Paintable wallpaper offers a chic and customizable way to give your home a fashionable makeover. With endless design possibilities, paintable wallpaper allows you to create a posh aesthetic tailored to your unique style. Here’s what you need to know about using paintable wallpapers to give your home an upscale look.

What is Paintable Wallpaper?

Paintable wallpaper, also known as murals or mural wallpaper, consists of wallpaper coated with a specialized paintable surface. Unlike regular wallpaper that comes pre-printed, paintable wallpaper arrives blank. You can paint it with the colors and designs of your choosing using acrylic latex paint.

Paintable wallpaper is available in a variety of materials including vinyl, non-woven, paper, and textile. The surface has a matte finish that holds any type of acrylic paint beautifully. The wallpaper is strippable and peelable, allowing you to remove it easily without damaging the walls.

Benefits of Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper offers many advantages over regular wallpaper:

  • Customization – You can create any design you want from patterns, textures, murals, stripes, landscapes and more. The possibilities are endless.
  • Easy Application – the wallpaper goes on just like regular wallpaper. No special skills or tools needed.
  • Removable – Paintable wallpaper peels off easily without ruining the walls underneath. This makes it great for renters.
  • Durable – High-quality materials resist rips, stains, and scratches. Vinyl wallpaper is waterproof.
  • Eco-Friendly – Many paintable wallpaper brands use natural materials like grasscloth or hemp.
  • Cost-Effective – Compared to hiring a muralist, paintable wallpaper is an affordable option.

Tips for Applying Paintable Wallpaper

Applying paintable wallpaper takes some preparation but is mostly straightforward:

  • Make sure the walls are smooth, clean, and dry before application. Fill any holes and remove old wallpaper if needed.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Many brands require special adhesives.
  • Draw out your design first if creating a mural or complex pattern.
  • Hang the wallpaper using a smooth trowel or wallpaper brush, removing air bubbles as you go. Let dry completely.
  • Paint in small sections using a mini foam roller. Acrylic craft paint works best. Do multiple coats.
  • Seal the painted wallpaper with matte varnish to protect it.
  • Consider hiring a professional installer if you’ve never applied wallpaper before.

Paintable Wallpaper Design Ideas

Paintable wallpaper accommodates any decorative style. Here are some posh looks you can achieve in your home:

Modern Geometric Patterns

Bold geometric shapes like triangles, circles, and diamonds in contrasting colors have a chic, contemporary vibe. Paint overlapping shapes in black, white, and metallics for dramatic impact.

Pastoral Landscape Murals

Capture a peaceful countryside scene with rolling hills, trees, and an open sky painted right onto your wall. Choose a panoramic wall or select a focal wall.

Black and White Damask

The embossed damask pattern looks opulent and elegant when hand-painted in black and white. Use it to make a glamorous statement in a bedroom, dining room, or powder room.

Metallic Faux Finishes

Shimmering silver, gold, and copper faux finishes beautifully catch the light. Try abstract patterns, faux molding, or vertical pinstripes. Add radiance to any room.

Tuscan Fresco

Paint an Italian inspired fresco mural depicting Mediterranean landscapes, architecture, flowers, and fruits for old-world charm. Grapevines and lemon trees work nicely.

Regal Stripes

Wide brushed stripes in deep hues like navy, emerald, and magenta exude refinement. Go vertical or horizontal, pairing the stripes with a coordinating solid wall color.

Best Rooms for Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper shines in these rooms:

  • Living Room – Make a statement on the main living space focal wall. Try an abstract mural, faux finish, or damask print.
  • Dining Room – Set a glamorous stage for dinner parties with a metallic or Chinoiserie mural behind the table.
  • Bedroom – Spice up the headboard wall with a calming landscape mural or add intrigue with a geometric pattern.
  • Kids’ Rooms – Let kids create their own murals depicting favorite animals, fairy tales, outer space, or sports themes.
  • Powder Room – Maximize wow-factor in the smallest room. Black and white graphic prints or an exotic jungle mural work nicely.

FAQs About Paintable Wallpaper

What types of paint work best on paintable wallpaper?

Acrylic craft paints and exterior latex house paints work best. Avoid oil-based paints. Always check the wallpaper manufacturer’s recommendations.

Does the wall need to be prepared before installing paintable wallpaper?

Yes, the wall should be cleaned, smoothed, and primed with drywall primer if unpainted. Remove any existing wallpaper. Fill any holes or imperfections.

Can paintable wallpaper be cleaned?

Yes, you can clean it gently with a mild soap and warm water using a soft sponge or cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Reseal with varnish if needed.

How durable is paintable wallpaper?

High-quality vinyl paintable wallpaper is very durable and scrubbable. Paper wallpapers are more delicate. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight to maximize durability.

Is it hard to apply paintable wallpaper?

It is no more difficult than applying regular wallpaper if you follow the instructions. Watch for bubbles during application and smooth down well. Hire a pro if you are inexperienced with wallpaper.

Give Your Home a Posh Makeover

Paintable wallpaper opens up endless possibilities for creating a customized upscale look in any room. With some creativity and the right prep, you can fashion any posh style from modern chic to antique elegance. Brush up on techniques and let your inner artist shine through with on-trend paintable wallpaper. A marvelous transformation awaits!