Give your bathroom a fresh, summery look with these fun and easy ideas. From bright towels to tropical plants, you can create a relaxing oasis right in your own home.

Use Beachy Colors and Patterns

Bring the colors of summer into your bathroom with towels, rugs, and accessories in shades of aqua, seafoam, coral, and sunshine yellow. Look for towels and shower curtains with patterns like stripes, seersucker, sailboats, starfish, seashells, and tropical motifs. These fun prints will give your bathroom a playful, vacation vibe.

Hang lightweight beach towels on the towel racks or a wall hook for a pop of color. Roll towels and place them in a basket on the floor as a quick update. Choose rugs with a bold stripe or a cheerful tropical print to layer over your existing bath mat.

Look for accessories like trays, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and tumblers in the same bright hues. Simple updates like coral knobs on cabinets and a seashell soap dish make a big impact.

Include Natural Textures and Materials

Incorporate natural elements like rattan, bamboo, jute, and driftwood to complement the beachy colors. These materials add warmth and texture to the space.

  • Display rolled towels in a woven rattan or bamboo container.
  • Use a jute or sisal rug as a natural fiber underfoot.
  • Add a driftwood candleholder and seashells to the vanity.
  • Opt for woven shades in rattan or bamboo material.

Natural textures feel fresh and summery for the bath. The organic materials contrast nicely with tiles, metal fixtures, and shiny surfaces for balance.

Fresh Greenery and Plants

Plants are an easy way to inject life into the bathroom. Their green foliage looks vibrant against neutral tiles and helps create an outdoorsy, tropical vibe.

Good options for the humidity of the bathroom include:

  • Succulents like snake plant, aloe vera, and jade plants.
  • Ferns like Boston fern, rabbit’s foot fern, and bird’s nest fern.
  • Palm varieties like parlor palm, areca palm, and lady palm.

Cluster a trio of succulents in a ceramic planter for the vanity or windowsill. Hang a trailing vine like philodendron from the shower curtain rod. Place larger palms in woven baskets in the corner to add height.

Mist plants occasionally and empty any water that collects in cache pots to prevent rotting. The green refreshment of plants livens up the space.

Natural Aromatherapy

Fill your bathroom with relaxing summertime scents to create an aromatherapy oasis. Citrus, coconut, ocean breezes, and tropical fruits are ideal for an island feel.

  • Display lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit in a bowl – their bright scent will fill the room.
  • Use soaps, candles, diffusers in tropical scents like mango, pineapple, coconut.
  • Make a signature scent with essential oils like grapefruit, bergamot, lemon in a diffuser.

A few drops of lemon or grapefruit essential oil in the sink or shower will also naturally cleanse and purify. The cheerful scents are uplifting and make the bathroom an inviting place to start the day.

Tropical Inspired Shower Curtain

An easy way to transform the look of a bathroom is by changing up the shower curtain. A graphic tropical print shower curtain instantly infuses a fun summery vibe into the space.

Look for designs like abstract palm leaves, pineapples, floral motifs, or graphic banana leaf prints. Black and white patterns make the motifs pop against colored towels and bathmats.

Shower curtains made from natural linen or cotton add nice texture. Choose one that coordinates with your towels and accessories instead of trying to 100% match. Hanging it a little wider and higher than the tub gives a breezy, carefree look.

Creative DIY Touches

Add handmade touches to personalize your summery bathroom. These creative projects are simple, budget-friendly ways to customize the space.

  • Make a map wall art by mod podging tropical fabric or tissue paper onto a canvas map. Outline with painter’s tape first for clean edges.
  • Decorate empty glass bottles or jars with raffia, twine, shells and use as storage for Q-tips, cotton balls, and other supplies.
  • Paint terra cotta pots in bright colors and use for storing makeup brushes and other vanity essentials.
  • Paint a beachy phrase like “Sandy Toes, Salty Kisses” or “Life’s a Beach” on letter boards, canvas or wood cutouts.
  • Use washi or patterned duct tape to cover ugly makeup organizers, trays, and boring necessities.
  • Hang a small hammock or macrame plant holder in a corner to add bohemian texture.

Adding personal touches with color, texture, and fun phrases gives your bathroom an extra dose of summer personality.

Mirrors and Lighting

Brighten up the bathroom for summer with mirrors and lighting that reflect sunlight and illuminate the space.

  • Add an extra mirror above the vanity to bounce more light around.
  • Choose a sunburst mirror or one framed with rattan or driftwood.
  • Replace a ceiling fixture with a sunny chandelier or pendant light.
  • Hang twinkling string lights around the mirror for a festive touch.
  • Use natural materials like woven shades, jute sconces, linen lampshades.

When selecting lighting, look for high lumens or kelvin ratings to get the brightest light possible. The light, airy look will make the bathroom feel more spacious.

Minimize Clutter and Freshen Storage

An important step in giving your bathroom a summer makeover is decluttering. Eliminate clutter that has accumulated so the cheerful decorative touches can shine.

  • Clear off countertops completely. Store just the essentials you use daily.
  • Organize medicine cabinets and drawers. Toss expired products.
  • Fold and neatly stack towels and washcloths in closets.
  • Store bulky plastic bottles and first aid supplies elsewhere. Use summery new canisters.
  • Use baskets and bins to consolidate items. Label for easy access.

Also give cabinets and drawers a fresh coat of paint or update with new knobs and handles. Use storage solutions like over the door racks, hanging wall shelves, or freestanding cabinets with baskets. Removing clutter immediately lightens up the vibe.

DIY Wall Treatment Ideas

Paint, wallpaper, and other DIY updates are affordable ways to quickly transform the look of your bathroom walls. Opt for colors and patterns that evoke summer vibes.

  • Paint one wall a bright accent like coral, sea glass, sky blue, or beachy green. Keep other walls light.
  • Stencil a row of palm trees, seashells, or aquatic plants just below the ceiling.
  • Use painter’s tape and paint to create a graphic stripe, geometric, or colorblock pattern.
  • Apply wallpaper on the bottom half of walls or on one focal feature wall. Pick a tropical print, grasscloth,bamboo, or floral motif.
  • Freshen up dated tile with white paint or remove and replace with beadboard or shiplap for texture.
  • Hang wall fabric or macrame pieces as artwork for natural boho flair.

With some creativity and bright accent colors, you can easily transform boring bathroom walls into a fun, summery statement.

Cool Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Floors create the foundation of the space, so updating them can completely change the look and feel underfoot.

For warm weather, look for materials that stay cooler than ceramic tile. Options like vinyl planks, linoleum sheet flooring, cork tiles, and lightweight concrete stay comfortable without heating up.

Or layer colorful cotton, seagrass, jute or sisal rugs on top of existing floors. They can be easily changed out when you need a new look. Use natural fiber bath mats and rug runners to soften hard surfaces.

Paint a bold pattern like stripes, geometric shapes, or florals directly on tile floors for an easy DIY update. Use a grout paint pen to tie it all together.

Flooring sets the tone, so choose light, breezy materials that keep your feet cool even in the summer heat.

Fun Bathroom Signage

Incorporate lightly placed signage and wall art for the finishing touch of personality. Choose colors and phrases that complement your summery decorative theme.

  • Make a beachy sign for the door with your family name, like “The Smith’s Seaside Bathroom”.
  • Paint a piece of driftwood with “Relax and Unwind” or “Wash Away Your Cares”.
  • Frame vintage beach signage or postcards for nostalgic coastal art.
  • Use washi tape to decorate and personalize a classic “Bathroom Sweet Bathroom” cross stitch piece.
  • Paint fun phrases like “Don’t Pee in the Ocean” on boards or canvas hangings.

Signs add the final personalized details and homemade character to a space. Place them appropriately and enjoy your cheerful new summer bathroom retreat!

Frequently Asked Questions about Summery Bathroom Touches

Here are answers to some common questions about giving your bathroom a fresh summer makeover:

How can I add beachy style on a budget?

Some of the easiest budget-friendly ways to give your bathroom a summery style include using brightly colored beach towels, shower curtains or bath mats with tropical prints, and scented soaps or candles with tropical fragrance oils. Painting an accent wall in a bright, beachy hue is inexpensive. Also use existing accessories like baskets, trays, and jars to hold cotton balls, Q-tips, and toiletries.

What are the best materials for a bathroom makeover?

When selecting materials, look for ones that can withstand heat and humidity of bathrooms. Options like ceramic or porcelain tile, metal fixtures and accents, moisture-resistant wood, stone surfaces, and molded plastic organizational items hold up best. Linens like shower curtains and towels should be 100% cotton or linen for durability.

How can I add more natural light to my bathroom?

Some easy ways to brighten up a dark bathroom include replacing dingy window treatments with lightweight solar or bamboo shades to let in light. Add mirrors across from or near windows to amplify light. Paint walls and ceilings bright white. Replace outdated lighting fixtures with new ones that provide brighter illumination. Add sconces and pendants to provide multi-directional lighting sources.

What type of flooring works well in bathrooms?

Good flooring options for bathrooms include ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tile, solid vinyl or linoleum sheet flooring, and vinyl composite tile (luxury vinyl planks). These moisture-resistant options hold up to water exposure. Another idea is to layer colorful cotton or wool rugs on top of floors to soften the look. Use non-slip rug pads underneath.

How can I give my bathroom a spa-like feel?

Some easy ways to transform your bathroom into a tranquil, spa-like space are to incorporate neutrals and natural textures like stone, wicker, linen, and wood. Use greenery like ferns or bamboo. Display stacked white towels and neutral cotton washcloths. Add a eucalyptus shower spray or scented candles. Use a moisture-resistant Bluetooth speaker to play relaxing nature soundtracks or spa music. Dim lighting and decluttered surfaces also help create a calming spa vibe.


With some fresh decorative touches like bright beach towels, tropical shower curtains, accessories in ocean hues, and natural greenery, you can easily give your bathroom a summery new look. Minimize clutter, freshen storage, and add fun homemade art for the final personalized details. These easy, budget-friendly ideas help create a cheerful oasis right in your own home to enjoy all season long. A summery bathroom provides a playful escape and brightens your day, no matter what the weather’s like outside.