Decorating a youthful bedroom doesn’t mean giving up style and sophistication. These 8 bedrooms prove that rooms for kids and teens can be fun and playful while still looking pulled together. From geometric patterns to vintage touches, bold colors to cool wallpaper, these design ideas will inspire you to create a bedroom your child will love that you can both be proud of.

1. Mix Vintage and Modern

This bedroom blends modern and vintage elements beautifully. The classic spindle bed frame and green striped wallpaper offer vintage appeal, while the bright white bedding, midcentury-style nightstand and globe pendant light keep it fresh. The combination makes for a room with timeless style.

When designing a youthful bedroom, look for ways to weave in vintage or retro pieces in unexpected ways. The juxtaposition of old and new is what makes this room feel young and hip rather than stuffy. A tufted leather headboard, antique trunk as a coffee table or retro wall art all make great additions to a kid’s room.

2. Channel Travel Destinations

This bedroom was inspired by the exotic locales of Morocco and India. The batik fabrics, woven poufs and patterned pillows add layers of texture and interest. Antique shutters on the wall provide a perfect backdrop for displaying special finds like maps or vintage postcards.

Let your child’s interests guide the theme when designing their bedroom. If your kid loves traveling and learning about new places, bring the world to them through decor. Display souvenirs, postcards, flags or other travel memorabilia. Use maps or globe lighting. Paint a focal wall in a bright hue found in your child’s favorite destination. The room will reflect their personality.

3. Work Colorful Geometry

The geometric prints and colorful patterns in this bedroom have tons of youthful appeal. But note how the repeating shapes and colors are balanced out with neutral walls, bedding and window shades. This allows the eye to focus on each element without becoming overwhelming.

When using lots of colors and patterns in a kids bedroom, keep the background neutral. Choose bedding and walls in solid whites, blacks or greys to offset the busyness. Use symmetry and consistent color palettes to keep it looking polished. The contrast allows the patterns to shine.

4. Go Full Gallery Wall

This teen bedroom is the epitome of cool thanks to a bold gallery wall filled with colorful art, prints and photos. Mismatched frames and off-kilter hanging allows the owner’s personality to shine. Keep the rest of the room simple to let the gallery wall take center stage.

Creating a gallery wall full of your teen’s favorite pictures, posters and artwork can instantly make their space feel cool and personalized. Include a mix of frame sizes, colors and orientations for visual interest. Leave some gaps between pieces and overlap frames. The imperfect styling keeps it feeling young and fresh.

5. Showcase Favorite Colors

Allowing your teen to select their favorite colors for their bedroom is an easy way to create a space they’ll love. The vibrant orange and green walls and coordinating bedding give this room an energetic vibe that matches the personality of a spirited teen.

Don’t be afraid to use bold, saturated hues on walls, furniture and bedding in a teen or tween bedroom. just stick to 2-3 colors for a cohesive look. Accent with black and white prints or decor items to keep it feeling young. Using their favorite colors adds personal style.

6. Make it Multifunctional

This bedroom incorporates smart design elements that allow it to multitask. A raised bed creates space underneath for a desk, shelving and storage. The bookshelves doubling as room dividers carve out separate zones for sleeping, studying and lounging. Multifunctional furniture maximizes usable space.

Look for ways to give kids rooms flexibility through adaptable furnishings. Murphy beds, trundle beds, loft beds and built-in shelves or desks help consolidate sleeping, playing, learning and storage in one room. With some creativity, you can create distinct spaces for different activities.

7. Incorporate Unique Lighting

From the globe pendant to the unique branch-like sculpture over the bed, the lighting in this bedroom makes a stylish statement. Layering whimsical lighting over utilitarian fixtures adds character. Let your child pick special lights that reflect their personality.

Make a youthful statement with lighting options like hanging pendant clusters, paper lanterns, table lamps with bold shades, string lights or cool vintage pieces. Look for fixtures at flea markets, boutiques or sites like Etsy for one-of-a-kind options full of character.

8. Design a Statement Wall

This bedroom utilizes a hand-painted floral wall mural to transform a basic wall into a stunning work of art. Murals can portray landscapes, favorite animals or other subjects a child adores. When designed properly, a mural becomes the focal point of the room.

Large scale murals, decals or wallpaper instant add youthful style to a bedroom. Select themes that align with your child’s interests to personalize the space. Keep the rest of the room simple so the statement wall can take center stage as the most eye-catching design element.

Key Takeaways for Youthful Bedroom Design:

  • Mix vintage and modern elements for timeless, youthful style.
  • Reflect your child’s interests through the decor theme and travel memorabilia.
  • Use colorful geometric patterns balanced by neutral walls and bedding.
  • Create a personalized gallery wall displaying your teen’s favorite art and pictures.
  • Let your teen pick bold, saturated colors to paint their walls and decorate with.
  • Incorporate multifunctional furniture and define activity zones.
  • Add whimsical lighting fixtures to reflect your child’s personality.
  • Design an accent wall with a hand-painted mural, decal or wallpaper.

Decorating a bedroom for a child or teen can seem challenging, but these ideas prove it’s possible to create a space both you and your kid will love. Keep functionality in mind while also letting your child’s interests and personality shine through in the decor. The result will be a stylish, sophisticated and youthful bedroom you both can enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good colors to use in a kid’s bedroom?

Great colors for kids bedrooms include bright primary hues like red, yellow, green and blue. You can also use tints of those shades like lime green, coral or robin’s egg blue. Neutral and muted tones like tan, gray and ivory also work well.

How can I create separate spaces in my kid’s small bedroom?

Use multifunctional furniture to maximize space. Murphy beds, raised beds, loft beds and trundle beds consolidate sleeping and storage. Bookshelves can double as room dividers. Declutter and get creative with storage like under-bed boxes.

What are unique decor ideas for a tween girl’s bedroom?

Tween girls enjoy DIY projects and crafty accents. Some fun ideas include painted flower pots, ribbon chandeliers, fabric bunting, seam binding wall art, Pom Pom curtains, fabric tassel garlands and painted shadow boxes. Also display keepsakes in frames.

How do I choose bedding for my teenager’s room?

Consult your teen on their preferred colors and patterns. Look for youthful but sophisticated prints like polka dots, florals, geometrics, plaids, subtle stripes and pinstripes. Pick some decorative throw pillows for extra flair. A duvet cover makes it easy to change up styles.

What should I know before hiring a muralist to paint my child’s bedroom?

Pick an experienced muralist who has painted many kids rooms before. Look at photos of past work. Choose washable acrylic or latex paints. Talk about themes and placement. Ask about their process so you know what to expect. Get a contract covering timelines, pricing and contingencies.


Designing a stylish and sophisticated bedroom for a child or teen is very achievable. Keep your youngster’s interests and personality front of mind as you select fun yet polished decor. Mix vintage details with contemporary elements, display travel souvenirs, incorporate bold colors and patterns balanced with neutrals, add personalized gallery walls and lighting, maximize functionality and top it off with a mural accent wall. With imagination and smart design choices, you can create a youthful bedroom to delight all ages.