shows featured lighting as art. Dimensional pendants and sconces became focal points within the set designs.

Sculpt your rooms with artistic lighting choices for major visual impact. Look for pendant lights that double as décor, like paper lanterns or fiber orb chandeliers. Layer on accent sconces and table lamps in organic shapes. Your lighting will become as much an expression of personal style as your furnishings.

Neutral Backdrops

While pops of color stood out on the catwalks, most designers kept their core palette neutral. Creamy ivories, warm taupes and rich umbers created soothing backdrops. This allowed the artful details of each look to shine.

Keep your backdrop neutral to make your decorative details pop. Stick to light taupes, warm grays and natural linen hues on your walls and larger decor pieces. Then layer in accent colors and patterns through smaller accessories like pillows, art and fresh flowers.

Fringed and Tassel Trims

Fringe made a fringe-y appearance on runways in New York, London and beyond. Designers incorporated fringed trim, tassel accents and scarf tie elements for a playful feel. These tactile touches added artful movement.

Welcome fringe into your home for a dose of boho charm. Tassel trim along cushions or hemlines lends a whimsical vibe. For major impact, look for fringed area rugs, lampshades, and tapestries. You can even DIY simple details like curtain tiebacks.

Bold Florals

Vibrant blooms flourished on the fashion runways this season. Designers embraced big, blown-up florals that demanded attention. These brilliant blossoms gave plenty of reasons for optimism.

In your home, energize your decor with bold floral motifs. Choose lively yellow daisies, orange poppies and fuchsia peonies to make your rooms pop. Use floral patterns on wallpaper, pillows, rugs and other accents. Even fresh-cut flowers in saturated shades create an instant color infusion.

Faux Fur Accents

Runway designers carried on the playful faux fur trend in their new collections. From fuzzy bags to boxy jackets, fluffy faux fur adds lighthearted texture. This highly tactile accent feels fun and approachable.

Incorporate faux fur’s touchable texture into home decor accents. Fuzzy pillows feel indulgent on a sofa or bed. For glam chic, try a tufted faux fur ottoman or vanity stool. Furry lampshades or area rugs up the cozy factor. Keep the rest of the room sleek to let the fur shine.

Corsets and Bustiers

Corset-inspired silhouettes cinched the runways in eye-catching ways. From dresses to tops, bustiers and boning structure reminded us of fashion’s power to transform. This ode to shapewear adds femme flair.

Create definition in your rooms with strategic curved detailing. Try a settee with cabriole legs, or choose furnishings with exposed wood framework. An arched window or entryway makes a waist-like statement. Contrast curves with straight edges and angles for visual tension.

Sheer Layers

Diaphanous dresses floated down the runway, with peek-a-boo sheers allowing coy glimpses of skin and underlayers. The ethereal yet sultry look mixes vulnerability and strength through transparent textiles.

In your home, add sheer layers for airy elegance. Hang breezy linen curtains to filter natural light. Dress tables in gauzy tablecloths for hazy romance. Sheer lampshades create a soft glow, and billowy fabric hung from rods makes a pretty room divider.

Lived-In Denim

Denim perennially plays a starring role on the runway, and this season it continued with vintage washes, re-worked styles and relaxed fits. Designers embraced denim’s ability to be dressed up or down effortlessly.

Welcome denim into your home through upholstery and pillows for an instant appeal. Try a denim slipcover on a chair or sofa. Mix denim pillows with prim patterns for contrast. Repurposed denim can add personality through patchwork throws or rag area rugs.

Bright Colors

A jolt of vivid color emerged on the runways this season as an energizing antidote to everyday life. Designers embraced the psychological power of color through rich emerald greens, sunflower yellows, fuchsia pinks and more.

Lift your mood and your decor with an infusion of bright colors. Paint an accent wall or front door in an energizing hue. Choose colorful cookware for the kitchen, or display vivid pottery. Vibrant fresh flowers and citrus fruits add zest. Don’t hold back!

Gilded Accents

Gold finishes and accents lit up the catwalk, adding luxe brilliance. Designers incorporated golden tones through jewelry, embroidery, sequins and metallic leather. These glimmering details feel celebratory.

Add a touch of glam to your home with metallic accents. Choose gilded frames, table lamps and architectural details like doorknobs and cabinetry handles. Embellish with threads of real gold in pillows or throws. A little glitter goes a long way in any space.

Ruching and Gathering

Ruffles, pleats and gathers added feminine dimension on the runway. These tactile details created rich textural interest on garments and brought a soft touch against the body. Ruching adds flow and intricacy.

Ruched lampshades or pleated drapery inserts are pretty ways to incorporate this trend at home. Search for ceramics and accent pieces with hand-ruffled edges. You can also display your personal treasures—photos, tickets, fabric scraps—in a shadowbox with gathered detailing.

Playful Volume

Voluminous sleeves, peplums, ruffles and gathered skirts dominated the catwalks. These playful silhouettes feel unapologetically feminine and convey a sense of whimsy and movement.

Add a sense of breezy levity to your rooms with volume-creating accents. Suspended canopy beds feel dreamy and puffy. Choose a balloon-shaped accent chair that envelops you. Hang tiered pendant lights to emulate full skirts. Have fun embracing rounding shapes.

Wraparound Shapes

Designers encased models in beautifully draped garments that enveloped and embraced the body. Wrap dress silhouettes, cross-over tops and intricately wound elements created dynamic dimension.

In your home, wraparound-inspired furniture adds cozy contours. Try a curved sectional that “hugs” you when seated. Arrange chairs at angles for space definition. Suspend a hoop pendant light to add roundness overhead. Wraparound shapes feel organic and cocooning.

FAQs About Fashion Week Trends for Your Home Decor

What are some of the hottest home decor trends inspired by fashion week?

Some top fashion week-inspired home decor trends include warm earth tones like terra cotta and amber, handmade craftsmanship using techniques like embroidery and crochet, sculptural lighting fixtures, bold floral patterns and wallpaper prints, fringe and tassel trim accents, and incorporating faux fur textures.

How can I use fashion colors and patterns in my home without going overboard?

The key is sticking to just a few statement pieces or accents in bolder fashion colors, rather than going all out. Add throw pillows in hot fashion colors like emerald green or sunny yellow. Choose an area rug with a bold floral motif. Use vibrant fashion colors just for an accent wall or on accessories like vases.

What are easy ways to get a fashion-forward look at home without remodeling?

Some easy DIY upgrades for on-trend fashion style include swapping out throw pillows, area rugs and artwork for bolder and brighter choices. Update lampshades and curtains just by adding trim details like fringe or pleats. Paint an accent wall or front door in a vivid fashion color. Display your unique collections prominently for maximalist flair.

How can I incorporate natural materials into my home decor?

Sustainable natural materials like jute, linen, cotton, handmade ceramics and reclaimed wood make eco-friendly upgrades. Use jute or linen for window treatments, bedding and upholstery. Choose wood furniture crafted from reclaimed materials. Bring in ceramic vases, glassware and stoneware accents for an organic feel.

What are some budget-friendly ways to use bold wallpaper?

Removable wallpaper lets you switch up bold prints regularly without the commitment of traditional wallpaper. Even framed swatches of vivid wallpaper prints make art. For small spaces like closets or an accent wall, try self-adhesive wallpaper tiles. Use wall decals and murals for kids’ rooms.


The runway is rich with inspiration for your home. By keeping an eye on emerging fashion trends each season, you can bring these fresh new looks into your interior decor in creative ways. Experiment with color, texture, materials and accessories to reflect the prevailing styles of the moment. Fashion-inspired updates keep your home feeling current, while still reflecting your personal style.