Kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home. With many options on the market, choosing the right cabinets can be overwhelming. Lowe’s is one of the most popular home improvement stores that sell ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets. Here’s what you need to know about purchasing RTA kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s.

What are RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

RTA stands for “ready-to-assemble.” RTA kitchen cabinets come packed flat in a box with all the pieces, hardware, and instructions needed to put them together yourself. The cabinets just need basic assembly before installing them in your kitchen.

RTA cabinets are a budget-friendly alternative to custom cabinetry. Since you assemble them yourself, you avoid paying extra installation fees to a contractor. RTA cabinets also ship faster than custom orders that can take months. The DIY assembly makes RTA cabinets significantly cheaper than custom options.

Does Lowe’s Sell RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes, Lowe’s has a wide selection of RTA kitchen cabinets available in-store and online. Their lineup includes various colors, wood types, door styles and finishes to match any kitchen design aesthetic.

Some of the RTA cabinet brands Lowe’s carries include:

  • KraftMaid: A mid-range brand with lots of classic and contemporary styles.
  • Project Source: Lowe’s exclusive brand of affordable RTA cabinets.
  • Hampton Bay: Another Lowe’s exclusive line with modern and transitional options.
  • Diamond Now: Economy-priced RTA cabinets from Lowe’s.
  • Shenandoah Cabinetry: Mid-priced cabinets in popular paint and stain colors.
  • Top Knobs: Made in the USA and known for their soft-close doors and drawers.

Lowe’s RTA kitchen cabinets range from value-priced to premium options under $2,000 per box. They offer plenty of choice from basic cabinets for a rental property to high-end looks for a dream remodel.

Benefits of Buying RTA Cabinets from Lowe’s

Purchasing RTA kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s offers several advantages:

  • Affordable pricing: Lowe’s RTA cabinets are 20-50% cheaper than custom cabinetry.
  • Convenient shipping: RTA cabinets ship within 2 weeks of ordering. Custom cabinets can take 8-12 weeks.
  • Variety of styles: Lowe’s has hundreds of RTA cabinet options from top brands to fit any kitchen.
  • Easy returns: Lowe’s accepts returns for damaged or defective RTA cabinets.
  • DIY installation: Assembling cabinets yourself means no expensive labor fees.
  • In-store availability: You can see RTA samples in person before purchasing.
  • Discounted installation: Lowe’s offers affordable RTA cabinet installation services.
  • Expert advice: Lowe’s kitchen designers can help you choose the best RTA cabinets.

How to Buy RTA Cabinets at Lowe’s

Follow these steps when buying RTA kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s:

  • Browse cabinet styles online or in-store and order samples to view finishes.
  • Use the Lowe’s kitchen planner tool to design your layout and get a cabinet estimate.
  • Select cabinet boxes, doors, molding and accessories to customize your look.
  • Choose delivery or in-store pickup for your cabinet order.
  • Make any returns for damaged or incorrect cabinets within the allowable time frame.
  • Schedule discounted RTA cabinet installation through Lowe’s, or assemble them yourself.
  • Read the included instructions thoroughly before beginning cabinet assembly.
  • Assemble cabinets in order, keeping doors protected and assembling them last.
  • Install assembled cabinets securely per the manual’s specifications.


Lowe’s conveniently provides a wide selection of RTA kitchen cabinets from leading brands at affordable prices. Their available styles, finishes and DIY customization give homeowners the freedom to design their dream kitchen on a budget. If you’re looking for quality cabinets without the high cost, then Lowe’s RTA kitchen cabinets offer an excellent solution for upgrading your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lowe’s RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some common questions about purchasing ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s:

Does Lowe’s have RTA cabinets in stock at stores?

Some RTA cabinets may be in stock at your local Lowe’s store. However, selection is limited compared to what is available online or by special order. Browsing in-store allows you to see cabinet quality up close.

What RTA cabinet brands does Lowe’s offer?

Top brands of RTA cabinets sold at Lowe’s include KraftMaid, Shenandoah, Hampton Bay, Diamond Now, Top Knobs, and their house brand Project Source. These span good, better and best quality and price points.

Do Lowe’s RTA cabinets come with countertops?

No, countertops are not included with RTA cabinet purchases at Lowe’s. However, Lowe’s does offer installation services for cabinets, countertops and other kitchen remodel products.

Can Lowe’s deliver RTA cabinets to my home?

Yes, Lowe’s provides home delivery for RTA cabinet orders of $396 or more. Non-commercial addresses located within Lowe’s delivery area can receive home cabinet delivery.

Does Lowe’s install RTA kitchen cabinets?

While Lowe’s doesn’t install the RTA cabinets for you, they do offer a 25% discount on installation service when you purchase cabinets through Lowe’s.

What are the differences between stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets at Lowe’s?

Stock cabinets are pre-assembled regular sizes. Semi-custom offers more sizes, finishes and modifications. Custom cabinets are made to your specs. Stock and RTA offer the lowest prices.

How long does it take to get RTA cabinets from Lowe’s?

Lowe’s RTA cabinets ship within 1-2 weeks generally. Custom cabinets can take 8-12 weeks for delivery. In-stock cabinet pickup is fastest if you need cabinets urgently.

Can I return kitchen cabinets to Lowe’s?

RTA kitchen cabinets can be returned to Lowe’s within 90 days. Make sure to keep all original packaging and parts. The cabinets must be in original condition for return approval.

Final Thoughts

Lowe’s offers an unbeatable selection of RTA kitchen cabinets from leading brands at budget-friendly price points. Their variety of styles, convenient ordering and installation services make remodeling with RTA cabinets from Lowe’s a great choice when updating your kitchen.