Adding a splash of color to a room can completely transform the look and feel of the space. One easy way to inject a bold, vibrant color into your home decor is with a colorful club chair. Club chairs are classic, comfortable seating options that can also make a statement. Choosing one in a striking hue is an effortless way to energize any room.

What is a Club Chair?

A club chair is an armchair with a low back and sides. The arms and back are well-padded for comfort. Club chairs often have turned wooden legs and may be upholstered in leather or fabric.

Some key features of club chairs include:

  • Comfortable padded seat and back
  • Low sides and back to allow easy conversation
  • Sized for one person
  • Usually has wooden legs
  • May recline slightly

Club chairs get their name from their use in 19th century gentlemen’s clubs in England. The design allowed men to sit comfortably when chatting or relaxing. Today these chairs are popular options for living rooms, family rooms, studies, and other casual spaces.

Benefits of a Colorful Club Chair

There are many advantages to choosing a club chair in a vivid hue or print:

Adds a pop of color. A bright club chair is an easy way to add an energetic splash of color to a neutral room. It can inject life into a monotonous color scheme.

Makes a statement. A bold club chair commands attention. It can be the focal point of the room.

Showcases your personality. Selecting a fun, vibrant color or pattern allows you to showcase your personal taste.

Complements other colors. A rich club chair can inspire you to add coordinating accent colors throughout the room in pillows, wall art, throws, and accessories.

Creates an inviting vignette. Arranging a colorful chair near a side table or ottoman with decor creates a lovely vignette and cozy place to relax.

Mix and match. A patterned club chair pairs nicely with solid upholstery on other seating in the room.

Enjoys longevity. A club chair in a classic shape but youthful color or print will remain stylish for years before a redo is needed.

Tips for Selecting a Colorful Club Chair

When choosing a club chair to energize your room, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider the size of the room and space available to allow proper clearance around the chair. Measure to ensure it will fit the intended location.
  • Assess the room’s existing color palette and style. Aim for a chair hue or pattern that complements but still pops.
  • Decide on the purpose of the chair and who will use it most when determining ideal height, depth, arm style, and other ergonomic factors.
  • Opt for a performance fabric if the chair will get heavy use. Look for stain-resistant upholstery that is durable and easy to clean.
  • Seek out quality craftsmanship for longevity. Examine details like tight seat cushions, strong welting, and stable legs.
  • Don’t overlook chair backs and sides. A bold print or color on all sides makes the biggest impact.
  • Plan to style the chair with a footstool or ottoman to create a cozy lounging spot.

12 Lively Color and Pattern Ideas for Club Chairs

Looking for inspiration on how to energize your room with a colorful club chair? Here are 12 eye-catching ideas:

1. Navy Blue Velvet

Deep navy velvet looks striking against both light and dark surroundings. The bold hue appears almost black in some lighting. For added interest, look for a chair with button tufting.

2. Emerald Green Leather

Vibrant emerald green leather makes a dramatic statement. Leather is easy to clean and ultra-durable for busy households. Punch up the look with gold accents.

3. Yellow and White Stripes

Nothing says cheerful like yellow and white stripes! Horizontal stripes give a nautical vibe. Use yellow throw pillows to complement without overdoing this bold pattern.

4. Rich Purple Chenille

Plush chenille in jewel tones like aubergine, plum, or grape creates a luxurious focal point. The soft texture adds cozy appeal. Accent with metallic decor.

5. Robin’s Egg Blue Linen

Soft robin’s egg blue linen exudes beach house chic. The lightweight linen is ideal for warm climates. Pair with seashells, driftwood, and neutrals for relaxed style.

6. Pink Floral Chintz

Vintage-inspired floral chintz on a pink background is a charming choice. Use this pretty chair to soften masculine spaces. Coordinate with painted white furniture.

7. Citrus Orange Velvet

Make a contemporary statement with tangy citrus orange velvet. Contrast the vibrant hue with sleek icy blues and acrylic accents for visual interest.

8. Lime Green Pattern

Go bright and fun with a graphic lime green and white pattern. This club chair instantly modernizes a teen’s or kid’s hangout space.

9. Black and White Cow Print

For whimsical farmhouse flair, opt for a black and white cow print club chair. Pair with natural wood tones, burlap, and equestrian accents.

10. Red and White Buffalo Check

Classic buffalo plaid offers a casual, rustic vibe in red and white. Use the chair as a cozy reading nook paired with an ottoman and floor lamp.

11. Turquoise and Orange Abstract

Make a bold modern statement with a graphic print in vivid turquoise, tangerine, white, and black. The arty vibe is youthful and fun.

12. Rainbow Stripes

Horizontal rainbow stripes offer an instant injection of happy! This lively accent celebrates pride and individuality. Mix and match solids nearby.

Placement Ideas for a Colorful Club Chair

A strategically placed club chair can make the intended decor impact. Consider these creative placement suggestions:

Anchor a Reading Nook

Carve out a cozy reading area by placing your club chair next to a floor lamp. Add a side table for storage and an ottoman to prop your feet up.

Complement the Sofa

Position your club chair facing the main sofa to balance the seating arrangement. Continue accent colors from the chair to pillows on the sofa.

Fill an Empty Corner

Make use of an unused corner by tucking your club chair in at an angle. This also prevents the floating look of chairs against walls.

Break Up a Long Wall

If you have a long or monotonous wall, use a club chair perpendicular to the wall to provide a break in the expanse.

Pull Up to a Desk

Roll your desk chair out and slide the club chair under the desk when not in use. Then pull it over for comfy seating when working.

Accent a Fireplace

Angle the chair toward the hearth to create an intimate seating area. Place a small side table between the chair and fireplace.

Warm Up a Foyer

Welcome guests with a cozy club chair in the foyer dressed up with plush pillows. Provide a place to remove shoes before entering further.

Define Zones in Open Floor Plans

Use colorful club chairs to delineate sitting areas and guide foot traffic patterns in wide open floor plans.

Freshen Up a Bedroom

Add extra seating in bedrooms with a club chair in a lively hue different from the main bedding palette.

Make the Most of Odd Spaces

Take advantage of the chair’s small footprint to fill odd spaces like under a window or in a dormer area.

Styling a Colorful Club Chair

A brightly hued or patterned club chair makes a statement all on its own, but you can enhance the look with smart styling:

  • Keep it minimal. Resist the urge to overload the chair with lots of decorative pillows. Start with just one or two pillows in a coordinating solid color.
  • Provide proper lighting. Position a floor lamp or reading lamp nearby to prevent the chair from feeling isolated in a dark corner.
  • Incorporate occasional tables. Place a side table next to the chair for holding drinks, books, remotes, and other items. An ottoman can also pull double duty as a table when topped with a tray.
  • Add textural interest. Layer on elements like a soft throw blanket, sheepskin rug, or textured ceramic garden stool as alternative surfaces to rest drinks.
  • Include natural greenery. Trailing plants, small potted succulents, or even just a bloom-filled vase add organic energy to a seating vignette.
  • Display artwork. Hang a painting, print, or photo above the chair to give the vignette visual interest while also making the artwork feel more personalized.

Questions About Colorful Club Chairs

What colors and patterns work best for club chairs?

When choosing a club chair color or pattern, opt for a hue or print that energizes you. Great options include bright jewel tones, cheerful floral prints, lively stripes, bold animal prints, calming chintzes, or vivid contemporary graphics.

Where should you place a colorful club chair?

Consider placing your colorful club chair in the corner of a room, near a fireplace, tucked into a dormer window, or floating in the center of the space as a focal point. Face the chair toward the main seating area for conversation.

What fabrics work well for club chairs?

Look for club chair upholstery that is durable and stain-resistant if it will get heavy use. Great options include leather, polyester, microfiber, linen, cotton, chenille, velvet, and high-performance printed fabrics.

How do you arrange seating with a club chair?

Pull a club chair up near the main sofa or sectional to create an intimate seating arrangement for conversation. Or use two club chairs across from each other with a small table in between to form a sitting area.

Should you accessorize a bold patterned club chair?

When dealing with a vibrant patterned club chair, accessories should be kept simple. Stick to solid pillows in a coordinating color. Add textural interest with a throw blanket or rug instead of more patterns.

Energize Your Room With a Colorful Club Chair

A colorful club chair is just what you need to revitalize a dull, lifeless space. With countless vibrant hues and playful prints to choose from, you can find the perfect chair to make a bold statement and showcase your personality. Strategically place your eye-catching club chair, then style and accessorize it to create an inviting vignette for relaxing. Let this classic seating shape in a lively color inspire you to add pops of color throughout the room. Yourclub chair will instantly energize your room!