Bringing classic style and modern sparkle to your bathroom design can create a gorgeous and timeless look. When balanced thoughtfully, traditional shapes and patterns paired with metallic accents and fresh color palettes keep your space looking anything but outdated. This article explores ideas to help you achieve bathroom balances with classic styles and hints of striking stripes and glittering metallics.

Classic Style Elements for Timeless Elegance

Injecting classic motifs into a bathroom lends an elegant and refined style. Consider incorporating design aspects like these:

Ornate Mirrors

An intricately framed mirror makes a dramatic statement over a vanity. Opt for vintage-inspired shapes like oval, rectangular or octagonal. Gilded gold or silver finishes add luxe detail. Place sconces or candles on each side for beautiful symmetry and light.

Clawfoot Tub

A freestanding tub with claw feet evokes old-world charm. Position it as a focal point and accent with vintage-look plumbing fixtures. A shower curtain rather than glass doors maintains the traditional vibe.

Subway Tile

Subway tile in white or light grey has been popular for a century thanks to its clean, classic look. Use it on walls, floors or as a backsplash. Pair with marble or natural stone for contrast.

Pedestal Sink

The iconic pedestal sink never goes out of style. A porcelain model makes a sculptural statement in a powder room. Select one with ornate detailing for added flair.

Hexagon Floor Tile

Hexagon tile packs pattern and geometry into a classic motif. Use it to make a statement on the floors or as a backsplash. Stick to a simple color palette to let the shape shine.


Vertical paneled wainscoting applied to the lower half of walls lends formal detail. White paint provides a clean, crisp contrast against upper walls in bold colors.

Modern Sparkle and Metallic Touches

Adding hints of glittering metallics and eye-catching stripes prevents traditional motifs from feeling stuffy or dated. Consider these contemporary updates:

Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper instantaneously modernizes. Opt for an organic pattern like leaf shapes or geometric design. Use it sparingly on one wall as an accent.

Gold Fixtures

Swap out standard chrome for unapologetic glamour with gold fixtures. Warm metal finishes give mirrors, faucets and showerheads a luxe facelift.

Marble Countertops

No longer just for palaces, marble countertops lend natural swirls of grey, white and gold. Pair with brass fixtures for a coordinated opulent look.

Striped Rug

Make a graphic statement with a striped cotton or jute rug. Black and white offers classic impact, or get colorful with bold primaries.

Patterned Shower Curtain

Pick a shower curtain with wide stripes or geometric shapes in contrasting colors. Metallic patterns add modern sheen. Hang it high for a spa-like reveal.

Painted Ceiling

Painting the ceiling a dynamic color or bold stripe turns heads upwards. Deep blue or emerald green offer richness; metallic silver or gold provide shine.

The Finishing Touch: Plants for Freshness

Lastly, accessorizing with leafy plants prevents the space from skewing too formal. Ferns, snake plants and orchids thrive in steamy bathrooms. Cluster them on the floor, or arrange trailing varieties in hanging planters for an inviting oasis. With the right balance of beloved classic elements and modern accents, you can create a bathroom that never stops sparkling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some classic bathroom styles?

Some classic bathroom styles include Victorian, Craftsman, and Farmhouse. Common elements include clawfoot tubs, ornate mirrors, wainscoting, pedestal sinks, and hexagon tile floors.

How do you give a traditional bathroom a modern twist?

Add modern twists like metallic wallpaper, gold fixtures, marble countertops, striped rugs, or colorful shower curtains. Painted ceilings and fresh plants also give a contemporary edge.

What colors work well in traditional bathrooms?

Classic color palettes like white, light grey, navy and emerald green work beautifully in traditional bathrooms. Accent walls in bold black, deep blue or metallic gold add interest.

Should the floor tile match the wall tile in a bathroom?

The floor and wall tiles don’t need to match exactly. Keeping them in the same color family gives a cohesive look. Use tile shape or pattern to define different zones.

What flooring is best for a traditional bathroom?

Hexagon tile, marble, or natural stone like travertine create classic bathroom floors. For warmth, consider wide-plank hardwoods. Stick to neutral tones for timeless appeal.


Blending traditional shapes and materials with unexpected metallic accents and colorful patterns lets you achieve bathroom balances brimming with classic style and modern sparkle. Focus first on elegant motifs like clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks and ornate mirrors. Then introduce striped rugs, gold fixtures and marble counters for striking contrast. The finishing touch of leafy plants prevents formality, for an inviting bathroom that seamlessly mixes old and new. With thoughtful curation and fearless contrast, your space can feel comfortably classic yet fresh.