Home decor trends come and go, but some stand the test of time. These classic decorating styles remain popular year after year because of their timeless appeal. When used well, they can make your home look chic, elegant, and forever stylish.

Natural Materials and Textures

Bringing natural elements into your home never goes out of style. Natural materials like wood, stone, leather, and linen have an organic feel that instantly makes any space cozier.

Rustic Wood

Reclaimed wood adds character and dimension to any room. Use it on walls, floors, furniture or accessories. Distressed, unfinished wood with knots and natural cracks has an earthy, organic vibe.

Raw Stone and Brick

Exposed stone or brick walls and surfaces lend a raw, tactile element to decor. Stacked stone fireplaces and accent walls are classic features. Terra-cotta tile flooring has old-world Mediterranean style.

Hides and Leather

Animal hides and leather upholstery add texture, durability and a sense of groundedness. Cowhide rugs work in both rustic cabin or modern loft spaces. Try leather Chesterfield sofas or tufted headboards in bedrooms.

Linens and Cottons

Natural linen and cotton textiles never go out of favor. Crisp bed linens, tablecloths, pillows and curtains made of linen or cotton feel fresh and breathable year-round.

Vintage Furniture Finds

Searching for unique vintage furniture from different eras and styles brings character to any living space. A mix of furnishing from different periods evokes a collected, worldly vibe.

Antique and Vintage Wood Furniture

Well-crafted antique wood pieces like armoires, chests, tables and chairs have a sense of history. Look for different wood stains and metal accents. Curvy Art Nouveau silhouettes contrast nicely with strict Victorian lines.

Salvaged and Upcycled Furniture

Give cast-off furniture new life with a coat of paint or re-imagined use. Turn a clawfoot tub into a sofa table or old wooden ladders into bookshelves. Mixing salvaged pieces into your decor adds affordable character.

Midcentury Modern Finds

The minimalist midcentury modern look is still stylish today. Search flea markets and online for iconic pieces like angular armchairs, boomerang coffee tables and molded plywood seating.

Industrial Chic Loft Furniture

The industrial trend is here to stay. Look for unfussy furniture in metal, reclaimed wood and other utilitarian materials. Factory carts, stools and cabinetry have an urban workman vibe.

Lush Greenery and Plants

Nothing perks up a room like lovely greenery and potted plants. Their lively presence instantly makes any space more inviting and fresh. Go for a jungle look with palms, ferns and trailing vines.

Tropical Houseplants

Lush, tropical houseplants with large dramatic leaves or trailing vines make a bold statement. The monstera’s holes, the bird of paradise’s arched fronds and succulents are graphic and sculptural.

Trees and Palms

Mini potted trees, rubber plants and areca palms add height and structure to decor. Place them in corners as living sculptures. Fiddle leaf fig trees are popular for their imposing vibes.

Hanging Plants

Let trailing ivy, philodendron or spider plants hang from macrame or wire holders. Suspended planters help to soften hard edges and vertical spaces. Feel free to mix or match plant shapes and textures.

Succulents and Cacti

Succulents and cacti are easy-care plants with tactile geometric shapes. Group together different varieties for impact. Use them as centerpieces or mix into potted arrangements.

Natural and Organic Colors

Earthy, sun-washed hues and unfussy painted finishes give spaces a relaxed lived-in look that avoids feeling sterile or cookie-cutter. Think creamy neutrals, washed blues, pale greens and cozy terra-cottas.

Warm Neutrals

Buttery yellows, earthy taupes and organic creams serve as an unfussy backdrop that works with any style. Use neutral walls and then add color through changeable textiles and accessories.

Driftwood and Light Wood Tones

Whitewashed driftwood finishes on furniture, floors and millwork has beachy appeal. Bleached oak and natural wood stains also keep things light and casual.

Washed and Weathered Finishes

Distressed paint techniques like lime-wash, chippy paint and mottled finishes replicate timeworn patinas. Sponged-on color has soft, organic texture.

Muted Clay Tones

Terra-cotta, ochre and pale salmon pinks add warmth to a space in a subtle way. Use these hues for feature walls or front doors.

Vintage Rugs

Rugs are a quick way to inject color, texture and style into any room. Vintage tribal carpets, ornate Orientals and faded florals have old-soul appeal. Their patina only gets more alluring with age and use.

Persian and Oriental Rugs

Hand-knotted Persian and Oriental rugs are investment pieces that become family heirlooms. Though intricate, their palette of faded jewel tones mixes well with many styles.

Vintage Floral and Botanical Rugs

Floral carpets ranging from William Morris inspired patterns to 70s shag pile florals always circle back around. Their blooms and vines add a touch of garden charm.

Vintage Tribal and Kilim Rugs

Flat-woven tribal kilim and jute area rugs have graphic geometric appeal. Indian dhurries, Native American rugs and Moroccan wedding blankets have a well-worn beauty.

Vintage Scatter Rugs

Use a mix of vintage rugs in different patterns and textures as scatter rugs to tie a room together. Try tribal kilims, rag rugs or Mexican serapes.

Vintage and Found Objects

Incorporate one-of-a-kind collected objects from different eras into your decor for eclectic personality. Memorable decor treads the line between curated and cluttered.

Photographs and Albums

Fill frames and shelves with old photographs or stacked albums to add a personal touch. Black and white images have timeless appeal.

Specimen Collections

Display intriguing specimen collections like framed insects or butterflies, seashells, or geodes together for impact. This Victorian-inspired look adds natural history to a space.

Found Items

Keep an eye out for interesting objects that catch your fancy: glass bottles, colored decanter sets, antique globes, cameras, oil lanterns, etc. Group together things you love.

Old Books and Maps

Stack old books on shelves or side tables to add color and a sense of life. Open atlases, nautical maps or blueprints also make arresting wall art.

Taxidermy and Bug Collections

For an exotic Cabinet of Curiosities look, try framing taxidermy insects like colorful beetles or butterflies. Mounted deer heads or antlers work too.

Vintage Lighting

From sculptural midcentury lamps to antique chandeliers, statement lighting illuminates rooms with personality and vintage flair. Lighting makes a great collectors item to hunt for.

Midcentury Lamps

The bold shapes of midcentury modern lighting have retro appeal that still feels fresh today. Sculptural globe and orb lamps made from metal, glass and acrylic pop in a room.

Industrial Factory Lights

Vintage factory lamps and pendants repurposed into lighting add utilitarian edge. Think cage lamps, brass fittings, carbon filament bulbs and exposed wires.

Crystal Chandeliers

For old-world drama, crystal chandeliers catch light beautifully and illuminate rooms with elegance. Go for different silhouettes like tiered, orb or waterfall shapes.

Antique Sconces and Lanterns

Wall-mounted sconces and metal lanterns with a rustic, antique patina add ambience and character. Use them to flank beds and reading nooks.

Colored Glass Lamps

Vintage lamps in colored glass like Tiffany-style designs, or those with mica lampshades add an artful glow. Place them beside seating areas for cozy light.

Macrame Wall Hanging

The hippie chic style of macrame never loses its bohemian appeal. These woven wall hangings effortlessly bring free-spirited texture to modern spaces.

Boho Style

With its hippie roots, macrame embodies 70s wanderlust style. The handcrafted look serves as a laidback counterpart to sleek decor.

Textured Natural Materials

Macrame projects use natural fibers like jute, hemp or cotton yarn and textured rope. The knots add organic dimensions to the weavings.

Wall Art Texture

As wall hangings, macrame pieces help soften hard surfaces and vertical space. Their loose weave provides visual relief from modern smoothness.

Plant Holders

You’ll often see macrame used to create hanging plant holders. The pockets are perfectly sized for trailing plants or air plants.

Decor Focal Point

With their organic shapes and tactile presence, macrame wall hangings make excellent focal points in living rooms, bedrooms and patios.

Antique and Vintage Rugs

Rugs are a quick way to inject color, texture and style into any room. Antique and vintage carpets have old-soul appeal. Their patina only gets more alluring with age.

Oriental Rugs

Hand-knotted antique Persian and Oriental rugs are investment pieces that become heirlooms. Their faded jewel tones work in many decors.

Vintage Patterned Rugs

Vintage rugs ranging from William Morris florals to 70s geometric motifs always come back in vogue. They add nostalgic garden charm.

Vintage Tribal Rugs

Kilims, dhurries and rag rugs have graphic tribal designs. Flat-woven jute and wool construction has texture.

Scattered Rugs

Using a mix of mismatched vintage rugs together as scatter rugs adds bohemian personality. Try tribal kilims, rag rugs or Mexican serapes.

Faded Beauty

The worn, faded beauty of antique rugs adds to their appeal. Signs of repair stitching and irregular shapes speak to their history.

Rich Wood Tones

The natural beauty of wood never loses appeal. Wood paneling, floors and furniture in rich stains provide grounded warmth to balance sleeker decor.

Wood Paneling

Wood-paneled walls offer dimensional texture. For contemporary cool, opt for minimalist lines. Or go for traditional English manor style with recessed panels.

Dark Stained Wood Furniture

Timeless silhouettes like sleigh beds and linen chests take on moodiness with dark wood staining. Pair with lighter walls for contrast.

Built-In Wood Cabinetry

Built-in bookshelves, window benches and cabinetry lend custom sophistication to living spaces, anchoring rooms in woodsy warmth.

Wood Flooring

Plank flooring in natural wood or washed gray tones works in rustic or modern spaces. Area rugs define sitting areas within the expanse.

Wood Beams

Exposed wood beams or trusses on ceilings create architectural interest in living areas. Spotlight them with pendant lighting.

Architectural Salvage

Recycling salvaged building materials from old structures preserves history through decor. There’s charm in giving forgotten relics new purpose.

Farmhouse Style

Architectural salvage fits perfectly in vintage farmhouse decor. Try using old window panes and reclaimed wood planks for doors.

Loft Style

Incorporate factory carts, lockers and lighting from old industrial buildings for urban loft living appeal.

Rustic Charm

Mix salvaged wood, old brick and wrought iron elements for timeworn rustic texture. Create furniture or install as accent walls.

Unique Items

Salvaged pieces like antique floor tiles or decorative grates make great wall accents. Old glass bottles and equipment find new use as decor.

Sustainable Style

Sourcing reclaimed building materials reduces waste. You can give materials destined for landfills stylish new life.

Timeless Black and White

The timeless color pairing of black and white sets a sophisticated mood that works in any space or decor style. Use touches of black and white for bold definition.

Classic Contrast

Crisp white provides fresh contrast to inky black in striking ways. The color pairing feels at once classic yet boldly modern.

Neutral Backdrop

A black and white color palette clears away visual clutter to spotlight furnishings and architecture. The sharp contrast creates impact.

Graphic Appeal

Repeating graphic black and white patterns on floors or walls has lively energy that pops but isn’t overpowering. Consider chevron or herringbone prints.

Touches of Black

Add black through lighting fixtures, painted accents, artwork or furniture against white walls for definition. A little black goes a long way.

Touches of White

Make white the accent color instead by using white open shelving, trim accents, artwork or furnishings to punctuate darker surroundings.

Furniture Arrangement Tips

Thoughtful furniture grouping and placement makes any room feel inviting and natural. Keep these principles in mind when designing living spaces.

  • Anchor the furniture arrangement with a focal point like the TV or fireplace to define the space
  • Allow room for traffic flow through the space so it doesn’t feel cluttered
  • Group seating to facilitate conversation like facing sofas or angled chairs
  • Incorporate symmetry and repetition in your groupings for harmony
  • Use substantial pieces like a sofa as anchors and lighter elements like chairs as accents
  • Position taller seating near lower chairs and sofas for balanced sightlines
  • Use side tables like end tables to pull seating groups together into intimate spaces
  • Layer rugs underneath furniture groupings to define sitting areas within a room

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Gallery walls creatively display meaningful art, photographs, or collections in groupings for big visual impact. Here are tips for creating your own.

Pick Cohesive Color Palette

Choose framed pieces with colors that complement each other, whether muted neutrals, bold brights or varying shades of one tone.

Vary Frame Sizes and Shapes

Mix frame finishes, sizes and proportions for interest. Play with square and rectangular shapes as well as circular, oval or uniquely-shaped frames.

Combine Different Orientations

Hang some frames vertically and others horizontally or diagonally to add movement to the grouping.

Add Visual Interest

Beyond framed prints, also display mounted botanicals or shadowboxes, sculptural objects, shelves and sconces.

Cover a Large Wall Space

Gallery walls work best when they fill up a substantial amount of wall space. Arrange pieces close together in an asymmetrical collage.

Reuse What You Have

Make it a DIY project by using frames and art prints you already own. Upgrade thrift store finds with fresh matting and frames.

Incorporating Greenery

From leafy plants to organic accents, decorating with greenery brings vitality and freshness into interior spaces.

Lush Potted Plants

Place medium to large leafy potted plants like fiddle leaf figs and monstera in corners and nooks for liveliness.

Hanging Plants

Suspend air plants or trailing ivy from macrame hangers or hoops to accent vertical space and soften hard edges.

Wreaths on Walls

Accent bare walls with lush wreaths made from faux or fresh greenery for organic texture and color.

Centerpiece Plants

Low bowls or pots of succulents, orchids or palms on console tables or hearths make livelyorganic centerpieces.

Bring the Outdoors In

Add touches of nature with found driftwood, stones, shells and acorns displayed on shelves to connect with the outdoors.

Flower Arrangements

Fresh or faux floral arrangements instantly brighten up sideboards, hearths and table settings. Opt for all one color for impact.

Timeless Bathroom Updates

Give your bathroom a timeless facelift with these classic yet stylish touches for a spa-like retreat.

Pendant Lights

Sculptural pendants instantly make even modest baths feel upgraded. Materials like marble, brass and glass catch the eye.


Mount adjustable wall sconces on each side of mirrors for perfect grooming light. Try black metal finishes for modern appeal.

Stone Tile

Natural stone tile in neutral hues brings texture. For a luxurious look, use large-scale flagstone floor tiles.

Subway Tile

Classic white 3×6″ subway tile has timeless appeal. Use it on walls, floors or to clad shower stalls and bathtub surrounds.

Freestanding Tub

Make a sculptural statement with a standalone soaking tub placed on a stone or tile platform.

Wood Vanity

Wood vanities with undermount sinks and matte black metal fixtures keep the look grounded yet stylish. Open shelving provides handy storage.

Kitchen Updates

Give your culinary space a fresh yet classic look with these kitchen remodeling ideas that stand the test of time.

Butcher Block Counters

Butcher block offers a traditional wood surface that wears beautifully. Use as accent islands,