Wall murals can transform any space, adding visual interest, color, and personality to otherwise blank walls. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on the best wall mural to suit your needs. Here are 12 creative ways to use wall murals to enhance your home or office design.

1. Create an Accent Wall

One of the most popular uses for wall murals is to create a stunning accent wall. Pick one wall to be the focal point and install a bold, eye-catching mural. Abstract designs, geometric patterns, nature scenes, or pop culture characters all make excellent accent wall murals.

When choosing an accent wall, consider the size and layout of the room. A large wall mural can anchor a spacious room, while a smaller space benefits from a more modest sized mural. Also, think about sight lines and furniture placement to maximize the impact.

Accent wall murals are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, offices, and more. The vibrant colors and designs will liven up any interior.

2. Display Meaningful Quotes

Inspirational quotes and meaningful words make for uplifting wall murals. Find a quote that speaks to you and have it printed in large stylized script to adorn your wall.

For a personal touch, choose a quote from a favorite author, historical figure, or family member. Select script fonts like cursive or calligraphy for an elegant look. Display the quote in the entryway, above a desk, or on the kitchen wall for daily motivation.

3. Bring the Outside In

Connecting with nature provides a welcome sense of calm. For city dwellers, beautiful landscape murals bring the outside into urban environments. Choose lush green forests, serene beach views, or misty mountain vistas to adorn your walls.

Pay attention to light sources when selecting an outdoor mural – backlit windows will wash out the colors. Also consider coordinating nature murals in adjoining rooms for a continuous landscape extending throughout the home.

4. Pick a Focal Point

Sometimes a blank wall needs just a touch of art instead of a full mural. Try picking out one striking design element to create a focal point. This can be an artsy vintage poster, oversized photography print, ornate mirror, or carved wall hanging.

Position the eye-catching focal point prominently on the wall and hang additional artwork in complementing colors and styles around it. The result is a stylish gallery wall with visual interest.

5. Create a Backsplash Mural

Make an ordinary kitchen or bathroom really pop by installing a backsplash mural behind the sinks and counters. Vibrant murals add life to dull backsplashes.

For kitchens, choose food inspired designs – fruits, vegetables, spices, cookware. Or pick eye-catching geometric tile patterns. For bathrooms, serene watercolor designs, leaves, flowers, or sea creatures work well.

Measure carefully and get a mural print that fits your backsplash dimensions perfectly. Then apply with adhesive just like tile. The bold graphics make the space more fun and stylish.

6. Showcase Photography

For family history buffs and photo enthusiasts, showcasing nostalgic photography makes a meaningful wall mural. Dig up those old family albums, slides, and negatives and get them printed large scale to display proud ancestral heritage or important life events.

Panoramic landscape photos also look stunning when printed big. Or blow up artsy abstract closeups. Carefully curated photographs tell stories and evoke emotions on the wall. They add warmth and personal connections to any room.

7. Define Spaces with Murals

In open concept homes, large murals come in handy to define spaces without using walls and doors. Display kitchen or dining murals to mark out those zones in a big great room. Mural backdrops behind beds help delineate private sleeping space in a studio.

Even in shared kid rooms, cool murals divide up territories and personalize each child’s area. Use wall murals creatively to carve out special spaces and transition between public and private areas.

8. Create a Faux Window

Bring the illusion of openness and views into windowless interior rooms with faux window murals. Photographic murals of skylines, oceansides, and landscapes make believable backdrops. For a striking trompe l’oeil effect, add billowing curtains, lenticular clouds, or sunbeams.

Match the lighting in the room to the time of day depicted. A daytime sky mural paired with soft mood lighting creates noticeable dissonance. When done right, faux windows brighten up any gloomy, enclosed space.

9. Display Collections with Style

Maps, album covers, scientific charts, fabric swatches…murals allow you to display any collection in an artistic way. Scan and print anything meaningful onto one massive wall mural. This transforms a simple collection into a decor focal point.

Group album covers in a collage over the media unit. Line the hall with vintage travel posters. Frame kids artwork along a staircase. The items alone look cluttered but cohesively arranged together as a mural, they make meaningful art.

10. Give Nurseries Personality

Nurseries need color and whimsy. Liven up boring blank walls with playful murals in a baby’s room. Sweet cartoon characters, smiling animals, cheerful alphabets, and cute nature themes all make excellent nursery murals.

Paint one wall with chalkboard paint so you can draw directly on the mural as the child grows. This adds a fun, interactive element. Also use removable wall decals to periodically change up the look. Murals inject energy and personality into little ones’ spaces.

11. Enjoy Hobby-Themed Art

Showcase personal hobbies and passions with fun themed murals. Music aficionados can rock out with musician portraits or music notes in their home studio. Adrenaline junkies might choose extreme sport action shots for their basement gym.

Display exotic travel destinations on an office wall for daily inspiration. Even bookworms can surround themselves with literary quotes, book spines or abstract libraries. Visually immerse yourself in hobbies you love.

12. Add Whimsy to Kids’ Rooms

Wall murals unleash creativity and visual storytelling in kids’ bedrooms. Help children design their dream room with colorful, fantastical murals. Mermaids, pirates, astronauts, princesses – any theme can come to life on the walls.

Update murals periodically as children outgrow unicorns and dinosaurs. Allowing kids to participate in redesigning their own space gives them ownership over their environment. Have fun, be playful and keep young imaginations thriving.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Murals

What types of wall murals are available?

There are many types of wall murals to choose from:

  • Photographic murals featuring landscapes, cityscapes, nature scenes, or family photos
  • Metallic or foil murals with shiny, reflective surfaces
  • Painted murals with hand-painted art or illustrations
  • Removable wallpaper murals using peel-and-stick materials
  • Fabric murals printed on textiles or canvas materials
  • Tile murals made up of vinyl, plastic or paper tiles
  • Chalkboard murals that allow you to draw and erase chalk art
  • Magnetic murals that let you attach magnets
  • Glass mosaic murals composed of small glass tiles

How are wall murals installed?

Wall murals are relatively easy for DIY installation. The exact process depends on the material:

  • Paper or vinyl murals use paste or adhesive that is brushed directly onto the wall. The panels are smoothed onto the adhesive.
  • Removable fabric or wallpaper murals use peel-and-stick backing. Just peel off the adhesive cover and press onto the wall.
  • Small tile or mosaic murals stick onto mesh sheets that are hung on the wall like wallpaper before the pieces are applied.
  • Larger murals may need scaffolding or lifts to install, especially for high ceilings. Hiring a professional is recommended for big, complex murals.

Where can you buy wall murals?

There are many options both online and in retail stores:

  • Online specialty stores like Murals Your Way, Walls Need Love, Magic Murals, Wallsauce, EasyWallDecal
  • Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair and other major retailers
  • Physical wallpaper and home decor stores
  • Some local paint stores and hardware outlets
  • Directly from mural artists and graphic designers

How much do wall murals cost?

Cost depends on size, material, complexity of design and retailer. On average expect to pay:

  • Small murals under 30 sq ft: $100 – $300
  • Medium murals 30 to 70 sq ft: $300 – $700
  • Large murals over 70 sq ft: $700 – $2000
  • Extra labor, installation equipment, special materials and shipping can add more costs. Shop around for best deals.

How should you choose a wall mural?

Consider these factors when selecting the perfect wall mural:

  • Size of wall and room
  • Mural colors and aesthetics
  • Theme and purpose of space
  • Important design elements like windows or doors
  • Personal style and taste preferences
  • Removability for future updates
  • Budget constraints
  • Quality of materials and printing resolution


Wall murals provide seemingly endless possibilities to craft your ideal space. They allow you to easily refresh rooms, display meaningful symbols and memories, add pops of color and texture, define zones, and show off your unique personality. With the wide variety of options available today, you can find the perfect wall murals to stylishly enhance any home or office. Get creative with murals and watch your ordinary walls transform into extraordinary canvases of self-expression.