Soapstone is a unique and beautiful natural stone that is growing in popularity for bathroom countertops. With its soft, smooth texture and ability to resist stains, soapstone provides an elegant look for any bathroom design. However, before installing soapstone in your home, it’s important to understand the typical costs involved so you can plan and budget accordingly.

What is Soapstone?

Soapstone, also known by its scientific name steatite, is a metamorphic rock composed primarily of talc and magnesite. It has a soft, soapy feel and a light grayish color that deepens to dark charcoal when treated with mineral oil. Soapstone is quarried in a few locations worldwide, notably Brazil, India, Finland and Canada.

Some key properties that make soapstone an attractive countertop material:

  • Heat resistant – can withstand very high temperatures.
  • Stain resistant – impervious to acids and harsh chemicals.
  • Durable – hardens over time with frequent use.
  • Low porosity – resists moisture absorption.
  • Natural material – non-toxic and eco-friendly.

These characteristics make soapstone practical as well as beautiful for bathroom vanity tops. The smooth texture and soft look coordinate well with many styles from modern to vintage.

Cost Factors for Soapstone Countertops

Several variables affect the total installation cost if you’re considering soapstone for your bathroom remodel.

Stone Cost

The stone itself is one of the biggest expenses. Expect to pay $50-100 per square foot for soapstone slabs. The cost depends on the quality, thickness, color variations and source location of the raw stone. Unique patterns and consistent darkness can increase the price.


Fabricating the slabs into finished countertops also impacts the budget. Complex edge profiles, integrated sinks and precision cutting all raise fabrication costs. Expect to pay $40-70 per square foot for basic fabrication.


Professional installation of the finished countertops typically costs $40-60 per square foot. The installer needs to carefully transport and securely mount the heavy slabs. Good installation prevents loosening or cracking.


For soapstone sourced overseas, shipping costs can be significant. Domestic shipping within North America ranges from $200-500 depending on distance. International shipping can exceed $1000 for a crate of slabs.


Applying mineral oil or beeswax to seal and darken the stone costs around $3 per square foot. Periodic reapplication is needed over time. Some vendors include sealing with installation.

Total Cost

Taken together, a typical price range for installed soapstone countertops is $175-250 per square foot. The final amount depends on the quality of materials and complexity of installation. Luxury custom designs can cost up to $500 per square foot when using premium slabs.

Cost Comparison to Other Countertop Materials

Here’s how soapstone costs compare to other popular options for bathroom vanities:

  • Granite – Similar to soapstone but starts around $80 per square foot installed. More color/pattern options.
  • Marble – Also a high-end natural stone. Starts around $100 installed but requires frequent sealing.
  • Quartz – Engineered stone product with lower cost, approx $70-150 installed. Less heat/stain resistance.
  • Laminate – Most budget-friendly option at $20-50 per square foot installed. Prone to scratches/damage.

Soapstone pricing sits at the high end because of the labor-intensive quarrying and fabrication process. The natural beauty and longevity offset the cost for many homeowners.

Factors That Impact the Total Cost

Several considerations beyond the stone and installation can influence the total budget for your soapstone countertops:

  • Number of countertops needed (more countertops increase cost)
  • Total surface area and perimeter length
  • Edge profiles – simple eased vs. complex ogee edges
  • Thickness – 2 cm vs 3 cm provides more durability
  • Integrated vs drop-in sink (integrated costs more)
  • Additional backsplashes or accent walls
  • Delivery location from supplier.

Carefully measuring your space and calculating the needs is important for an accurate estimate. Be sure to get a detailed quote accounting for all these factors.

How to Get the Best Value

If the high end of the cost range stretches beyond your budget, here are some tips to get the best value from your soapstone investment:

  • Only use soapstone where it will be most visible and appreciated. Use a less expensive material for lower profile spaces.
  • Select smaller slabs with color variations or inconsistencies that get a lower price per square foot. The patina from oiling will ultimately even out the tone.
  • Go with a standard eased edge profile rather than decorative ogee or bullnose edges.
  • Choose a simple undermount or vessel sink that doesn’t require expensive seamless integration.
  • Install backsplashes and accents using ceramic tile rather than matching stone.
  • Consider soapstone remnants or smaller DIY projects to enjoy the look for less.

Costs for Soapstone Bathroom Countertops: FAQs

What does installing soapstone countertops typically cost?

The typical range is $175-250 per square foot installed. High-end custom work can be $500 per square foot. The cost depends on stone quality, fabrication, and installation factors.

Why is soapstone more expensive than ceramic tile or laminate?

It is pricier because soapstone is quarry-mined and each slab has unique natural variations. The stone is very dense and requires special tools to precisely cut and finish.

Can I install soapstone countertops myself to save costs?

It’s possible for skilled DIYers but challenging. The slabs are extremely heavy and fragile. Making quality custom cutouts requires special tools. Getting a professional install is recommended.

Does the cost of maintaining soapstone affect the long-term budget?

Minimal maintenance is needed. Re-oiling costs about $3 per square foot each year. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can damage the soft stone. With proper care soapstone lasts for many decades.

Should I expect extra costs if I choose an intricate edge style?

Yes, fancier edges like ogee and triple bullnose take more time and skill to fabricate. They can increase the fabrication cost by 20-50% compared to a simple eased edge.


While soapstone bathroom countertops are on the pricier end of the spectrum, they provide an unparalleled elegance and longevity that can enhance a home’s value. Understanding the typical cost factors allows smart budgeting and design choices to get the most from your investment. With proper care, beautiful soapstone countertops will last a lifetime and beyond. Discussing your project specifics with stone suppliers and installers provides the most accurate estimate so you know what to expect. While costs may initially seem high, the natural artistry of soapstone creates a special ambiance that is well worth the premium price for many homeowners.