Decorating a home in Australia offers ample opportunities to create an easy, breezy lifestyle. From laid-back coastal abodes to modern city apartments, Australians know how to design interiors that are both stylish and uncomplicated. Here are some tips for channeling effortless Australian style in your own home, no matter where you live.

Embrace Casual, Beachy Style

With miles of beautiful coastline, beach culture is a huge influence on Australian interior design. Think lots of natural textures, weathered woods, rattan and wicker furniture, and smooth stones and shells. Keep things light and airy with whitewashed walls, pale linens, and breezy sheer curtains. Pops of color can come from throw pillows, rugs, and accent pieces. Paintings of seascapes and driftwood sculptures complete the coastal vibe.

Welcome the Outdoors In

Australians love connecting their living spaces to the natural environment. Invite the outdoors in by incorporating large windows, glass doorways, and skylights to let in plenty of sunlight. Use exterior elements like stone, wood, and plants to blur the line between inside and outside. Open floor plans allow air to circulate freely. Consider adding a sunroom or screened-in porch to fully integrate indoor and outdoor living.

Opt for Casual, Multifunctional Furniture

Formal, rigid furniture has no place in a relaxed Australian home. Opt for pieces that are casual, movable, and multifunctional. Rattan or wooden furniture with washable cushions can transition from indoor to outdoor use. Look for small-scale sofas, daybeds, ottomans, and nesting tables that can serve multiple purposes depending on your needs. Hammock chairs are a cozy spot for reading.

Think Simple, Natural Fabrics

Linen, cotton, wool, and other natural fibers make up the textiles in most Australian homes. These fabrics have an unfussy, organic look and feel that suits the casual coastal aesthetic. Crisp white linens have a beachy vibe. Earthy tactile fabrics like jute, linen, and cotton in neutral hues add coziness. Lightweight cotton throws and quilts work year-round.avoid stiff drapes and opt for airy, casual curtains.

Select Laid-Back, Multipurpose Accent Pieces

The finishing touches in an Australian home are relaxed and multifunctional. Woven baskets serve as storage in place of clunky cabinets. Natural wood or rattan side tables double as stools. Masks, shells, and driftwood make for artful displays. Stacked books, potted succulents, and glass jars holding beachy finds make great casual accents. Handcrafted ceramics, wood carvings, and aboriginal art reflect creativity and nature.

Take Advantage of Indoor/Outdoor Living

Australians embrace indoor-outdoor living thanks to the temperate climate. Make the most of balcony and patio spaces by furnishing them as an extension of the living room. Comfy weatherproof couches, a bar area, fire pit, and dining table help create an al fresco living space. Extend floor materials like tile or wood out onto the deck to make the transition seamless. Install accordion doors or sliding glass walls to fully open up interiors.

Welcome Warm, Natural Lighting

Nothing makes a space feel carefree and airy like an abundance of natural light. Install skylights and larger windows wherever possible to let sunlight flood in. Supplement with eco-friendly lighting options like solar-powered pendant lights and lanterns. Accent tables with sunny motifs and natural materials like rattan or wood. Mirrors help amplify and reflect light. Avoid heavy draperies and dark colors that absorb light.

Incorporate Vintage & Found Objects

A well-loved vintage aesthetic pairs perfectly with relaxed Australian style. Mix flea market finds like chippy wood furniture, faded oriental rugs, and chipped china into your decor. Work finds from seaside trips like sea glass, shells, and driftwood into accent pieces and displays. Distressed woods, galvanized metals, antique trunks, and repurposed crates echo the worn, organic look that defines Australian design.

Celebrate Unique Local Art & Crafts

Showcase art, crafts, and objects that connect back to the unique flora, fauna, and culture of Australia. From eucalyptus-printed pillows to kangaroo motifs, find creative ways to incorporate iconic Aussie elements. Display didgeridoos, boomerangs and woven baskets as artistic focal points. Frame photographs of gorgeous Australian landscapes. Add touches of Aboriginal dot art and handmade ceramics and textiles for an authentic Down Under feel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating in Australia:

What are some key features of Australian home decor?

Some hallmarks of Australian style are casual, beach-inspired spaces with lots of natural light and blurring between indoor and outdoor areas. Natural materials, white walls, wood and rattan furniture, and vintage or handcrafted accents are commonly used.

What colors work well in Australian home design?

White, sand, sky blue, sea green, tan, and other soft, light neutrals suit the laidback aesthetic. Pops of brighter blues, greens or coral pink can liven up spaces. Avoid dark or heavy colors.

What types of textiles are preferred?

Breezy natural fabrics like linen, cotton, jute and wool are favored over synthetics. Lightweight textiles allow air flow. Textured knits and woven throws add coziness. Crisp white linens evoke beach houses.

Should furniture be matching?

Not necessarily – Australians embrace a collected look of mixed and matched flea market finds. Natural materials like rattan, wood and cane fit with the casual vibe. Multi-functional furniture like ottomans and daybeds work well in small spaces.

How can I maximize indoor/outdoor living?

Use glass doors, open floor plans and transitional materials to blur the barriers. Furnish patios or decks with weatherproof seating, dining tables, and accent pieces. Add shade elements like sails, canopy beds or market umbrellas. Incorporate planters and small trees.

What are good options for window treatments?

Light, breezy curtains in natural fabrics or wooden blinds help keep spaces feeling open and airy. For privacy, use sheer curtains or woven roller shades. Avoid heavy draperies that block light and views.


Creating an easy Australian-inspired oasis is possible no matter where you live. Focus on bright, casual spaces that celebrate natural light and blend indoor and outdoor living. Breezy fabrics, unfussy furniture, whitewashed elements, and handcrafted accents evoke the relaxed Aussie lifestyle. With a laidback design approach, you can enjoy easy living all year long.