This week’s featured bathroom remodel offers inspiration for those looking to add a spa-like oasis to their home. The owners converted an unused space into a master bathroom that exudes tranquility and provides a luxurious escape from everyday life. We’ll explore the modern yet earthy design choices that make this bathroom truly special.

Overview of the Remodel

The homeowners decided to undertake this project in order to gain a private spa retreat just steps from the master bedroom. By remodeling underutilized space adjacent to the bedroom, they were able to create a large, approximately 175-square-foot master bath.

Key goals for the new bathroom included:

  • Incorporating spa-like features to provide a relaxing oasis
  • Using natural design elements to create a modern earthy aesthetic
  • Ensuring functionality for everyday use in addition to pampering
  • Providing ample storage space for two users
  • Allowing natural light to fill the entire space

Thoughtful planning and quality materials brought this spa-inspired vision to life while staying true to the home’s modern farmhouse style. The result is a soothing, salon-worthy bathroom that offers daily renewal.

Spa-Like Features Promote Relaxation

Several deliberate choices give this bathroom its tranquil spa vibe. First, the large open layout removes visual barriers between different functional zones. The space flows seamlessly from the vanity to the walk-in shower and freestanding tub.

Second, a neutral color palette of warm white, soft grey, and natural wood tones emanates peace. Crisp white quartzcountertops, porcelain floor tile, and painted shiplap prevent the space from feeling too dark.

Finally, high-end fixtures provide a true spa experience. These include:

  • Heated porcelain floor tiles – Provides soothing warmth underfoot
  • Freestanding soaking tub – Allows for therapeutic relaxation
  • Frameless glass shower with wall-mounted showerheads – Mimics luxury shower suites
  • Water closet in its own alcove – Increases privacy

By combining these spa-like elements in a cohesive design, the homeowners achieved their goal of having a relaxing sanctuary.

Natural Materials Connect to Nature

While the finishes may be luxe, this bathroom still brings the outdoors in through its use of natural materials and organic texture. The wood ceiling is crafted from aromatic cedar. A massive slab of wood on the floating vanity adds natural grain.

The ceramic floor tile has slight variations for an imperfect, earthy look. A woven rattan pendant light and linen shower curtain enhance the nature-inspired aesthetic. River rocks form a decorative border around the large oval tub.

These visible natural elements blend seamlessly with the more modern finishes. The result is a bathroom with familiar, uncomplicated materials that give the space a grounded, peaceful vibe. The window also connects users to the outdoors and ample daylight.

Functional Zones Optimize Use

With two daily users, smart planning was needed to incorporate all the necessary bathroom functions. Different areas cater to the routines of showering, bathing, grooming, and using the toilet.

  • The walk-in shower is large enough for two with dual shower heads. A built-in teak bench provides seating.
  • The freestanding tub serves as a central focal point when not in use.
  • His-and-hers floating vanities offer ample quartz counter space and storage.
  • The partitioned water closet provides privacy.

By thoughtfully arranging these key zones, there’s room to comfortably perform all bathroom activities. No single user is cramped, allowing peaceful sharing of the space.

Abundant Storage Offers Convenience

Even though this bathroom emphasizes style over size, it still boasts ample smart storage. The dual floating vanities maximize drawer space. Upper cabinets provide enclosed storage. Open shelving offers display space without looking cluttered.

The homeowners also invested in built-in storage niches in the shower. Shampoo nooks and shelving keep all shower necessities at hand but out of sight. A waterproof floor-to-ceiling cabinet stores extra towels and toiletries.

Careful planning allowed for abundant storage so daily items could be stashed out of sight. This prevents visual clutter while providing easy access to essentials.

Natural Light Brightens Entire Room

This interior bathroom lacks any exterior windows. To combat this and prevent a dark, enclosed feeling, the designers got creative with lighting. The cedar ceiling avoids a flat, oppressive look. The rattan pendant warms up the space.

Thoughtfully placed recessed can lights provide both ambient and task lighting. The most striking choice is the skylight situated right above the freestanding tub. Sunlight streams through this roof opening, making the tub a bright focal point. The lighting elevates this from a purely utilitarian bathroom to an inviting oasis.

Design Takeaways

This spa-inspired bathroom remodel provides several lessons for designing a relaxing, modern space:

  • Prioritize flow – Open sight lines and an uninterrupted layout promote peaceful movement.
  • Select natural materials – Organic surfaces like wood and stone add cozy, familiar textures.
  • Include spa elements – Heated floors, soaking tubs, and dual shower heads enhance luxury.
  • Allow ample lighting – Sunlight andthoughtful task lighting prevent a gloomy effect.
  • Incorporate storage – Built-ins and hidden storage promote tidiness without clutter.
  • Define activity zones – Different areas cater to each user’s grooming needs.

By applying some of these design strategies, you can also create a bathroom that evokes the tranquil feeling of an upscale spa. The homey warmth of natural materials balances the modern glamour of luxury fixtures.

Construction and Design Details

Now let’s explore the specific product selections and construction methods used to bring this spa-inspired vision to life. Understanding the details behind the design can help inspire your own bathroom remodel.


This approximately 175-square-foot space includes distinct activity areas:

  • 8′ x 5′ Walk-in shower
  • Freestanding oval tub
  • Dual floating vanities, each 60 inches long
  • Partitioned toilet/water closet

Plenty of open floor space allows for a relaxing feel. The shower and tub zones have 3 feet of clearance on all sides. His-and-hers vanities are placed at least 4 feet apart.


The homeowners selected 12″ x 24″ matte porcelain tiles in a muted gray hue. The tiles feature slight color variations for a natural stone look.

Radiant floor heating beneath the tile warms the surface for bare feet. This system uses electric wiring and a temperature sensor.Waterproofing beneath the mortar prevents leaks.

In the shower, a linear drain provides efficient water removal. The entire shower space features a sloped base to promote drainage.

Wood Accents

Multiple wood elements add warmth and texture. The bathroom ceiling uses 1″ x 6″ tongue and groove cedar planks. Contrasting stained cedar slats form the under-cabinet accent below the vanities.

Teak wood forms both the built-in bench and shelves inside the shower. Using water-resistant solid teak prevents splintering or warping from moisture.

The floating vanities incorporate massive slabs of acacia wood. This eye-catching grain contrasts beautifully with the white quartz countertops.

Tile Surfaces

The walk-in shower is enclosed by 12″ x 24″ polished marble subway tiles. Their bright white color reflects light and keeps the space feeling open.

The same marble tile extends up one wall behind the freestanding tub. This material resists moisture and cleans easily with water and mild soap.

4″ x 12″ ceramic tile in light grey adds texture to the walls above the vanities. Contrasting grout lines create visual interest.

Plumbing Fixtures

The polished chrome plumbing fixtures contribute to the modern aesthetic. Rainfall and hand-held showerheads in the walk-in shower offer a customized experience.

The free-standing oval tub provides deep-soaking relaxation. It fills via a polished chrome floor mount tub filler. For added luxury, air jets send soothing bubbles through the bath water.

His-and-hers wall-mounted floating faucets allow easy cleaning below the vanity. Cabinet-concealed plumbing maintains a sleek look.


The cedar ceiling avoids a flat, oppressive look. The rattan pendant warms up the space. Thoughtfully placed recessed can lights provide both ambient and task lighting.

The skylight above the free-standing tub makes it a bright focal point. Solar tube skylights have a dome on the roof that captures sunlight and transfers it inside via a reflective tube.

Sconces mounted on each side of the vanity mirrors provide ideal task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates the floor at night.

Materials Cheat Sheet


  • Floor – 12″ x 24″ matte porcelain
  • Shower walls – 12″ x 24″ polished marble subway
  • Vanity backsplash – 4″ x 12″ ceramic in light grey


  • Ceiling – 1″ x 6″ tongue and groove cedar
  • Shower benches & shelving – Teak
  • Vanities – Acacia wood slabs
  • Under vanity accent – Stained cedar slats

Plumbing Fixtures:

  • Tub – Free-standing oval, chrome floor mount filler
  • Shower – Rainfall & hand-held, polished chrome
  • Vanities – Wall-mounted floating faucets in polished chrome


  • Ambient – Recessed can lights
  • Task – Sconces by vanity mirrors, under-cabinet lighting
  • Focal – Rattan pendant, skylight over tub


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about creating a spa-inspired bathroom with a modern earthy look:

What size bathroom works best for a spa-like feel?

For two users, aim for at least 150 square feet. This allows room for a walk-in shower, soaking tub, two vanities, and partitions for the toilet.

What tiles help create a spa-like vibe?

Polished marble or porcelain tiles work best. Natural stone conveys luxury. Limit grout lines for a seamless look.

What type of bathtub provides the most spa-like experience?

Look for a freestanding soaking tub at least 60 inches long. Extra depth allows full immersion. Jetted tubs add massaging luxury.

What flooring feels best underfoot in a bathroom?

Heated floors help create a spa experience. Opt for porcelain tile or natural stone with radiant heat beneath.

How important is lighting in a spa bathroom?

Extremely – ambient, task, and natural lighting prevent a dark and gloomy effect. Include skylights or solar tubes to bring in sunshine.

What design elements add natural texture?

Unfinished wood on ceilings and vanities, woven fabrics, river rock accents, and organic floor tile patterns.

How do you create distinct activity zones?

Use floor space wisely. Allow for open areas around each plumbing fixture with pathways between each zone.

What materials work for built-in bathroom storage?

Waterproof cabinetry, shelving, and floor-to-ceiling storage using moisture resistant woods, glass, metals, and polymers.

How important is waterproofing?

Extremely. Membranes under tile flooring prevent leaks. Cement board on walls keeps moisture out of framing. Use waterproof cabinetry.


This contemporary bathroom addition proves that a spa-like sanctuary can be achieved even in a smaller footprint. The key is focusing on:

  • Serene and natural design elements
  • High-end fixtures to mimic luxury
  • Zoned areas for optimized activities
  • Abundant storage for clutter-free use
  • Thoughtful lighting concepts for bright, inviting spaces

By incorporating some of these strategies that amplify comfort and tranquility, you too can create a modern, earthy bathroom addition that provides a relaxing escape.

The specific finishes like marble tile, radiant flooring, steam-filled showers, and freestanding tubs elevate this from purely utilitarian to spa-worthy. Storage solutions like built-in benches and shelving promote tidy use by multiple occupants.

This Bathroom of the Week project shows that even modest spaces can be completely transformed into peaceful sanctuaries. We hope the real-world examples and designer tips inspire you to create your own modern spa-like bathroom.


This spa-like bathroom addition combines the best of both worlds – a modern aesthetic with natural earthy finishes. The key design strategies help build a tranquil sanctuary ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Clever use of layout, special features, lighting, storage, and materiality elevate this project from ordinary to extraordinary. Now you can apply these same principles to turn your own bathroom into a luxurious retreat that soothes the senses.

Use this Bathroom of the Week to inspire your own remodel, be it a full overhaul or simple upgrades. Look for ways to promote peaceful flow, incorporate nature, add spa-like elements, illuminate with natural light, and provide smart storage. With thoughtful planning and strategic material choices, your own custom spa oasis awaits.