A cook’s dream kitchen is a space designed and outfitted specifically for cooking enthusiasts. It includes high-end appliances, ample counter space and storage, durable and easy-to-clean surfaces, great lighting and ventilation, and all the tools a home chef could want. The layout is functional, with different zones for prep, cooking, baking, and clean-up. Smart organizational features help keep everything in its place. The decor embraces the cooking theme with fun, food-inspired accents. While the cook’s dream kitchen may look different depending on personal style and budget, certain elements help make it a culinary paradise.

High-End Appliances

The appliances are the heart of any great kitchen, and the cook’s dream kitchen is equipped with the best of the best.

Cooktop and Oven

Gas cooktops allow for precise temperature control and rapid adjustments, while electric induction models boil water in under 90 seconds. Integrated griddles are perfect for whipping up pancakes. Double wall ovens provide extra capacity, with options like convection baking and steam injection. Built-in warming drawers keep cooked food hot until serving time.


A powerful range hood with at least 600 CFM airflow capacity will keep the space free of smoke and odors. Downdraft ventilation is another option for low-profile venting.


Sub-Zero and other luxury brands offer expansive refrigeration with dual evaporators for constant humidity, adjustable temperature drawers, and other specialty features like built-in coffee centers. Double refrigerator-freezer combinations provide ample cold storage.

Small Appliances

The cook’s dream kitchen houses an array of small appliances like high-performance blenders, stand mixers, sous vide immersion circulators, ice cream makers, and more. Dedicated storage keeps these items neatly tucked away but easy to access.

Ample Counter Space

Having ample room to prep, cook, plate food, and complete other kitchen tasks makes the space fully functional.

  • At least 36 inches of landing space on both sides of the range.
  • At least 24 inches of counter space next to the refrigerator.
  • Extra-deep 36-48 inch islands for food prep and dining.
  • Peninsula counters for additional workspace.
  • Sturdy butcher block islands for chopping and kneading.
  • Matching butcher block cutting boards to expand work areas.

Storage Galore

No cook’s dream kitchen is complete without loads of storage to house all cooking and serving essentials.


Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry maximizes every inch. Custom configurations allow you to tailor storage to your needs. Interior fittings keep items organized.


A spacious walk-in pantry neatly stores dry goods, small appliances, and other kitchen tools. It may also house a second refrigerator.


Cabinets fitted with pull-out shelves and drawers create easy access to items in the back. Corner lazy susans fully utilize awkward spaces.

Open Shelving

Pretty open shelving provides display space for pretty cookware, serving pieces, and glassware. Shelves should have lips to prevent items from sliding off.

Durable Surfaces

The cook’s dream kitchen is designed to stand up to heavy use.


Quartz, granite, solid surface, and stainless steel offer durability and easy cleaning. Butcher block is great for chopping but requires maintenance.


A glass, ceramic tile, or stainless steel backsplash protects the walls from splatters and spills. Avoid porous materials like wallpaper or paint.


Tile, stone, and poured floors stand up to dropped utensils and foot traffic. Use slip-resistant materials and mats to improve safety.


Undermount stainless steel sinks allow spills to be wiped directly into the sink. Commercial style sinks have deep basins and rugged construction.


Look for sturdy faucets with high performance for cleaning and filling stockpots. Pull-down sprayers make quick work of rinsing.

Proper Lighting

Great task lighting ensures that every inch of the kitchen is visible while cooking.

  • LED undercabinet lights illuminate countertops.
  • Pendant lights hang over islands and other workstations.
  • Recessed ceiling cans brighten the full space.
  • Natural light from windows over the sink or cooking area.


Proper ventilation keeps the air fresh and prevents grease and moisture from damaging surfaces.

  • Hood vent over the cooktop ventilates heat, grease, and odors outside.
  • Downdraft ventilation in island cooktops.
  • Open concept floor plan encourages air circulation.
  • Operable windows bring in fresh outdoor air.

Specialty Storage Solutions

Smart organizational features tailored to the needs of home cooks.

Pots and Pans

Deep drawers, vertical racks, and hanging racks keep pots organized and accessible.

Spices and Oils

Pull-out cabinet organizers neatly store a vast spice collection. Wall-mounted rails display oils.

Serving Pieces

Built-in plate racks show off tableware while keeping it secure.


Appiance garages tuck small appliances out of sight.

Trash and Recycling

Cabinet front tip-out bins make waste disposal easy.

Kitchen Linens

Pull-out towel racks and tiered cabinets neatly store towels.


Bookshelves or built-in cookbook racks keep recipes organized.

Decor Touches

The decor embraces the cooking theme with fun details.

Wall Art

Framed vintage cookbook prints, food posters, and custom photos of fresh ingredients.


Kitchen curtains and textiles printed with fruits, vegetables, or cooking motifs.

Colored Cabinetry

Vivid cabinet colors like fire engine red, cobalt blue, or golden yellow.

Unique Backsplashes

Handpainted tiles, metal penny tile, or glass mosaics with food themes.

Novelty Hardware

Antique looking drawer pulls or whimsical ceramic knobs.

Additional Considerations

Other factors that help create the ultimate cook’s dream kitchen.


WiFi enabled appliances, voice activated assistants, and interior cameras for live stream cooking demos.

Multi-Purpose Island

Large kitchen island for food prep that doubles as casual dining space. Choose durable, stain-resistant materials.

Cooking Classroom

Expanded kitchen with extra workspace to host cooking classes or accommodate multiple cooks.

Outdoor Kitchen

Fully equipped outdoor cooking area with amenities like a grill, sink, beverage center, and pizza oven.


Prioritize high performance appliances and ample counter space. Save on cabinetry finishes and hardware.

Professional Design

Hire an experienced kitchen designer to maximize function and workflow based on your needs.

Open Concept

Removing walls between the kitchen and other living spaces creates better flow for entertaining.

FAQ About Cook’s Dream Kitchens

What are the most essential features in a cook’s dream kitchen?

The most essential features in a cook’s dream kitchen are high quality appliances, ample counter and prep space, lots of storage, durable and easy-to-clean surfaces, proper lighting and ventilation, and organizational features tailored to cooking needs.

How much space do you need for a luxury kitchen?

For a luxury kitchen with a spacious gourmet zone, you need a fairly large footprint of 600-1000 square feet. This allows room for features like a spacious island, walk in pantry, large appliances, and zones for prep, cooking, baking, and cleaning.

What design style is best for an epicurean kitchen?

Contemporary and modern styles work well for epicurean kitchens focused on function and clean lines. Urban rustic kitchens with exposed beams, brick, and a professional style range offer a gourmet aesthetic. Sleek industrial inspired kitchens also embrace the chef driven concept.

What are the best materials for serious home cooks?

The best materials for serious home cooks are durable quartz or granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, tile backsplashes, and stainless steel sinks. Butcher block islands are ideal for chopping and food prep.

Should you have two ovens in a high end kitchen?

Having two ovens is highly recommended in luxury kitchens for serious home cooks. The extra oven provides more flexibility when cooking large meals. Look for double wall ovens or a standard oven paired with a specialty steam or convection oven.

What should a gourmet kitchen island include?

A gourmet kitchen island should have ample counter space for food prep, durable stain resistant countertops, storage like shelves or drawers for kitchen tools, electrical outlets, pendant lighting, and barstool seating for casual dining.


The cook’s dream kitchen blends form and function to create the ultimate space for culinary creativity. With high-end appliances, abundant counter space, tailored storage, durable finishes, proper lighting and ventilation, and built-in utility, home chefs will find unbridled joy in cooking. While luxury materials and professional design enhance the experience, the vital elements are those that facilitate efficiency, organization, and ease when preparing delicious masterpieces. With astute planning, the cook’s dream kitchen can become a welcoming reality.