Mint green has become an increasingly popular color choice for kitchens in recent years. This fresh, crisp shade brings a sense of vibrancy and renewal to the heart of the home. When incorporated into cabinets, backsplashes, accent walls or furnishings, mint green can create a charming kitchen with personality.

In this article, we’ll explore ideas and inspiration for using mint green in your kitchen design. We’ll look at ways to introduce this color through paint, tile, accessories and decor. Whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel or a simple refresh, a touch of mint green can give your space a playful yet sophisticated look.

Selecting Mint Green Paint Colors

Paint is one of the easiest ways to incorporate mint green in the kitchen. When selecting a mint paint color, consider the amount of natural light your space receives. Mint greens look best in well-lit rooms. For dark kitchens, opt for lighter mint shades like vanilla mint or sea glass. In sunny spaces, deeper greens like peppermint or emerald mint pop beautifully.

Here are some recommended mint green paint colors for kitchens:

  • Sea Glass – A soft, cool green with hints of blue. Pairs well with white cabinetry.
  • Paloma – A pale, calming green. Works well for cottage-style kitchens.
  • Peppermint Twist – A mid-tone green with energy. Complements stainless steel.
  • Spiced Mint – A vibrant, green/yellow mint. Brightens oak cabinets nicely.
  • Clover Green – A crisp, grassy green. Adds a fresh feel to all-white kitchens.

Visit your local paint store to view swatches. Test samples on walls to see the colors in your specific lighting.

Incorporating Mint Green Tile

Another way to bring mint green into the kitchen is through backsplashes, counter tile and flooring. Mint pairs beautifully with traditional white subway tile, creating a clean, refreshed look. Or make it bold with mint glass or ceramic mosaic tiles.

Here are some mint green tile ideas:

  • Herringbone – Stacked geometric pattern provides visual interest
  • Subway – Classic 3×6 white subway tiles with mint green grout lines
  • Moroccan Fish Scale – For a Global eclectic vibe
  • Hexagons – Honeycomb shaped mint tiles for organic feel
  • Patterned Encaustic – Cement tiles with mint and white graphic designs

For floors, use mint green tiles sparingly, like a border or accent row to delimit spaces. Too much green flooring can feel overwhelming in a kitchen.

Using Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets

While some may shy away from mint cabinets, they can provide the perfect pop of color. Whether you opt for mint on the top or bottom cabinets or just one section, this look creates a bold statement.

To keep things fresh, pair mint cabinets with:

  • White, gray or black on remaining cabinets
  • Butcher block counters
  • Brass hardware and fixtures
  • Wood flooring

Distressed mint cabinets also have a charming, vintage appeal. Or for contemporary contrast, combine glossy mint lacquer cabinets with sleek marble countertops.

Adding Mint Green Accessories

Small mint green accents are an easy way to incorporate this color without overdoing it. Try these mint accessories:

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Appliances like stand mixers, air fryers or Instant Pots
  • Canisters, planters or fruit bowls
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Dish towels, oven mitts, aprons
  • Pendant lights or barstools
  • Vintage tins, plates, or pitchers for display

For an eclectic look, mix and match mint items with bold patterns and metallics.

Decorating with Mint Green

Use mint green in kitchen art, textiles and decorative touches to finish the look. Ideas include:

  • Framed botanical prints – Ferns, palms, cacti in mint frames
  • Dried eucalyptus garland – Drapes nicely along shelves
  • Terra cotta pots – Filled with fresh mint, basil,rosemary
  • Fruit oil paintings – Lemons, limes, grapes in mint tones
  • Woven placemats – Natural jute with mint stripes
  • Mason jar vases – Display fresh flowers

5 Tips for a Charming Mint Kitchen

  1. Select the right mint shade – Consider the room’s light. Sea glass for dark kitchens, lively mints in bright spaces.
  2. Mix mint with neutrals – Keep cabinets, walls, floors neutral. Use mint as an accent.
  3. Add metallics – Brass fixtures, silver, pewter and gold accessories complement mint nicely.
  4. Incorporate natural elements – Woodgrains, rattans, live plants balance the mint color.
  5. Use multiple mint tones – Combine soft and bright mint hues in different items. This creates depth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mint Green Kitchens

What colors go well with mint green in the kitchen?

Whites, grays, black and natural wood tones beautifully complement mint green. For accent colors try coral, pale yellow, robin’s egg blue. Avoid pairing mint with crimson reds or purple which can feel dated.

What finish should I use on mint green kitchen cabinets?

Matte and satin finishes allow the mint color to stand out, while glossy lacquer can give cabinets a slick, contemporary vibe. Distressed mint cabinets also have rustic charm.

Should I paint upper or lower cabinets mint green?

Either upper or lower cabinets can work beautifully. Use mint on lower cabinets to ground the space. Mint uppers feel energetic and give vaulted ceilings a lift.

What type of counters look best with mint green kitchens?

White, gray and black granite or quartz counters make the boldest contrast against mint cabinets. Butcher block and concrete counters also complement mint green nicely.

Should I use mint green on walls or as an accent?

Because it’s energetic, use mint green sparingly on walls, like just one accent wall. Instead, use it abundantly in tiles, accessories, art and decor items against neutral walls.


With its fresh, invigorating color, mint green can give your kitchen a charming personality and style. Use it wisely in accent tiles, cabinets, accessories and decor against crisp whites or warm wood tones. Mix mint hues and textures for visual interest. Infuse nearby spaces like dining rooms or powder rooms with this color for a cohesive look. With proper lighting and flooring, a touch of mint green can upgrade your kitchen into a lively gathering space that feels cleansing and renewed.