A bathroom redesign provides the perfect opportunity to reflect your unique personality and style. With careful planning and creative touches, your bathroom can become a soothing, inviting space that showcases your distinctive flair. Follow these tips to craft a bathroom that radiates your essence.

Define Your Style

The first step in planning your bathroom design is deciding on an overarching style that appeals to your tastes. Consider the following styles to determine which reflects your personality best:


Classic bathroom design features elegant, timeless elements for a refined and sophisticated look. Opt for neutral colors like white, beige or gray paired with marble or porcelain finishes. Add vintage-inspired fixtures, clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks and patterned tile floors. The overall aesthetic is polished yet understated.


Contemporary bathrooms use a minimalist approach with clean, simple lines. Stick to solid colors like black, white and beige. Add modern vessel sinks, frameless shower enclosures, wall-mounted faucets and sleek tile or stone floors. The look is streamlined and chic.


Cottage or farmhouse bathroom designs embrace a cozy, relaxed vibe. Incorporate distressed wood finishes, floral accents, vintage hardware and painted cabinets. Opt for a clawfoot tub, wood flooring, patterned shower curtains and white subway tile. The overall feel is charming and inviting.


Eclectic bathrooms blend various styles for a unique, creative look. Mix modern fixtures with antique furnishings, vibrant tile with neutral walls, or sleek sinks with distressed cabinetry. The overall effect is bold, imaginative and full of character.

Once you settle on a style, use it to guide all your design choices – from fixtures and finishes to accessories and color schemes. This will help ensure a cohesive look reflective of your personality.

Select Meaningful Colors

Color choice has a huge impact on the overall feel of a bathroom. Select hues that reflect your preferences and spark positive emotions.

Cool tones like blue and green evoke a soothing, relaxing mood. Warm shades of red, orange or yellow create an energizing, uplifting ambiance. Neutral tones like beige, gray and white feel airy and clean.

You can use colors to accentuate certain features. For example, an ocean blue vanity plays up a coastal cottage vibe. A sunflower yellow tile backsplash injects cheer into a traditional bath. Use hues strategically to reinforce your personality throughout the space.

Pro Tip: Limit colors to 3 or 4 complementary shades. Too many colors in a small bathroom can feel chaotic.

Incorporate Special Touches

Look for ways to infuse your unique interests and loves into the bathroom design. Display your collection of seashells or vintage perfume bottles. Frame favorite travel photos or motivational quotes. Install built-in shelving to show off treasured books and trinkets.

Add personalization with:

  • Framed family photos
  • Cherished artwork
  • Sentimental accessories
  • Inspiring affirmations
  • Collections that spark joy

These meaningful details create an environment reflective of who you are.

Choose Fixtures That Delight

Plumbing fixtures are necessities that also provide the perfect chance to express your style. Select pieces that combine function with flair.


Faucet finishes like glimmering brass, polished nickel or dramatic black make a statement. Consider unexpected shapes like curved spouts or architectural high-arc designs. Incorporate artistic features like crossed handles or sculptural bases if they appeal to you.


Vessel, pedestal and undermount sinks come in an array of shapes, colors and materials. Opt for a striking blue glass vessel sink atop a wood vanity. Try a hand carved stone vessel for organic texture. Or pick a sleek porcelain pedestal sink for timeless elegance.


Make the tub a focal point by selecting a style that excites you. Lean into classic luxury with a clawfoot tub placed in the center of the room. Get playful with a vibrantly colored soaking tub. Opt for a streamlined frameless walk-in shower enclosure for a contemporary vibe.

No matter your taste, choose plumbing fixtures that make you smile each time you use them.

Incorporate Meaningful Materials

The materials you select for surfaces and finishes also allow you to infuse personality into your space.


Wood or stone floors add organic richness. Bold patterned tile makes a lively style statement. Concrete floors offer modern industrial edge. Choose materials that connect to the overall look you want to achieve.


Quartz, stone, or concrete countertops provide natural texture. Glass, metal and recycled materials like paperstone offer unique options. The counter surface should coordinate with your cabinets and finishes to reinforce the design aesthetic.


Wood cabinets offer warmth and elegance. Painted cabinetry allows you to incorporate color. Metal cabinets provide modern industrial appeal. Details like glass fronts, open shelving or soft-close drawers elevate the functionality.

Wall Finishes

Use wall treatments like tile, wood paneling, concrete, or wallpaper to add depth. Incorporate natural stone, textured paint finishes and beautiful tiles that complement the overall design scheme.

Carefully curated materials lend authenticity while also showcasing your personal taste.

Display Meaningful Art

An often overlooked spot to add personality is through artwork and wall decor. Use framed prints, paintings, photos, mirrors or collections to accentuate your style.

  • For a cottage look, hang a large framed botanical print or a set of colorful framed flower sketches.
  • In a contemporary bathroom, make a statement with an oversized black and white photograph or abstract art pieces.
  • For an elegant look, ornament the walls with framed butterflies or antique mirrors.

When selecting artwork, choose pieces that inspire you and connect to cherished memories or interests. The goal is to create a space that feels distinctly you.

Add Pops of Personality

The accessories and finishing details you use provide the perfect chance to highlight what makes you unique. Have fun showcasing your personality through:

  • Unique mirror frames like bamboo, driftwood or hand crafted metal
  • Vintage glass bottles filled with colorful mouthwash
  • Fluffy towels in your favorite bold hues
  • Whimsical bathmats or shower curtains
  • Plants like orchids or succulents
  • Candles, diffusers or soaps in customized scents

Even the smallest details like drawer knobs, faucet finishes and light fixtures offer an avenue to imprint your personal flair. Embrace the freedom to get creative.

Bathroom Design: Let Your Personality Shine

When designing your dream bathroom, the most important ingredient is you. Keep the focus on expressing your unique spirit.

Reflect Your Style

From contemporary to classic to cottage and every style in between, choose an aesthetic that makes you feel at home. Use this to guide all your design choices.

Intentionally Use Color

Thoughtfully select an uplifting color palette that enhances your mood and complements your style. Remember that color can shift the vibe of a space.

Display Cherished Items

Fill your bathroom with possessions that brighten your spirit like photos, art, collections and accessories. This infuses the space with joy.

Pick Inspiring Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures that delight will elevate the form and function of your bath. Opt for pieces that blend stylish design with personal meaning.

Choose Meaningful Materials

Select material finishes that speak to you like stone, wood, tile and textured metals. Thoughtfully chosen materials add depth and authenticity.

Add Unexpected Artwork

Look for opportunities to highlight artwork, prints, photos or mirrors that connect to your interests and memories. Feature pieces that make you smile.

Embrace Playful Touches

Have fun with whimsical accessories, linens, frames and decorative details that showcase your personality. The joy is in the details.

The end result will be a bathroom retreat that nurtures your soul and brings out your unique inner glow. Let your personality shine through in a space thoughtfully designed just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Design and Personal Style

Customizing your bathroom design to match your personality and style can seem daunting. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to guide you through the process.

What are some quick ways to add personality to my bathroom?

Some easy ways to infuse your unique style include:

  • Hang framed art, photos or mirrors that reflect your interests.
  • Use accessories like candles, plants, baskets and trays in colors and patterns you love.
  • Opt for textured shower curtains and towels in vibrant hues.
  • Display cherished collections or meaningful trinkets on shelves or in glass containers.
  • Paint or replace cabinet hardware with whimsical knobs that spark joy.

Start with simple changes that showcase your favorite colors, artwork and accessories.

How do I pick fixtures and finishes that express my style?

Focus on selecting plumbing fixtures, surfaces and details that align with your aesthetic preferences. For traditional style, classic white porcelain and nickel finishes have enduring appeal. For modern decor, sleek matte black or polished metal creates a contemporary statement. Cottage-inspired spaces benefit from vintage rubber hoses, floral shower curtains and distressed wood mirrors. Choose pieces that help cultivate the mood you want.

What mistakes should I avoid when personalizing my bathroom?

While self-expression is encouraged, be careful not to over-accessorize or incorporate too many competing styles. Keep accessories, art and colors tailored to 2-3 coordinating hues. Style furniture for cohesiveness rather than collecting mismatched pieces. Bold patterns and prints work best in moderation. Avoid clutter and let cherished details shine. Focus on quality over quantity to allow your personality to shine through.

How can I add character without overwhelming a small bathroom?

Small bathrooms benefit from clever storage solutions and minimalist, multipurpose furniture to keep the space feeling airy. Stick to a soothing color palette of 1-2 colors. Add tactile interest through wood finishes, tile accents and natural fiber bath mats. Infuse personality through artful mirrors vs. large pieces, a colorful print shower curtain, and decorative details like glass vases and ceramic soap dispensers. Editing down to key accessories will prevent it from feeling crowded.

What if my taste changes – how do I make updates?

Life is dynamic, and your bathroom style will likely evolve. Fortunately, bathrooms have many elements that are simple to switch out when your taste changes. Update wall colors with fresh coats of paint. Introduce new window treatments and shower curtains for a quick lift. Change up art and accessories like soap dishes, trays and candles for an instant style boost. Keep expensive changes like cabinetry, countertops and plumbing fixtures for down the road. Focus on easy updates for an affordable refresh.


Designing your dream bathroom ultimately comes down to staying true to your unique spirit. By thoughtfully incorporating colors, finishes, fixtures and accessories that speak to you, your space can become a luxurious retreat that brings out your inner glow. Take inspiration from your favorite styles and eras, display cherished items and embrace playful details that spark joy. The resulting bath will provide a soothing yet invigorating escape that seems made just for you. Let your personality shine brightly.

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