Kitchens and bathrooms have come a long way in recent years when it comes to integrating new technology and automation. Homeowners today expect more than just the basic appliances and fixtures – they want spaces that simplify daily routines, promote sustainability, and even provide entertainment. From voice command faucets to app-controlled ovens, automation is shaping the next generation of kitchen and bath design.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the newest and most innovative kitchen and bath products that blend automation with style and functionality. Smart technology is being seamlessly incorporated into cabinets, sinks, lighting, and more to create living spaces that are as beautiful as they are brilliant. Read on to learn about the latest advancements making waves in kitchen and bath trends.

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets have become increasingly popular in modern kitchen and bath design. These innovative fixtures allow users to turn water on and off with just a wave of the hand, enhancing convenience and hygiene. Many new models also include voice activation technology, allowing homeowners to get water flowing with a simple voice command.

Brands like Delta, Kohler, and Moen offer a wide range of touchless kitchen and bath faucets featuring sleek style and practical hands-free control. Built-in sensors detect hand movements to activate the flow of water without ever having to touch the faucet. This helps reduce the spread of germs and simplifies washing tasks like rinsing produce or soaping up hands.

Touchless faucets are ideal for busy families and accessible design. The days of fumbling with dirty knobs and handles are over thanks to this clever automation innovation.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is getting smarter in today’s kitchens and bathrooms with automated systems that make it easy to set the perfect ambience. From scheduling color-changing LEDs to syncing lights with music or mood, smart lighting grants unprecedented control.

Brands like Philips Hue and Lutron Caseta offer in-wall switches, stand-alone bulbs, and accessories that allow homeowners to customize lighting through smartphone apps. Set schedules to have the lights come on at sunset or turn off at bedtime. Program different scenes like “dinner party” or “relaxation” to instantly change the lighting mood.

Smart lighting can be incorporated seamlessly into kitchen island pendants, under-cabinet fixtures, bathroom vanities, and more. The automation allows for energy efficiency and incredible personalization of any space.

App-Controlled Appliances

Today’s smart appliances go far beyond basic pre-set functions. With wi-fi connectivity and app integration, homeowners can now control ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more right from their smartphones.

Brands like Samsung, LG, and GE Appliances offer app-enabled models that provide both monitoring and control. Adjust oven temperatures, start the dishwasher, or turn off the refrigerator alarm from anywhere with the convenience of your phone. Many appliances can even send notifications or alerts directly to your device.

Built-in cameras allow users to see what’s inside the fridge without opening the door. Voice control support through Alexa or Google Assistant makes it possible to cook a meal or start the laundry through voice commands. Home chefs will love the precision and convenience of app-powered cooking.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic and touchless soap dispensers are making their way into today’s kitchens and bathrooms for an added pop of smart tech. These dispensers detect hand movements and instantly dispense the precise amount of soap or sanitizer.

Companies like Simplehuman, Kohler, and Toto offer a range of automatic dispensers in materials from metal to marble to match any decor. For the kitchen, they provide easy access to soap while cooking without contaminating the pump. In bathrooms, automatic dispensers mean never having to touch a shared soap pump again.

The dispensers run on battery power and can be mounted or positioned on the counter. They provide just the right amount of soap or sanitizer in each activation, resulting in less waste. This automation innovation is both functional and hygienic.

Moisture Monitoring Shower Systems

Cutting-edge shower systems now have built-in technology to monitor moisture and prevent mold and mildew. These smart systems have sensors that track humidity levels, instantly turning on the exhaust fan if moisture becomes too high.

Brands like Moen and Delta offer shower systems with this automation technology built into shower heads, valves, and controls. Some systems can even be set to automatically squeegee the walls and doors after a shower to prevent standing water.

The moisture monitoring protects walls from water damage and eliminates the condensation that leads to mold growth. Homeowners will appreciate the ability to enjoy a relaxing steam shower without worry. It’s a brilliant automation advancement for improving health and maintenance.

Voice Command Toilets

Even toilets are getting smarter! Numerous companies now offer voice command toilets that respond to voice prompts. For instance, say “flush” and the toilet will automatically flush itself.

Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet has Amazon Alexa built in directly to the unit. This allows homeowners to control flushing, bidet functions, heated seat, ambient lighting, and music all through voice commands. The smart toilet also features app connectivity for customized presets.

Toto’s Flotelligent Toilet works with Google Assistant for handy voice activation of various features. These innovation toilets are changing the concept of modern bathrooms with advanced automation. Just say the word to achieve the desired function.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key benefits of automation in the kitchen and bath?

Some great benefits include increased convenience, customization, accessibility, hygiene, energy efficiency, and smart home connectivity. Automated fixtures and appliances simplify tasks, reduce germ transmission, and give homeowners more control.

How is automation improving kitchen faucets?

Kitchen faucets are getting touchless technology and voice activation for hands-free usage. This allows users to easily turn water on or off even when hands are messy or full.

Do smart appliances require a strong wi-fi connection?

Yes, app-controlled appliances need a strong and stable wi-fi network to maintain connectivity. Many work with Alexa, Google Home, and other smart systems.

How can lighting be automated in the bathroom?

Smart switches, bulbs, and panels allow homeowners to customize bathroom lighting by mood or schedule. Automatic night lights provide added safety.

What factors should you consider when buying automated fixtures?

Consider connectivity, customization features, app integration, battery versus hardwired, and smart home ecosystem compatibility. Also, look for reliability and intuitive controls.

How does moisture monitoring prevent mold in showers?

By tracking humidity, smart shower systems can vent moisture before it leads to mildew. Some also have features to squeegee residue after use.

Can smart toilets really be controlled by voice?

Yes, newer toilets allow flushing, bidets, heated seats, and more to be activated through voice commands for the ultimate automated bathroom experience.


Automating kitchen and bath fixtures provides convenience along with style in today’s connected homes. From faucets that know when hands are near to refrigerators that make grocery lists, smart tech is seamlessly incorporated into our daily routines. While luxury high-tech bathrooms may still be out of reach for many homeowners, simple upgrades like automatic soap dispensers and smart lighting controls can add automation on any budget.

As technology keeps evolving, there will surely be even more innovative ways to integrate automation into our living spaces. But today’s options already allow homeowners to save time, enhance wellness, reduce energy use, and customize their perfect automated sanctuary. If you’re designing a new kitchen or bath, be sure to explore the latest automated offerings to create a space catered to your unique lifestyle. The benefits of automation are only just beginning as more brilliant innovations revolutionize our homes.