Catalina Estrada is a Colombian graphic designer and illustrator known for her fantastical, nature-inspired wallpaper designs. With influences from the natural world, mythology, and her own imagination, Estrada creates intricate patterns and scenes that transport viewers into magical realms. Her wallpapers are distinguished by their vivid colors, fine details, and sense of whimsy and reverie.

In recent years, Estrada’s fantastical wallpaper designs have attracted much acclaim in the interior design world. Her unique aesthetic and ability to craft immersive environments through her wallpaper art have established her as one of today’s most exciting design tastemakers.

A Childhood Surrounded by Nature

Much of the inspiration for Estrada’s distinctive wallpaper designs stems from her childhood growing up in the countryside outside of Bogotá, Colombia. Surrounded by lush vegetation and fauna, the natural environment left an indelible imprint on Estrada’s creativity and worldview.

“As a child, I was always painting butterflies, tropical flowers, fantastic animals,” she told The Washington Post. “I think this had a strong influence on the fact that my work returned to the natural world.”

Throughout her career, Estrada has continually looked back to those early experiences being immersed in nature. Her designs reveal her lifelong fascination with plants and animals, as well as her innate sense of wonder.

Finding Inspiration in Myths and Legends

In addition to nature, Estrada finds inspiration in ancient myths and legends from around the world. She is particularly drawn to folklore and stories that convey a reverence for the natural environment.

“I like myths because they explain things about nature that we can’t understand,” Estrada stated in an interview with the blog anthropologie. “How the mountains were formed, where the rivers come from. I try to honor the sentiments of these stories in my work.”

For example, her wallpaper titled How the Mountains Came to Be depicts the mythical creation of a mountain landscape. Other designs incorporate cryptozoological creatures like unicorns and dragons in whimsical, peaceful scenes that pay homage to mythical ways of perceiving nature.

Signature Aesthetic: Vibrant Colors and Intricate Details

From her inspirations, Estrada has cultivated a signature aesthetic defined by vibrant colors and intricate details. She uses a bright, saturated color palette that gives her wallpaper designs a highly stylized, fantastical feel. Reds, oranges, pinks, and turquoises collide in florals and natural motifs.

Estrada’s compositions are also distinguished by the fine, delicate details that lend them a sense of abundant richness. She might fill the contours of a single leaf with miniature textures that resemble reptile scales or bird feathers. Decorative elements like fluttering butterflies and braided garlands abound.

This combination of vibrant colors and intricate details is deeply immersive, inviting viewers to get lost in the rhythmic patterns and whimsical narratives. Estrada transforms walls into verdant gardens, mythical landscapes, and fairy-tale forests through her exacting, imaginative illustrations.

Collaborations Expand Her Influence

While Estrada has grown her reputation through her signature wallpaper collections, high-profile collaborations with brands like Anthropologie have also expanded her influence in the design world.

In 2015, the bohemian lifestyle brand partnered with Estrada on a line of wallpaper and home goods marked by her signature aesthetic. Vivid botanical shapes intermingled with mythical beasts in patterns applied to wallpaper, pillows, and furniture. The collaboration introduced Estrada’s one-of-a-kind designs to wider audiences.

“I think a lot about how my illustrations make people feel,” said Estrada about the partnership. “I want them to spark happiness while also reminding you of the mysteries and colors that exist in the natural world.”

Wallpapers That Transport and Captivate

With their radiant colors and charm, Estrada’s fantastical wallpapers have captivated designers and decorators who seek to infuse interiors with a sense of magic and wonder. Her designs are transportive, inviting occupants into inspired reveries and joyful escapes.

Estrada’s distinctive aesthetic vision expands perceptions of what is possible in wallpaper art and interior environments. By blending vibrant colors, mythic themes, and a reverence for nature, she has established herself as a visionary design tastemaker whose imagination transforms spaces. Her mesmerizing worlds on walls leave an indelible, fantastical impression.

Frequently Asked Questions about Catalina Estrada’s Wallpapers

What main elements distinguish Catalina Estrada’s wallpaper designs?

Estrada’s wallpapers are known for their vibrant colors, intricate details, motifs from nature and mythology, and overall sense of magic and reverie. Vivid reds, pinks, and turquoises collide in patterns dense with delicate textures.

How would you describe the style of Estrada’s wallpaper art?

Estrada’s style is characterized by a vibrant, fantastical aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from nature and legends, her designs have a very imaginative, whimsical, dream-like quality.

What artists or movements have influenced Catalina Estrada?

Estrada cites childhood memories in nature, ancient myths, folklore, and indigenous art as influences. Stylistically, her work aligns with magical realism and surrealism.

What mediums does Catalina Estrada use to create her wallpaper designs?

Estrada hand paints her intricate designs using gouache, ink, and sometimes gold leaf. She then works closely with master printers to digitize and print the wallpapers.

How can you incorporate Catalina Estrada’s wallpapers into interior spaces?

Estrada’s wallpapers are ideal for making a bold statement on an accent wall. They also work beautifully when covering full rooms to completely immerse occupants in her fantastical environments.

Where can you purchase official Catalina Estrada wallpaper?

Estrada’s wallpaper collections are produced by leading design houses like Milton & King, Spoonflower, and Astek. Retailers like Anthropologie also carry selections of her wallpapers.


Through her imagination, technical skill, and reverence for the natural world, Catalina Estrada has distinguished herself as one of today’s most innovative design tastemakers. Her fantastical wallpaper creations provide whimsical escape and inspiration. Vibrant jungles, mythical landscapes, and fairy-tale forests come alive, transporting viewers into wondrous realms. As Estrada continues expanding her creative vision to new collections and collaborations, her signature aesthetic promises to further captivate and influence. Her distinct artistic voice makes a lasting impact on the world of wallpaper art and interior design.