Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets have become an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens or bathrooms on a budget. RTA cabinets provide a more affordable alternative to custom cabinetry, while still offering variety in styles, finishes, and organizational features. Many major home improvement retailers like Lowes now offer their own lines of RTA cabinets, appealing to DIYers and those looking to save on installation costs. But does Lowes sell RTA cabinets specifically?

What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA cabinets, sometimes referred to as flat-pack or knockdown cabinets, come disassembled in flat boxes. The cabinets require assembly before installation, which is generally a fairly straightforward process. RTA cabinets can be made of materials like particle board, MDF, plywood, or solid wood frames and doors. Features like adjustable shelves, pull-out trays, and soft-close hinges are usually included.

The convenience of RTA cabinets lies in the shipping and ability to assemble on your own. The disassembled pieces are lighter and take up less space, making delivery cheaper and easier. You can then put them together at your own pace using the included instructions and hardware. This cuts out the cost of hiring a carpenter for installation.

Benefits of Choosing RTA Cabinets

RTA cabinets provide many advantages over custom cabinetry:

More Affordable

Because RTA cabinets are mass-produced and shipped disassembled, they can be significantly less expensive than custom cabinets built on-site. Expect to pay 30-50% less for RTA cabinets over custom.

Variety of Styles

From modern to traditional, white to woodgrains, RTA cabinets are available in many aesthetic styles to suit your kitchen or bath. Door fronts can be made from oak, maple, hickory, thermofoil, and more.

Easy to Assemble & Install

With pre-drilled holes and included instructions, RTA cabinets can be assembled with basic DIY skills, a screwdriver, and hardware. No need for an expensive carpenter or installer.

Convenience of Home Delivery

RTA cabinets ship directly to your door. No need to deal with loading pre-assembled cabinets. Boxes are lighter and easier to move for DIYers.

More Customization Options

RTA cabinets can be painted, stained, or customized after assembly more easily than pre-assembled cabinetry. Make them your own.

Easier Remodeling Logistics

Knockdown RTA cabinets allow major kitchen overhauls while living in the space. Quick and neat installation without demolition.

Does Lowes Sell Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets?

Yes, Lowes sells a wide range of RTA cabinets through several house brands – Kobalt, Sterling, Hampton Bay, and Diamond Reflections. Their broad selection of RTA cabinet collections feature various door styles, finishes, storage options, and hardware to fit any budget or design aesthetic.

Lowes inventory of RTA cabinets includes:

  • Base Cabinets – floor cabinets like sink bases, drawer bases, blind corner, etc.
  • Wall Cabinets – upper wall-mounted cabinets & vanities.
  • Specialty Cabinets – pantry, oven housings, laundry, and more.
  • Toe Kicks
  • Molding/Trim
  • Accessory Cabinets – for microwave, trash/recycling, cleaning storage, etc.
  • Islands & Carts

Lowes also carries unfinished/unassembled RTA cabinets for a lower cost option if you want to stain or paint the cabinets yourself after assembly.

Here are more details on the different Lowes RTA cabinet collections:

Kobalt RTA Cabinets at Lowes

The Kobalt natural wood RTA cabinet line at Lowes offers mid-priced cabinets with solid plywood box construction. Door styles include shaker, mission, and recessed panel looks.

Kobalt RTA Cabinets Features:

  • Material – plywood boxes, solid wood doors and face frames.
  • Finishes – 9 wood stains/paints offered.
  • Storage – adjustable shelves, corner solutions.
  • Hardware – concealed soft-close hinges.
  • Warranty – Limited lifetime.

Kobalt cabinets come with finished sides and are available in a range of sizes from 12-48 inches including angled and L-shaped corner cabinets. Upgrade options include glass doors, molding profiles, light rails, and more. This line provides a durable and customizable RTA option at moderate price points.

Sterling RTA Cabinets

Sterling RTA cabinets exclusively at Lowes are entry-level, value-priced cabinets constructed from moisture-resistant engineered wood. The shaker-style Sterling line comes with finished sides and is designed to be painted or stained.

Features of Sterling RTA Cabinets:

  • Material – engineered wood with laminate exteriors.
  • Finishes – primed for painting or staining.
  • Storage – fixed shelves.
  • Hardware – standard 6-way adjustable hinges.
  • Warranty – 1 year limited.

The Sterling RTA collection at Lowes is only available in white or natural woodgrain laminate ready to finish with 12-30 inch width cabinets. This is an affordable choice for an entry level or DIY RTA cabinet option.

Hampton Bay RTA Cabinets at Lowes

With a variety of styles from traditional to modern, Hampton Bay comprises the widest selection of Lowes RTA cabinets and offers quality construction at everyday low prices.

What sets apart the Hampton Bay RTA cabinet line:

  • Materials – plywood and engineered wood boxes.
  • Styles – shaker, inset, raised & flat panel, and slab cabinet doors.
  • Finishes – paints, stains, laminates, and thermofoil.
  • Storage – adjustable shelves, tray dividers, spice racks, etc.
  • Hardware – soft-close hinges and drawers standard.
  • Warranty – Limited lifetime.

Hampton Bay has the largest lineup of sizes, widths, depths, and configurations plus value-added storage accessories. Door styles range from simplistic slab to intricately detailed raised panels. Their RTA cabinet finishes are also expansive – over 50 color/finish options including painted hues, wood stains, and thermofoil.

Diamond Reflections RTA Cabinets at Lowes

For sleek, modern RTA cabinets, Diamond Reflections is the high-end line exclusive to Lowes. These contemporary-styled RTA cabinets feature premium materials and hardware with soft-close hinges and drawers standard.

Diamond Reflections RTA Cabinets Distinctions:

  • Materials – plywood and solid wood materials.
  • Styles – modern slab and shaker doors.
  • Finishes – paints, wood stains, and high-gloss thermofoil colors.
  • Storage – adjustable shelves, roll outs, organizers, and lazy susans.
  • Hardware – soft-close concealed hinges, chrome handles.
  • Warranty – Limited lifetime.

With frameless European-style cabinet boxes and modern door fronts, Diamond Reflections cabinets deliver a luxury look for less. Available upgrades include glass doors, decorative legs and corbels, crown moulding, light rails and more. This is an affordable RTA cabinet option for a contemporary style remodel.

Choosing the Best Lowes RTA Cabinets

With the wide range of Lowes RTA cabinet collections available, picking the right line involves:

  • Style – traditional, modern, or contemporary aesthetics.
  • Budget – affordable, mid-price or premium options.
  • Quality – plywood and solid woods or engineered woods.
  • Finish – painted, stained, thermofoil, and color options.
  • Storage – shelves, drawers, organizers to suit needs.
  • Hardware – standard or soft-close cabinets and drawers.

Compare cabinet specifications like materials, sizing, warranties and more side-by-side. Order Lowe’s RTA cabinet samples to view finishes. Expect lead times around 2-3 weeks for custom Lowes RTA cabinet orders.

Designing Your Lowes RTA Cabinet Kitchen

To design a kitchen using Lowes RTA cabinetry, follow these steps:

1. Plan cabinet layout – Use the kitchen planner tool on or design software to map out your new RTA cabinet footprint including measurements. Mark sink, stove, and appliance placements.

2. Select cabinet boxes – Choose RTA cabinet styles for base, wall and specialty cabinets in appropriate sizes and configurations to follow your layout.

3. Pick door designs – Match or mix door fronts to create your desired aesthetic. Consider integrated appliances.

4. Choose finishes & hardware– Pick cabinet finishes in stains, paints or thermofoils. Select hardware like knobs and pulls.

5. Add accessories – Customize with organizers, roll outs, glass doors and moldings.

6. Order countertops – Have countertop slabs cut to fit your new RTA cabinet layout.

7. Consider delivery timeline – Factor in RTA cabinet lead times when planning your kitchen remodel phases.

Lowes can provide an itemized list to order all your RTA cabinetry and accessories in one place for easy remodeling.

Installing Lowes RTA Kitchen Cabinets

While designed for DIY assembly and installation, some tips to make the process go smoothly:

  • Review the full instructions before beginning.
  • Make sure you have proper tools – drill, screwdriver, level, saw.
  • Assemble cabinets on a clean, smooth surface with space to work.
  • Follow numbered assembly order and use hardware provided.
  • Take care not to strip screw holes.
  • Use a helper for large base cabinets and lift safely.
  • Shim starter cabinets to ensure plumb and level lines.
  • Securing cabinets to wall studs prevents tipping.
  • Fill gaps between cabinets and walls with trim molding.
  • Add decorative finishes like crown molding for an upgraded built-in look.

Watch Lowes RTA cabinet installation videos for guidance. Taking it slow with proper assembly allows you to get the beautiful new kitchen of your dreams!

Lowes RTA Cabinet Costs

So what can you expect to pay for Lowes RTA kitchen and bath cabinets? Here are some average price ranges:

  • Basic Cabinets – $50-150 per linear foot.
  • Mid-Range Cabinets – $150-300 per linear foot.
  • Premium Cabinets – $300-500+ per linear foot.
  • Countertops – $40-100 per square foot installed.

Of course, exact costs depend on the materials, sizes, features and finishes chosen. Use the online Lowes pricing estimators to calculate total project costs for different RTA cabinet collections. Factor in countertop, lighting, flooring and any plumbing or electrical upgrades needed.

Overall, Lowes RTA cabinets provide homeowners an affordable way to redo kitchens and baths with stylish new cabinetry compared to custom cabinet costs. By assembling and installing RTA cabinets yourself, you can save thousands in labor expenses. From simple Shaker to elegant raised panel designs, Lowes offers quality RTA cabinet brands suitable for any budget or style.

Lowes RTA Cabinets: Key Takeaways

  • Lowes sells a range of RTA cabinet lines at varying price points and styles – Kobalt, Sterling, Hampton Bay, and Diamond Reflections.
  • Benefits of choosing Lowes RTA cabinets include affordability, wide selection, DIY-friendly assembly, and customizable options.
  • Compare specs and order samples to select the best Lowes RTA cabinets for your kitchen or bath.
  • Use online planning tools and cabinet measurement guides to design and purchase complete Lowes RTA cabinet layouts.
  • Assembling and installing Lowes RTA cabinets yourself can save thousands over custom cabinetry install costs.
  • Follow the label instructions closely, taking time and care to properly assemble cabinets.
  • Lowes provides instructions, videos and tips for smooth do-it-yourself RTA cabinet installation.
  • Consider treating your new Lowes RTA kitchen or bath cabinets with protective finishes and fixtures for longevity.

With the right prep and realistic timeline, homeowners with basic DIY skills can successfully assemble and install Lowes RTA cabinets to create stunning, upgraded kitchens and baths at significant cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lowes RTA Cabinets

Does Lowes sell ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets?

Yes, Lowes sells a variety of RTA kitchen cabinet product lines including Hampton Bay, Diamond Reflections, Sterling, and Kobalt cabinet collections. These provide a range of style, quality, and pricing options.

How much do Lowes RTA cabinets cost?

RTA cabinets at Lowes range in price from $50 per linear foot on average for basic economy cabinets to $500+ per linear foot for premium cabinetry. Total costs depend on the specific RTA cabinet line, sizes, features, and finishes chosen.

What are the highest quality RTA cabinets at Lowes?

The Diamond Reflections line features premium materials like solid wood doors and drawer fronts and plywood cabinet boxes. Hampton Bay and Kobalt cabinets also provide quality mid-range RTA cabinetry.

Do you need to finish / stain Lowes RTA cabinets?

Lowes offers pre-finished RTA cabinets in a variety of stained, painted, and laminate options. They also sell “ready to finish” unfinished wood cabinets that require staining or painting after assembly.

Do Lowes RTA cabinets come with hardware?

Many Lowes RTA cabinets come with standard adjustable hinges. Upgraded hardware like soft-close hinges, drawer glides, and chrome pulls can be purchased separately to customize your cabinets’ look and function.

Are RTA cabinets difficult to assemble?

Most Lowes RTA cabinets are designed for DIY home assembly. With detailed instructions and proper tools, they can be assembled by those with basic skills. Complicated cabinetry or large installations may benefit from a carpenter’s expertise.

How long do RTA cabinets take to assemble?

On average, expect RTA cabinet assembly to take 30-90 minutes per cabinet depending on size and complexity. So a typical 30-cabinet kitchen could take 15-45 hours with 1-2 people. Proper time and care is needed for quality assembly.


With an affordable price tag and variety of styles to choose from, it’s no wonder ready-to-assemble cabinets are a growing choice for today’s homeowners and DIYers. Lowes offers an ideal one-stop RTA cabinet destination – providing all the cabinetry, accessories, and guidance needed to create beautiful, functional living spaces without the high price. Their broad selection of quality RTA cabinet brands, sizing, finishes and storage systems allows you to customize your kitchen or bath down to every detail. By following measurements, design planning, proper assembly techniques and safe installation practices, you can feel confident in building your perfect space with Lowes RTA cabinets.