Making the most of a tiny bathroom space is an art. With careful planning and clever design choices, even the smallest powder room can be transformed into a stylish and functional oasis. This week we’re highlighting an ingenious 60 square foot bathroom renovation that proves good things really do come in small packages.

Introduction: The Challenges and Rewards of a Petite Bathroom

Bathrooms on the more diminutive side present some unique challenges. Limited floor space means every fixture and feature needs to be scaled down or creatively configured to fit. But a more compact footprint also spurs innovation. Designers must get clever with storage, multitask pieces, and visually expanding the sense of space.

The results can be stunning. A well-designed small bathroom often radiates an aura of tranquility and order. Clean lines, minimal clutter, and space-enhancing elements like mirrors make the area feel light and airy. Standout finishes and features crafted to fit the quirky nooks add tons of character. Suddenly, that poky WC morphs into a little jewel box room you can’t wait to spend time in.

In this post, we’ll explore one couple’s ingenious re-imagining of an awkward, cramped 60 square foot bathroom. Their thoughtful renovations yielded a spa-like space that belies its petite proportions. Read on to pick up smart ideas for maximizing every inch in your own tiny bathrooms.

Overview: Turning a Hodgepodge Into a Haven

Our clients purchased a 1920s bungalow in a historic neighborhood of their city. While full of charm, the home’s bathrooms needed some serious help. The main upstairs bath was not only minuscule but also suffering from a poorly thought out DIY remodel.

Crammed into just 60 square feet was a tiny corner shower, pedestal sink, exposed plumbing, and awkwardly angled toilet. Theowners longed to carve out a relaxing, zen-like space from the haphazard mess.

Working closely with our design team, they came up with a plan to completely reconfigure the layout. Custom cabinetry, space-saving fixtures, and a neutral color palette were instrumental in visually expanding the room. We also suggested swapping out the shower for a roomy soaking tub to enhance the spa vibe.

Read on for a detailed look at the “before” space and our stunning “after” reveal. We’ll break down the specifics of how we stretched this bathroom beyond its modest footprint. Grab some ideas to implement in your own petite powder rooms!

Before: Quirky Layout Meets DIY Disaster

As first-time homeowners, our clients were eager to put their stamp on their new place. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm led to some misguided DIY decisions in the upstairs bath.

Crammed into a mere 60 square feet was a corner shower stall, pedestal sink, exposed plumbing, medicine cabinet, and toilet angled diagonally into one corner. The odd toilet placement made the room feel even more cramped.

A piecemeal collection of fiberglass shower components, mismatched fixtures, drab paint, and worn linoleum floors added to the haphazard vibe.

Our team saw past the convoluted layout and shoddy finishes to the room’s potential. Thoughtful changes could transform this off-putting space into a luxurious retreat.

Key Goals for the Renovation

When tackling a petite bathroom, having a clear vision is crucial. Every design decision either detracts from or enhances the sense of space.

Along with our clients, we came up with the following key goals to guide the renovation:

Lighten and Brighten

Opening up the space visually was priority number one. We recommended a lighter, neutral color scheme accented with reflective surfaces to allow more light to bounce around the room.

Streamline Storage

With such limited square footage, we had to get creative with storage. The room needed only the bare essentials while still offering concealed spots for toiletries.

Upgrade Fixtures

The DIY fiberglass shower and mismatched plumbing fixtures had to go. We suggested swapping in cohesive, space-saving components with clean lines.

Add Spa Touches

Turning the shower into a soaker tub would instantly enhance the pampering vibe. Plush towels, diffused lighting, and zen decor elements would round out the spa aesthetic.

Celebrate Small Scale

Rather than fight against the room’s petite proportions, we proposed highlighting its quirky shape with custom details and features scaled to fit the footprint.

After: A Tranquil Retreat Defying its Small Size

The transformation of this 60 square foot bathroom is truly astonishing. By tweaking the layout and selecting space-savvy finishes, we helped our clients realize their vision of a relaxing, spa-like retreat.

Gone are the haphazard shower and cluttered look. In their place, a harmonious, light-filled sanctuary with clever customizations at every turn. Read on for a look at how we stretched the compact footprint to feel bright, uncluttered, and surprisingly spacious.

Space-Enhancing Color Palette

Light, neutral tones are a small bathroom’s best friend. To visually open up the space, we suggested painting the walls, ceiling, and most fixtures in subtle, ethereal hues.

The homeowners fell in love with the soft blue-grey palette we proposed. Benjamin Moore’s Horizon Blue was selected for the walls and Windmill Wings for the beadboard wainscoting. Clean white on the ceiling enhances the airy vibe.

Mirrored surfaces add light and dimension while the muted blue-grey palette recedes, making the petite footprint feel more expansive.

Custom Cabinets Maximize Storage

One of the biggest challenges in a small bath is finding a place for necessities without clutter. For a streamlined look, we designed custom cabinetry and niches to tuck away toiletries and tools.

Floating cabinets with translucent glass fronts conceal shelves above the petite console sink base. The glass maintains the light, open vibe while obscuring “messy” items. More display shelving recesses into the wall over the tub for candles and accessories.

For the toilet area, we mimicked the look of wainscoting with spacious cabinets below. Baskets stow extra rolls and cleaning items out of sight.

Every inch of available wall space now does double duty, with discreet storage tucked in at every opportunity. The room feels serene rather than messy and cramped.

Soaking Tub for Ultimate Relaxation

One of our best space-saving tricks was to swap the standalone shower for a decadent freestanding soaking tub. This transformed the bath into a true haven for relaxation.

A 60″ tub fits snugly along one wall, under a picture window with a peaceful view of greenery. The elongated rectangular shape allows soakers to fully extend their legs, with clearance for the toilet behind.

The tub’s sleek, sculptural styling with crisp interior lines adds modern flair. Deck-mounted fixtures and a handheld shower head complete the spa vibe.

Trading the corner shower for an indulgent soaker instantly shifted the petite room from purely functional to a soothing oasis.

Cohesive Fixtures Tailored to the Small Space

With such limited square footage, fixtures needed to multitask and fit the scale. The console sink base combines sleek storage with a space-conscious 16” wide vitreous china basin.

The one-piece low-profile toilet similarly saves inches while offering a clean, modern silhouette.

In the shower area, we suggested a space-conscious 24″ recessed niche for shampoo and products. The snug niche dimensions prevent bottles from toppling over mid-shower.

Each fixture and component was carefully curated based on both form and function within the footprint. The cohesive styling brings harmony to the room.

Special Touches Celebrate Small Scale

Rather than fight against the room’s modest size, we played it up with special details and finishes scaled to fit.

The petite console sink looks right at home flanked by narrow sconces and windows with a shortened cafe-style valance. We continued the shortened height motif with a compact 24” towel ladder.

In the shower area, horizontally oriented penny tile in soft hues makes the tub alcove feel wider. A slim glass shelf allows for more display space without dominating the wall.

Every finish and feature highlights the space rather than dwarfs it. The room celebrations its small scale rather than looking like a crammed afterthought.

Diffused Lighting Sets a Soothing Mood

Proper illumination is key in windowless bathrooms. For this space, we recommended a thoughtful three-point lighting plan using all diffused fixtures.

The soft glow casts a relaxing, spa-like aura versus the harsh glare of overhead can lights. Sconces flanking the sink provide task lighting for grooming. Fixtures over the tub and in the corner wash the space in ambient fill light.

By tweaking the lighting scheme, we took the bathroom from dark and gloomy to a luminous, tranquil retreat.

Smart Takeaways for Tiny Bathrooms

This stunning 60 square foot transformation highlights how strategic design decisions can stretch a petite footprint. Here are our top tips for maximizing diminutive bathrooms:

  • Stick with a neutral, lighter color palette. Avoid dark hues that will make the space feel closed in.
  • Consider trading a shower for a soaker tub to enhance the spa vibe. Just be sure to measure carefully!
  • Custom cabinetry that recesses into walls can conceal messy necessities. Bonus points for glass-fronted doors.
  • Opt for narrow, space-conscious fixtures scaled to fit the room. Remember measurements when shopping.
  • Add special small-scale finishes like narrow sconces or shortened valances and ladders.
  • Diffused, ambient lighting sets a calming mood in windowless baths. Avoid harsh overhead fixtures.
  • Don’t fight small—celebrate it!Highlight quirky angles or footprints with custom details.

We hope this glimpse at our tiny but mighty bathroom reno sparked some ideas for your own petite powder rooms! Remember, limiting square footage presents an opportunity to get creative. Keep our tips in mind and you’ll be amazed at the dreamy little spaces you can design.

FAQs About Small Bathroom Renovations

What are some layout ideas to maximize a tiny bathroom?

  • Float the vanity to open up floor space underneath for a stool or bath accessories.
  • Tuck storage into wall recesses for a streamlined look. Built-in or glass-front cabinets keep necessities concealed.
  • Place the toilet in a corner diagonal from the vanity to gain a few extra inches.
  • Opt for a compact oval or vessel sink to save space on the vanity top.
  • Trade a standard tub for a narrower soaking tub along the length of the wall.

How can I make a small windowless bathroom feel bright?

  • Paint the walls, ceiling, and cabinetry in lighter, neutral shades like soft grey, beige, or white.
  • Incorporate mirrors on the wall above and/or behind the vanity to reflect light.
  • Add sconces and diffused lighting fixtures to eliminate dark corners and shadows.
  • Glossy tile or marble surfaces will help bounce light around.
  • If possible, upgrade to a ventilation fan with built-in lighting.

What type of flooring works best in petite powder rooms?

  • Smaller bathrooms benefit from a cohesive, seamless flooring option like porcelain or ceramic tile. It makes the room feel more open.
  • Pick a tile with small-scale pattern or mosaic to expand the dimensions.
  • Stick with neutral, lighter tones. Dark floors will feel too heavy.
  • Grout lines should match the tile color to keep the look seamless.
  • Consider heat-reflective radiant tiles to warm up a smaller space.

How do I add storage to my tiny bathroom?

  • Built-in wall cabinets, open shelving, and cubbies hide items while saving floor space.
  • Opt for a vanity with drawers and a separate matching medicine cabinet for concealed storage.
  • Use the area under a pedestal sink for baskets or an inconspicuous storage piece on casters.
  • Install discreet shallow shelving on the wall behind the toilet.
  • Replace a standard towel bar with a cabinet-style option.
  • Add a narrow ladder-style towel rack or wall-mounted rack for rolled towels.

What type of tub fits best in a small bathroom?

  • Look for a narrower oval, rectangle, or corner soaking tub to save inches. Measure carefully!
  • Curbless showers with no doors also work for petite baths, providing an accessible option.
  • A small corner tub may angle into the room. Be sure to allow clearance to open the shower door.
  • Freestanding tubs can nestle into odd spaces, but watch the ceiling height.
  • Alcove tubs suit small bathrooms with limited free wall space. Just mind the measurements.


This charming 60 square foot bath makeover proves that pint-sized powder rooms can hold outsized style. A few smart layout tweaks and space-savvy furnishes transformed a dismal DIY disaster into an airy urban oasis.

The keys are sticking with a neutral, lighter color palette and multitasking storage solutions. Don’t overlook the power of scaled-down details and a cohesive lighting plan either.

With careful curation and a dash of creativity, even the most petite bathroom can be a relaxing sanctum. Use the tips from this post as inspiration when planning your next small bath renovation. Take time to admire the character a quirky footprint adds. Soon you’ll see that when designed just right, good things really do come in small packages!

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