Finding the perfect dining table and chairs for your home can be a challenge. With so many sizes, shapes, materials, and styles to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you’re looking for an eclectic look that mixes and matches different elements, a round dining table can provide the perfect base for your dining room. Paired with chairs that complement its shape and style, a round table allows you to create an inviting space for family meals and entertaining.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Round Dining Table

When selecting a round dining table, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:


Consider the size of your dining room and how many people you want to seat comfortably around the table. Round tables typically range from 36 inches for small intimate settings to 60 inches or larger for spacious areas. Measure the room and visualize different table sizes before purchasing.


Round tables come in a variety of materials like wood, metal, glass, and stone. Think about your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. For example, a reclaimed wood table brings rustic warmth, while a sleek glass top table has a more modern look.

Base Style

The base or legs of the table significantly impact its overall style. Choose from pedestal bases for a streamlined look, four legs for a classic style, or creative criss-cross bases for visual interest.

Extra Features

Consider functional details like self-storing leaves to expand for larger gatherings and lazy Susans to aid with serving family-style meals.

10 Eclectic Round Table and Chair Pairings

Now let’s look at 10 eclectic pairings of round dining tables and coordinating chairs that provide style, function, and a unique flair.

1. Marble and Velvet

A marble tabletop has dramatic veining that demands attention. Pair it with lush emerald velvet chairs for a regal yet bohemian dining room. The soft velvet adds comfort while contrasting nicely with the smooth marble surface.

2. Black Metal and Woven Seats

The clean lines of a black metal table base match perfectly with modern woven seat chairs. This combination feels minimalist, casual, and fresh. The airy woven seats keep the look light.

3. Concrete and Mid-Century

The heavy solidness of a concrete dining table balances well with slender tapered legs and an organic shape. Mid-century style chairs with creamy upholstered seats have a retro appeal that gives this pairing flair.

4. Reclaimed Wood and Wicker

Mixing natural materials like weathered wood and wicker creates an organic and inviting dining space. A reclaimed wood round table has a rustic farmhouse feel, while woven wicker chairs add texture.

5. Oval Glass and Velvet Tufted Chairs

The transparent floaty look of an oval glass top table contrasts with the luxurious softness of tufted velvet chairs. Choose jewel-tone emerald or sapphire blue chairs for a glamorous pairing.

6. White Stone and Rattan

The luminosity of a smooth white stone tabletop combined with airy rattan chairs imparts a breezy Tuscan feel. This duo makes a wonderful choice for relaxed outdoor dining.

7. Black Stone and Leather

Sleek black stone has a modern dramatic vibe, while cognac leather chairs add warmth and worn-in softness. The mix of materials gives this stylish pairing visual interest.

8. Multicolored Mosaic Tile and Metal

A round table featuring artsy mosaic tile in brilliant blues, greens and oranges makes a bold cheerful statement. Pair it with minimalist metal chairs with clean lines.

9. Reclaimed Wood Boat Section and Leather

For nautical flair, use a repurposed wooden boat deck section as the tabletop. The smooth worn wood has character galore. Contrast it with rich saddle leather chairs.

10. Distressed Wood Plank and Woven Abaca

A round table made from distressed reclaimed wood planks has wonderful rustic texture. Complement it with natural woven abaca rope chairs for an earthy, eco-friendly look. The textural mix creates harmony.

Key Takeaways When Choosing a Round Dining Table and Chairs

  • Consider the size, materials, base style and extra features when selecting a round dining table. Measure your space and lifestyle needs.
  • Choose chairs that complement the style, shape, color and texture of your table. Contrast or match finishes for your desired look.
  • An eclectic approach allows you to mix different materials, shapes, eras and styles. Combine reclaimed wood with woven wicker, marble and velvet, or metal and rattan for unique pairings.
  • Ensure your table and chairs fit comfortably in your dining space and accommodate the number of people you want to seat.

With an eclectic round dining table as your starting point, the possibilities for creating a personalized dining area that reflects your taste are endless. Choose complementary chairs that appeal to your sense of style. Experiment and have fun mixing materials and textures until you achieve that perfect eclectic matchup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size round dining table should I get?

The size of the round dining table depends on the dimensions of the room and number of intended diners. For everyday two to four person meals, a 3-4 foot diameter table works well. For larger gatherings, a 4-5 foot table seats 6-8 people comfortably.

What is a good height for a dining table and chairs?

The standard dining table height is 30 inches. Dining chairs typically range between 18-22 inches in seat height for proper ergonomics and comfort. Bar stools have a seat height of 24-30 inches.

What is the most popular dining table material?

Wood is the most popular material for dining tables. Options like oak, walnut, maple, mahogany, and pine provide beauty and durability. Other trendy materials are glass, marble, metal, and stone like quartz or granite.

Should your dining chairs match your table?

Matching chairs and table can look cohesive, but mixed and matched styles add personality and eclectic flair. Complementary textures, shapes, and colors are key. For wood tables, wood chairs communicate warmth. Metal tables suit sleek chairs.

How do I choose stylish dining chairs?

Focus on comfort first. Look for design elements like colorful upholstery, tufted backs, curved silhouettes, exposed legs, and decorative nailheads to reflect your desired mood. Match or contrast the chairs with your table’s size, shape, and finishes.


Creating an eclectic dining space with a round table and artfully chosen chairs provides endless possibilities to showcase your personal taste. Keep key measurements, materials, textures, and colors in mind when curating your mix of furnishings. Aim for a cohesive look that balances form and function. Then, gather around your table to enjoy great meals and conversations in style. With an eclectic approach, you can reinvent your dining area to reflect changing trends or styles over the years.