Choosing the right pair of chairs can completely transform the look and feel of a room. The chairs serve as an anchor – a focal point that grounds the space and brings cohesion to your interior design. When selected thoughtfully, a great pair of chairs will elevate the whole room.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Chairs

When shopping for your anchor chairs, keep the following criteria in mind:


Make sure the scale of the chairs suits the proportions of the room. Measure the space carefully, and visualize how much presence you want the chairs to have. Oversized chairs can overwhelm a small room, while chairs that are too petite can get lost in a large room. Seek the Goldilocks zone – chairs that feel just right for the square footage.


While looks are important, comfort should be a top priority. Evaluate the chair’s structure, cushioning, and dimensions to ensure it will be enjoyable to sit in for extended periods. Test out chairs in the store to gauge comfort levels. Also consider if the chair meets your lumbar support needs.


The chairs’ style should complement your existing decor and align with the aesthetic vision for the room. Take into account the room’s purpose, your personal tastes, and current design trends. Make sure the style of the chairs fits seamlessly into the overall look and feel you want to achieve.


Examine the chairs for structural integrity and sturdy construction that will stand the test of time. Inspect the joinery,hardware, and textiles. Prioritize heirloom-quality chairs built from solid wood over lower quality materials like particle board.


Consider which upholstery fabrics and colors will harmonize with your color palette. Neutral hues offer versatility, but don’t be afraid to make a statement with bold, vibrant colors! Coordinate the chairs’ materials with other textures in the room.


Anchor chairs tend to be an investment. Determine what you can reasonably spend, but remember that quality construction comes at a cost. Set a budget that allows you to get chairs that meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Prime Placement for Anchor Chairs

Anchor chairs make the most visual impact when positioned thoughtfully. Here are prime spots to highlight your chairs:

Facing the Sofa

Placing chairs across from the sofa creates a conversational seating area. Angle the chairs inward slightly to invite interaction. Make sure there’s enough room between the chairs and sofa to allow for easy circulation.

Anchoring the Bedroom

Flanking either side of the bed with matching chairs creates symmetry and cohesion. Chairs by the bed provide space to sit while getting dressed or putting on shoes.

Defining the Entryway

Welcome guests by placing eye-catching chairs on either side of the foyer. The chairs define and anchor the entry space, and provide seating to pause and remove shoes.

Framing the Fireplace

Positioning chairs in front of the fireplace draws attention to this focal feature. Turn the chairs at an angle to the fireplace to create an intimate conversational area.

At the Dining Table Ends

Anchor a dining space by placing accent chairs at both ends of the table. Choose chairs that complement the table without competing. The chairs balance the table visually.

In the Reading Nook

Carve out a cozy reading nook in the corner of a room by arranging two chairs near floor lamps and bookshelves. The chairs demarcate this special spot.

Styles of Anchor Chairs

With endless options, selecting chair styles can be overwhelming. Here are some popular anchor chair genres to consider:

Wingback Chairs

These classic chairs feature sides that curve up to “wings” around the sitter’s shoulders. The wings create a sense of privacy and intimacy while providing lumbar support. Choose velvet or leather to imbue grandeur.

Club Chairs

Similar to wingbacks but without the wings, club chairs have rounded arms and backs. Their substantial structure makes them well-suited for lounging. Club chairs convey traditional masculinity.

Slipper Chairs

Defined by their low-slung shape and compact footprint, slipper chairs tuck neatly into corners and smaller spaces. Their clean lines give a casual, contemporary vibe.


With exposed wood framework and minimalist lines, armchairs have an airy, organic feel. They come in endless varieties, from modern to traditional styles. Armchairs work with many aesthetics.

Chaise Lounges

With a long reclined seat and tilted angled back, chaise lounges enable relaxed lounging. Pair two in a face-to-face orientation for conversation pits.

Rocking Chairs

The classic rocking chair offers laid-back comfort with its gently curved base that rocks back and forth. They evoke nostalgia and are perfect for porches or patios.

Accent Chairs

These versatile chairs come in all shapes and sizes to function as occasional seating. Choose accent chairs that complement but don’t match your anchor chairs.

Tips for Arranging Anchor Chairs

Once you’ve selected the perfect anchor chairs, focus on the optimal placement and formation:

  • Allow enough space between chairs for ease of movement.
  • Angle chairs slightly toward one another to create an intimate conversation area.
  • Flank doors or openings symmetrically with matching chairs.
  • Incorporate a side table between chairs to hold drinks and books.
  • Layer rugs under chairs to define the space.
  • Add lighting nearby, like floor lamps or sconces.
  • Incorporate pillows and blankets on chairs for added comfort.
  • Use chairs to create separate zones within an open concept room.

Anchor a Room With a Great Pair of Chairs

The right pair of chairs can truly make or break a room’s design. When chosen with care, anchor chairs imbue rooms with purpose, elevate the decor, and provide the perfect spot to enjoy the space. Evaluate your needs, research options thoroughly, and invest in chairs of exceptional comfort and quality. Arrange the chairs thoughtfully to maximize their impact. Soon you’ll have a phenomenal pair of chairs anchoring your room and pulling the whole space together.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anchor Chairs

Here are answers to some common questions about selecting and arranging anchor chairs:

What’s the ideal distance between anchor chairs?

Ideally, allow 24″ – 30″ between chairs to enable easy passage while maintaining intimacy. The chairs can be slightly angled toward each other to foster conversation.

How do I incorporate anchor chairs in a small space?

Look for compact chairs with a smaller footprint, like slipper chairs. Arrange the chairs in corners to demarcate a cozy seating nook. Use a small circular side table instead of individual end tables.

Should anchor chairs match or coordinate?

Matching chairs promote symmetry and cohesion. Complementary chairs allow you to layer in different styles. Either approach works beautifully. Mix multiple materials/colors in one pair for eclectic flair.

Where should I place chairs in an awkward room layout?

Take advantage of irregular floor plans by anchoring chairs around focal points like the fireplace rather than adhering to rigid symmetry. Float chairs in open areas to help define the sitting space.

What size rug do I need under anchor chairs?

Choose a rug at least 12-18 inches wider and longer than the chairs. All chair legs should fit on the rug without hovering at the edges. Layer a larger area rug under a sitting area grouping.

How can I incorporate anchor chairs in my bedroom?

Flank your bed with matching chairs, which can hold clothing or provide an alternative spot to sit besides the bed. Or create a tucked-away reading nook with chairs in a corner of the bedroom.

Should I splurge on expensive designer chairs?

It’s wise to invest in high-quality, well-constructed chairs built to last decades. But affordable options like vintage and replica chairs can save money without sacrificing style.

What makes an anchor chair comfortable?

Ideal anchor chairs have ample, sturdy cushions; padded armrests; lumbar support; seat depth/width sized for lounging; suitable height; and breathable, easy-clean upholstery. Test chairs extensively for comfort.

How do I make a bold color chair work in my space?

Temper brightly colored chairs with neutral furnishings to keep the room balanced. Repeat chair hues in throw pillows and accessories for a cohesive look. Bold chairs in darker tones feel more elegant.

Can outdoor chairs work as interior anchor chairs?

Absolutely! Weather-resistant outdoor chairs make great interior anchor chairs, especially in sunrooms or beachy spaces. Use indoor/outdoor fabric to allow chairs to pull double duty.


Anchor chairs serve as the perfect finishing touch that makes all your hard decorating work come together. When thoughtfully selected, artfully arranged and high in comfort, a pair of chairs can truly transform an interior and provide the ideal cozy spot to enjoy your beautiful room. Trust your instincts, stick to your aesthetic vision, and find the chairs that speak to you. Soon you’ll be enjoying the chairs that bring purpose, harmony and comfort to your space.