Bring the feeling of summer and the seaside into your bathroom with a beach and nautical themed design. With the right touches, you can transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis inspired by sandy shores and the open ocean.

Why Choose a Beach and Nautical Theme

There are several reasons to consider a beach or nautical theme for your bathroom:

  • It evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation. The beach and ocean represent an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Bringing this into your bathroom creates a spa-like retreat.
  • It reminds you of summer and fun times. Beach-themed decor is lighthearted and playful. It can help your bathroom feel like a happy place.
  • Coastal styles are casual and informal. The loose, relaxed aesthetic goes well in a laid-back family bathroom.
  • It’s easy to decorate. With some key inexpensive decorative touches, you can achieve the beachy look without a major remodel.
  • It never goes out of style. Ocean and shore themes have perennial appeal. The look withstands trends and is always in fashion.

Decorating Ideas for a Beach Themed Bathroom

There are many creative ways to bring beachy style into your bathroom design. Consider these decoration ideas:


Stick with light, airy colors reminiscent of sand and surf. Aquas, seaglass greens, and soft blues work wonderfully. Buttermilk yellows, pale grays, and ivory whites are also fitting. Paint the walls, cabinets, or tile in these cool coastal hues.

Accent walls with beadboard paneling or shiplap also contribute to the beach aesthetic. Leave them white or opt for pale blue-green.


Add tiles with subtle references to the ocean. Mosaics in waves, bubbles, fish, shells, nets, or sand dollars are pretty without being over-the-top.

Stick to lighter tile colors like sea glass, aqua, sand, or white. Actual pebble tiles also bring the texture of the beach indoors.

For floors, larger tile sizes help evoke the expansiveness of the ocean. 12×24 rectangular patterns or hexagons work nicely.


  • Seashells – Place real or artificial seashells in glass containers or bowls. Use them as decor on countertops, windowsills, or shelves.
  • Coral – Branch coral and starfish are pretty without looking too literal. Place them in clear vases.
  • Sand dollars – A bowl of sand dollars has easy beach appeal. String lights with sand dollars as the bulbs for extra charm.
  • Lanterns – Decorative lanterns, especially in white, add to the coastal look. Use lanterns as lighting fixtures or just décor.
  • Candles – Put thick pillar candles in shades of white, sand, and light blue around the room. Place inside lanterns or decorative holders.
  • Plants – Add leafy plants with tropical appeal, like palms or succulents. Use wicker or rattan cache pots.
  • Signs – Hang fun signs with sayings like “Sandy Toes Welcome” or “Life’s Better in a Bathing Suit.”
  • Buoys – Incorporate old buoys as wall hangings or even sink basins. This adds a touch of nautical flair.
  • Driftwood – Display weathered driftwood on the floor or shelves to bring natural beachy texture.


Use textiles to make the room cozy and soak up the beach vibe.

  • Fabrics – Choose lightweight linens, soft denim, or canvas in navy, sand, and sea glass colors. Add pillows, towels, shower curtains.
  • Rope – Wrap rope around jars for storage or make towel hooks out of driftwood and rope.
  • Netting – Hang fishing nets on the wall as art or even use real fishing net as a shower curtain.
  • Raffia – Raffia wrapped jars add natural texture and style for cotton swabs or other bathroom essentials.


  • Whitewash – Whitewashed and weathered wood furniture fits the relaxed style. Use for open shelving, cabinets, hampers.
  • Wicker – Incorporate wicker or rattan seating, bins, or even small side tables. Keep it light.
  • Salvaged – Use reclaimed wood, vintage finds, or salvaged materials where you can add patina.


Nautical art and beach photography help strengthen the theme. Some ideas:

  • Beach landscape photos – Black and white or sepia gives a timeless effect. Use beach photo art, canvas prints or framed pictures.
  • Vintage nautical maps or charts – Display authentic old maps or nautical charts in simple frames. These look weathered and cool.
  • Silhouettes – Frame silhouette art depicting sailboats, beach landscapes, seashells. Keep it minimal.
  • Mirrors – Add round porthole mirrors or rectangular mirrors framed with rope or driftwood.

Decorating Ideas for A Nautical Themed Bathroom

To give your bathroom more of a classic nautical vibe, incorporate these decorating ideas:


Use navy, crimson, yellow, and white – the colors found in maritime signal flags and on lighthouses. Nautical theming relies heavily on color paired with distinct decor.


  • Striped fabrics – Use striped shower curtains and towels. Blue and white stripes are very nautical, as is red and white.
  • Wool textures – Incorporate wool knits, thick woven throws, or soft tufted pillows. Think captain’s quarters.
  • Waterproof – Use vinyl, oilcloth, or marine fabrics that reference ship materials. Great for shower curtains.


  • Rope and anchors – Coil rope in a basket or display heavy anchors. These strongly convey nautical.
  • Maps – Frame vintage nautical maps or hang a large map mural on one wall.
  • Model ships – Display model ships or boats in glass cases. These can be sleek modern sailboats or old-fashioned ships.
  • Compasses – Place a compass on the counter or use unique compasses for hardware like faucets.
  • Telescopes – Telescope motifs add a nice decorative touch, like towels printed with antique telescopes.
  • Lobsters and crabs – Ceramic lobsters or crabs offer fun and make great toothbrush holders.
  • Life preservers – Mount actual life preservers on the wall or use life preserver-shaped mirrors or wall art.
  • Portholes – Porthole mirrors and wall art lend traditional maritime style. For fixtures, replace the window in a cabinet door with a porthole.


Use lighting reminiscent of harbors and ships:

  • Lanterns – Accent with glass or metal lantern wall sconces or hanging pendants.
  • Rope – Weave rope through a pendant light for nautical texture.
  • Galley – Try vintage-style lighting to mimic ship lights.
  • Lighthouse – Lighthouse designs, like a striped column pedestal, make great accent lighting.

Tips for Choosing Beach and Nautical Bathroom Décor

When selecting beachy or nautical décor, keep these tips in mind:

  • Strike a balance – Don’t go overboard. Mix in décor naturally for subtle style.
  • Mind the textures – Incorporate natural elements like wood, wicker, rope that feel coastal and weathered.
  • Fresh and bright – Even small bathrooms should feel open and airy. Stick to light, beachy colors.
  • Budget buys – You can achieve the look without spending a lot. Check thrift shops and use framed prints.
  • Soft touches – Rugs, towels, shower curtains bring warmth. Use soft textures people want to touch.
  • Natural materials – Driftwood, shells, stone, and reclaimed wood have relaxed appeal.
  • A little wit – Have fun with your décor and don’t take it too seriously. Show your personality.
  • Tie it together – Repeat colors, textures, and motifs throughout to tie the whole room together.
  • Focal point – Create an accent wall or focal point that conveys the theme, like a beautiful seashell framed print.
  • Avoid clutter – Make sure décor is thoughtful. Don’t overcrowd the room or overdo the theme.

Ideas for Beach and Nautical Themed Bathrooms

Here are some complete beach and nautical bathroom concepts to inspire your own design:

Breezy Beach Cottage Bathroom

This breezy coastal bathroom uses natural elements to create a relaxing retreat:

  • Walls painted in soft seaglass blue-green
  • White shiplap accents on one wall
  • Bamboo roman shade in natural tan
  • Rattan storage baskets lined with turkish beach towels
  • Print featuring beach landscape drawing
  • White pedestal tub with rainshower fixture
  • Shell-shaped vessel sinks atop driftwood vanity
  • Mirror framed with twisted rope
  • Seaglass mosaic tile as tub surround
  • Porthole window with white trim

Coastal Chic Bathroom

This sophisticated seaside-style bathroom pairs soft blues with clean white accents:

  • Walls painted bright white
  • Beadboard wainscoting and molding in white
  • Floor to ceiling subway tile in light aqua blue
  • White quartz countertop with undermount sink
  • Pale blue and white striped fabric shower curtain
  • Driftwood framed mirror
  • Glass cylinder vase with dried pampas grass
  • Navy and white striped bath towels
  • Framed black and white beach photo
  • Washed wood open shelves

Nautical knots Bathroom

Rope, driftwood, and reclaimed materials give this bathroom relaxed nautical style:

  • Walls painted in warm white
  • Wood plank tile flooring with white grout
  • Knotted rope wrapped around repurposed glass buoys for vessel sinks
  • Black pipe fixtures with cross handles
  • White shiplap vanity with aged brass hardware
  • Round mirror framed with rope
  • Coiled rope basket storage
  • Driftwood open shelving
  • White waffle shower curtain with embroidered anchors
  • Model sailboat on shelf

Classic Yachting Bathroom

Crisp red, white and navy come together in this elegant maritime bathroom:

  • Walls painted bright white
  • Beadboard wainscoting trim with navy lower wall
  • Hanging pendant lights like vintage ship lights
  • White porcelain pedestal tub with brass fixtures
  • Striped navy and white shower curtain
  • Navy and white striped bath mat
  • Framed vintage nautical map
  • Red throw pillows with anchor embroidery
  • Round mirror framed with rope
  • Navy towels with embroidered sailboats
  • White shiplap two-door cabinet with brass hardware

Beach and Nautical Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Paint color sets the tone in any room. For beach and nautical baths, look to the colors of sand, surf and sea. Here are appealing options:

Soothing Aquas

  • Sea Glass – Pale green-blue, like Caribbean waters
  • Powder Blue – Soft and calming sky blue
  • Laguna – Blue-green gray, reminiscent of the ocean
  • Raindrop – Clear aqua with crisp brightness
  • Cove Blue – Bluish gray with subtle green undertone

Serene Blues

  • Sailor Blue – Classic navy blue, bold and nautical
  • Harbor Blue – Muted light French navy blue
  • Iceberg – Cool pastel blue with hint of green
  • Bay Blue – Deeper robin’s egg blue with gray undertones

Timeless Neutrals

  • Coastal Fog – Soft and soothing pale gray
  • Beach Glass – Warm tan, like natural sand
  • Seashell White – Clean bright white
  • Driftwood Gray – Muted gray-brown

Cheerful Accents

  • Sun Drenched – Vibrant warm yellow, like sunshine
  • Buoy Orange – Clear bright orange, fun splash of color
  • Island Green – Fresh, leafy medium green
  • Sandy Toes – Soft creamy peach

Inviting Trim and Accent Wall Colors

  • White shiplap or beadboard
  • Crisp bright white wainscoting
  • Weathered driftwood brown wood
  • Sea glass green-blue striped wallpaper

Choosing Beach and Nautical Themed Bathroom Flooring

Flooring can make a big impact in bathrooms. For beach and nautical themes, look for materials that are practical yet reinforce the coastal vibe.


Tile is a great bathroom flooring for its durability and water-resistance. For beach and nautical looks, consider:

  • Porcelain tile resembling weathered driftwood planks
  • Cool toned rectangular stones tiles
  • Pebble mosaic tiles in sea glass hues
  • Marine blue and white encaustic cement tile
  • Classic white subway tile or hexagons


Vinyl is an affordable, low-maintenance flooring option. Seek textures and patterns like:

  • Gray washed jatoba wood vinyl planks
  • Tile visuals with subtle sea glass colors
  • Vinyl “seagrass” textured mats

Natural Fiber Flooring

Materials like sisal, jute, coconut husk bring coastal appeal:

  • Natural fiber mats – Use as bath mats or area rugs
  • Seagrass woven vinyl – Looks like natural seagrass but is waterproof
  • Jute area rugs – Provide visual warmth underfoot


For small bathrooms, painting the floors extends the light, beachy colors underfoot. Use porch and floor paint for durability.

Selecting Beach and Nautical Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

Bathroom vanities and cabinets provide both storage and style. Aim for a coastal vibe with choices like:


Stick to light neutrals for airy spaciousness:

  • White shaker cabinets
  • Weathered gray cabinets
  • Driftwood stained wood cabinets
  • Soft blue-green painted cabinets


Coastal-inspired materials create beachy appeal:

  • Reclaimed driftwood vanities
  • Whitewashed mango wood cabinets
  • Painted pine shiplap drawers
  • Teak bath cabinets with brass hardware

Special Touches

Have fun with custom details like:

  • Rope wrapped columns on vanity legs
  • Porthole window cabinet doors
  • Barnacle hardware
  • Open shelving with woven baskets


Quartz, ceramic, and wood vanity tops suit coastal décor:

  • White quartz counters with rough stone and shell textures
  • Marine blue ceramic vessel sinks
  • Real reclaimed wood tops with metal accents

Choosing Beach and Nautical Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Lighting helps set the mood. For shore-inspired baths, look for:


  • Glass mini-pendants in beachy hues
  • Galley style metal pendants
  • Woven rattan pendant shades
  • Shell or starfish shaped pendant lights


  • Clear glass lantern sconces
  • Rope wrapped mariner sconces
  • Wall sconces with coastal crabs or starfish

Flush Mounts

  • Round porthole flush mount lighting
  • Weathered driftwood ceiling light
  • White painted turquoise flush mount

Vanity Lighting

  • Mirrors with rope wrapped lighting
  • Glass seeded bubble mini-pendants
  • Beachy applique that attaches around mirror

Beach and Nautical Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

The backsplash is the perfect place to infuse coastal character through fun tile designs.

  • Weathered white subway tiles
  • Light blue glass and stone mixed mosaics
  • Horizontal striped tile in beachy hues
  • Fish scale tiles in seafoam greens
  • Encaustic cement metro tile with anchor motifs
  • Green glass bubble tile mosaics
  • Natural stone and shell mosaics

Beach and Nautical Shower Curtains and Bath Accessories

It’s the little touches that tie a room together. Source shower curtains, towels, and accessories that align with your theme.

Shower Curtains

  • White and navy stripe canvas
  • Floral or fish print in aqua and coral
  • Colorful striped seersucker
  • Netting with shells
  • Sailboat silhouette graphics
  • Buoys and anchors printed

Bath Accessories

  • Woven sea grass wastebaskets
  • Ceramic coral soap dishes
  • Metal crab toothbrush holders
  • Navy and white striped towels
  • White towels with embroidered sailboats
  • Weathered round mirrors with driftwood
  • Glass bottles and jars for storage

Beach and Nautical Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

You can achieve breezy beach vibes without spending a lot. Use these budget tips:

  • Paint existing cabinets instead of replacing them. Use light blue-greens, grays, or off-white.
  • Search thrift stores and flea markets for distressed wood furniture to use for vanities.
  • Check dollar stores for nautical themed shower curtains, toilet seat covers, wall art and accessories like candles and vases.
  • Use area rugs instead of new flooring. Layer natural fiber rugs over existing floors.
  • Skip expensive tile and stick to a simple white shower curtain. Add texture with woven rugs.
  • Make your own art using dollar store frames, driftwood, and dried starfish or shells from craft stores.
  • Buy one or two key décor items like a beach print or porthole mirror. Keep other accents simple like clear glass bottles.

FAQs About Beach Themed Bathroom Design

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