Geometric shapes and patterns can add visual interest and dimension to any space. Incorporating geometric designs in your home decor helps create an edgy, modern aesthetic. From subtle touches to bold statements, geometric shapes provide endless possibilities to make rooms pop.

Why Choose Geometric Shapes?

Geometric shapes have clean lines and angles that create a sense of order and structure. They provide a graphic, modern contrast to soft curves and natural textures. Here are some key benefits of using geometric shapes in interior design:

Adds Striking Visual Impact

Geometric shapes and lines stand out and grab attention. They add an element of modern style and sophistication to any room. Strategically placed geometric patterns can help spaces feel more expansive and grand.

Creates Cohesion and Flow

Repeating geometric shapes and motifs throughout a space helps tie everything together. The consistency provides better visual connection between furniture, accents, and architectural details.

Flexible Functionality

Geometric shapes are incredibly versatile to work with. They can be incorporated in large and small doses, kept subtle or made bold. Geometric elements can be adapted to suit spaces big or small.

Easy to Combine and Layer

It’s simple to blend geometric shapes with other patterns and textures. Geometric accents complement both traditional and contemporary styles. They can be mixed and matched for eclectic, personalized spaces.

Popular Geometric Shapes and Uses

Here are some of the most popular geometric shapes and creative ways to use them in interior decor:


Triangles add action and a sense of direction to a space. They are commonly seen in:

  • Wall art pieces and prints
  • Textiles like quilts, pillows, and rugs
  • Mosaic tile accents in bathrooms or kitchen backsplashes
  • Lampshades and lighting fixtures
  • Shelves and wall decor
  • Window treatments
  • Furniture and cabinetry details


Circles and rounded shapes suggest unity, inclusion, and fluidity. Integrate circular geometry with:

  • Round mirrors
  • Pendant lights and sconces
  • Ceramic vessels and decor
  • Candle holders and vases
  • Circular rugs
  • Radiating ceiling medallions
  • Round dining tables


Hexagons provide a retro-chic honeycomb effect, great for adding texture. Use them for:

  • Floor and wall tiles
  • Planter boxes
  • Side tables or stools
  • Modular bookshelves
  • Statement art
  • Window panels

Zig Zags

Zig zag motifs add energy and unexpected angles. They work well on:

  • Area rugs
  • Accent pillows
  • Bedding and blankets
  • Striped wallpaper
  • Wood or tile flooring
  • Cabinet fronts and furniture
  • Stair railings


Diamond designs provide a sense of luxury. Add them through:

  • Wallpaper prints
  • Mirror frames
  • Tufted upholstery
  • Quilted pillows or throws
  • Tile floor medallions
  • Cabinetry hardware
  • Light fixtures

Cheverons and Herringbones

These arrow-like shapes create lively movement. Showcase cheverons and herringbones with:

  • Area rugs
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Curtains or roman shades
  • Painted patterns on walls
  • Floor tiles
  • Ceiling beams
  • Wainscoting

Incorporating Geometric Style Throughout the Home

Every space can benefit from a touch of graphic geometric style. Here are ideas for adding this trend to key rooms:

Geometric Living Room

Make a statement in the living room with:

  • Bold printed pillows
  • Angular coffee and side tables
  • Large zigzag rug
  • Square or diamond shelving
  • Triangle wall art
  • Hexagon pendant lights

Keep the shapes cohesive by limiting the color palette and sticking to 2-3 main geometric motifs.

Geometric Bedroom

Introduce shapes and angles to sleeping spaces through:

  • Patterned quilts
  • Nightstands with cutout details
  • Angled headboards
  • Geometric curtains
  • Wall art in circle and triangle frames
  • Herringbone wood flooring

Mix metals like gold and rose gold for luxe contrast. Layer different textures like velvet and linen for visual depth.

Geometric Kitchen

The kitchen offers many chances to add geometric style:

  • Diamond, hexagon, or square tile backsplash
  • Circular pendant lighting
  • Triangle patterns on dish towels, curtains, and chair cushions
  • Zigzag rugs
  • Angular bar stools

Black, white, and metallics help create a modern, graphic look.

Geometric Bathroom

Give the bathroom striking character with:

  • Hexagon floor tiles
  • Angular wallpaper prints
  • Oval mirrors and sconces
  • Zigzag shower curtains
  • Herringbone wood shelving
  • Triangle sinks and bathtubs

Use geometric shapes creatively on walls, floors, storage, fixtures, and accessories. Stick to two complementary colors for a clean, spa-like look.

Creative Geometric Decor Ideas

Take geometric shapes beyond basic squares and circles. Here are some creative ways to work more graphic impact into your decor:

Optical Illusion Patterns

Op-art patterns like concentric circles create mesmerizing optical effects. Use sparingly on accent walls, rugs, or chairs for dizzying style.

3D Geometric Art

Sculptural art pieces add intriguing dimension with 3D hexagons, cones, pyramids, and more. Make them the focal point atop a console or shelf.

Overlapping Shapes

Create interest by layering geometric patterns like overlapping circles or intersecting diagonal lines. Try this on wallgroupings or bedding.

Geometric Motif Wallpaper

Feature walls dressed in bold diamond, triangle, or hex print wallpaper make a major modern statement. Pair with neutral surroundings to let the print pop.

Mirrored Geometric Accents

The interplay of mirrored surfaces and geometric lines looks especially striking. See it in mirrored tables, pendant lamps, wall art, and cabinet fronts.

Unexpected Materials

Normally shapeless or organic materials like rope, wood, or leather can be turned geometric. See this in woven rope headboards, laser-cut wood wall art, and leather poufs.

The Importance of Scale and Balance

When working with powerful geometric shapes, scale and balance are key to preventing spaces from feeling too busy or overwhelming. Here are some tips:

  • Vary sizes of patterns. Combine small and large prints.
  • Allow some negative space between geometric elements so they don’t compete.
  • Balance bold shapes with neutral solids and organic textures like wool and linen.
  • Stick to a muted color palette if using many geometric prints.
  • Anchor spaces with clean-lined sofa and beds to counteract dizzying shapes.
  • Let geometric patterns serve as accents against plain backgrounds.

How to Make Geometric Decor Timeless

The graphic impact of geometric shapes makes them a forever trend. Follow these guidelines to ensure your geometric decor stands the test of time:

  • Focus on classic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles over busy kaleidoscopic prints.
  • Choose timeless color schemes, like black and white, for most geometric prints. Punch in shots of color through decor and accessories which are easier to change over time.
  • Select geometric furniture and lighting in versatile finishes like wood, marble, and metallics.
  • Invest in high quality handmade rugs with geometric motifs for long-lasting style.
  • Use geometric shapes thoughtfully as accents against clean-lined furnishings and neutral backdrops.
  • Avoid overwhelming a space with shapes and patterns. Allow breathing room between geometric elements.

Geometric Style for Every Budget

The structured look of geometric decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are budget-friendly ways to add this look to your home:

Buy Discounted Fabrics

Check outlet stores for discounted geometric print quilts, shams, and accent pillows to refresh a bedroom or living room on a budget.

Choose Multipurpose Patterns

Buy fabric featuring the same geometric print to use for both curtains and throw pillows.

Shop Home Decor Sales

Watch for sales on wall art, mirrors, accessories, and lamps with geometric style. These small upgrades make inexpensive yet major visual impact.

Seek Out Versatile Furniture

Opt for furniture like round ottomans or hexagon side tables that can be moved throughout rooms as your needs change.

Mix Thrifted and New

Pair a vintage geometric coffee table found thrifting with new chairs for eclectic charm.

Look for Multipacks

Buy sets of 3-5 geometric print pillows or ceramic vases for cost savings and decor impact.

DIY Simple Shapes

Use painter’s tape to create triangle, stripe, or diamond patterns on a wall. Paint inside the shapes for an easy geometric accent wall.

Geometric Design Mistakes to Avoid

While geometric decor makes a stylish statement, it also has pitfalls. Steer clear of these common mistakes:

Overdoing It

Using too many shapes and angular patterns quickly looks chaotic and dizzying. Allow breathing room between prints.

Forgetting Cohesion

Don’t mix geometric motifs haphazardly. Repeating 2-3 complementary shapes promotes harmony.

Poor Scale

Tiny geometric accents get lost in big rooms. Oversized art or patterns overwhelm small spaces. Choose scale wisely.

Ignoring Balance

Combat harsh angles and prints with soft and organic textures and colors. Create contrast and visual interest.

Dated Color Schemes

Stick to classic neutrals or muted tones vs. loud neons and primaries for timeless appeal. Pops of metallic add modern edge.

Placement Pitfalls

Don’t cluster geometric patterns too close together. Position them thoughtfully allowing blank space between prints.


How can I add geometric style on a budget?

Some budget-friendly ways to incorporate geometric decor include choosing discounted fabric like quilts and pillows, looking for versatile multipurpose patterns, shopping sales on wall art and accessories, mixing thrifted and new furniture, buying geometric item multipacks, and using painter’s tape to DIY patterns on walls.

What are some geometric shapes beyond just squares, rectangles and circles?

Some more unique geometric shapes to try include triangles, zig zags, hexagons, diamonds, chevron and herringbone patterns, ovals, pyramids, cones, overlapping shapes, op-art optical illusions, and 3D sculptural pieces.

How can I prevent geometric patterns from feeling too overwhelming?

Keep geometric motifs well balanced by varying scales, allowing breathing room between prints, layering in solid neutrals and organic textures, sticking to a muted color scheme, and using shapes as accents against plain backgrounds.

Should I use many different geometric shapes or keep it cohesive?

For harmony and cohesion, it’s best to repeat 2-3 complementary geometric shapes throughout a space rather than mixing many competing ones. Keeping the color scheme tight also helps tie everything together.

What are good basic color schemes for geometric decor?

Stick to classic, neutral palettes like black and white or tan and grey. Bold black and white makes shapes pop. Muted tones like greys, taupes and navy keep things subtle. Metallics and mineral colors like gold, rose gold and marble add modern luxe edge.

What common mistakes should I avoid?

Watch out for overdoing it with too many competitive prints, ignoring overall cohesion of motifs, poor scale and sizing, lack of contrast and balance, dated neon color schemes, and bad placement like clustering shapes too closely together.


Geometric prints and angular silhouettes lend rooms a punch of modern graphic style. From edgytriangles to retro hexagons, geometric shapes make decorating daring and fresh. Keep patterns well-balanced and style timeless by sticking to classic shapes, muted palettes, and strategic placement as accents. When used creatively but judiciously, geometric forms and lines create chic, contemporary interiors with lasting visual impact. With an endless versatility, geometric decor gives spaces an imaginative edge.