Creating a fun, playful nursery for your little one is such an exciting part of preparing for a new baby. As parents, we want to design a space that will nurture our children’s growth and imagination. Here are 10 playful nursery room ideas to spark creativity in your baby’s first bedroom.


Decorating a nursery is a chance for expecting parents to add personality and whimsy to their baby’s first room. Beyond picking practical furniture and supplies, you can let your imagination run wild with fun themes, colors, patterns and accessories. The key is creating an environment that will stimulate your baby’s senses and foster early development. Playful touches also make the nursery more enjoyable for parents too.

From charming motifs to adventurous colors,Today’s nurseries are filled with excitement. Here are 10 playful ideas to create a nursery that’s full of warmth, imagination and style. Your new arrival will love growing up in such a happy space you’ve designed just for them.

1. Paint an Underwater Mural

Nothing sets the playful mood like a hand-painted mural on the nursery wall. Pick an underwater scene and decorate with schools of hand-painted fish, octopuses, seahorses and whales. Add touches like painted bubbles throughout the room. For a whimsical feel, paint a bold stripe at the bottom with a contrasting color. Finish it off with cute marine life decals.

2. Pick a Fun Theme

Select a fun theme like zoo animals, camping adventure or fairytale castle and decorate the nursery accordingly. For a woodland creature theme, paint trees on the walls and hang paper owls, foxes and raccoons. Or create a magical fairy garden with paintedflowers and glittery dragonflies. Even something as simple as pretty butterflies fluttering across the walls can bring life to the space.

3. DIY Textured Walls

Get creative with textured walls that babies will love touching and exploring. Affix colorful pom poms, felt balls or fabric scraps to one wall to create fun texture and encourage sensory play. Or brush paint on in layers using thick, dimensional paint to achieve swirling or pebbled effects. Add touches like shiny pennies or beads embedded in parts of the textured wall.

4. Suspend Decor From the Ceiling

Draw the eye upward by suspending playful decor from the ceiling. Paper hot air balloons or colorful origami birds on fishing line look great floating overhead. For beach vibes, hang painted whales or sharks. You can also suspend a twinkling mobile or colorful fabric strands to surround baby’s crib with motion and visual stimulation.

5. Add Whimsical Lighting

Use lighting fixtures to infuse playfulness into the nursery. Try using a colorful paper or fabric shade on the main light for diffused color. Hang charming lanterns, origami lamps or string lights shaped like stars, clouds or animals. Position accent lighting to highlight display shelves or a corner reading nook while also providing a night light.

6. Pick Adventurous Colors

Don’t be afraid to use bold, adventurous colors to give the nursery an energetic vibe. Try painting an accent wall in a bright hue like aqua, yellow or lime. Mix patterns and textures like polka dots, stripes, chevron or animal prints for visual interest. Use vibrant bedding and accessories in complementary colors. The colorful room will stimulate baby’s visual development.

7. Add Whimsical Wall Decals

Search for nursery wall decals in fun shapes like flowers, trees, woodland creatures, hot air balloons or circus tents. Or pick decals related to your theme like dinosaurs, astronauts or fairytale characters. Spread them artfully across the walls to incorporate color, pattern and whimsy. Try layering wall decals over painted motifs for more dimension.

8. Display Playful Collections

Build cheerful displays of favorite toys and books for babies to visually explore. Group collections of stuffed animals, toy cars/trucks, picture books or musical instruments. Use corner shelves, ledges, wall-mounted cubbies and floating shelves creatively placed at baby’s eye level. Arrange keepsake toys and picture frames too.

9. Add Elements of Nature

Incorporate elements from nature like greenery, flowers, butterflies and organic textures. Suspend a wreath of faux leaves or flowers over the crib. Arrange a vase of dried pampas grass in the corner. Hang a mounted display box of colorful artificial butterflies. Use textured bedding and window valances that mimic natural motifs.

10. Pick Playful Furniture

Look for nursery furniture that adds a playful spirit. Round cribs with canopies look whimsical. Upholstered gliders in fun shapes with ottomans encourage storytime. Soft seating like a stuffed animal chair or colorful beanbag offers play space. Add toy chests or storage bins with cute motifs. Use an area rug with lively patterns.


Designing a nursery filled with imagination and playfulness will enrich your baby’s early experiences in their own space. And you’ll have so much fun putting your creativity into action. Any of these 10 ideas can spark inspiration to make your nursery lively, developmental and full of personality. Experiment with colors, textures, accessories and themes to design a room brimming with possibility for your little one.


What are some good playful themes for a nursery?

Some fun playful themes for nurseries include: under the sea/ocean animals, woodland/forest creatures, camping adventure, hot air balloons, tropical/jungle, transportation (planes, trains, trucks), fairytales and fantasy, circus, dinosaurs, outer space, superheroes, sports, and friendly monsters.

How can you add playful textures to nursery walls?

Get creative with nursery walls by affixing pom poms, felt balls, fabric scraps, wood slices, or other materials to add touchable texture. You can also paint dimensional effects like swirls and peaks using thick, textured paint. Or applywallpaper with a tactile pattern like velvet, faux crocodile, or embossed designs.

What types of lighting help make a nursery more playful?

Playful nursery lighting ideas include paper or fabric lampshades, colored glass lamps, string lights, lanterns, origami lamps, wall sconces shaped like animals or characters, night lights, and lighting that creates Fun shadows on the walls like leaf shapes or clouds.

How can you build engaging displays for babies in the nursery?

Create engaging displays at baby’s eye level using corner shelves, wall-mounted cubbies, floating shelves, cabinets and bookcases. Display favorite books, stuffed animals, toy collections, picture frames of family, keepsake toys and musical instruments. Rotate items to keep it interesting.

What types of furniture help make a nursery more playful?

Playful nursery furniture includes round or canopy cribs, colorful bookshelves, padded chairs and ottomans for storytime, stuffed animal chairs or bean bag chairs, storage bins and toy chests with cute motifs, and area rugs with lively patterns.