Silver leaf is a versatile crafting material that can add an elegant metallic touch to a variety of projects. Here are 8 great ways to use silver leaf to enhance your handmade creations:

Add Shimmer to Paintings and Mixed Media

One of the most popular uses for silver leaf is to add a shimmery metallic accent to paintings, collages, and mixed media pieces. Here are some tips for incorporating silver leaf into your artwork:

  • Apply silver leaf to specific focal points in a painting to make them pop, like flower petals, sunshine rays, eyes, or other details. Use a soft brush to pick up small pieces of leaf and press them onto acrylic or oil paint.
  • Paint a coat of adhesive size onto the canvas where you want the leaf. Carefully place thin sheets of silver leaf onto the sticky size and use a soft brush to rub it smooth.
  • Add silver leaf accents to a collage layered on top of papers, photographs, magazine cutouts, tickets, etc. Brush size onto the collage background, apply leaf, then continue building layers.
  • Mix silver leaf flakes into paints, mediums, or varnishes to create a shimmery metallic paint. Try adding leaf to just the highlights.
  • Outline shapes in silver leaf by brushing size along the edges, applying leaf, then sealing it with a top coat to create metallic outlines.

Crafting with Silver Leaf Paint

  • Make silver leaf paint by mixing silver leaf flakes into acrylic artist paints or clear mediums. Add just a small amount and stir well to distribute evenly.
  • Paint silver leaf accents onto craft projects like wood signs, ceramic pots, glassware, and more. Let the paint dry then seal with a top coat.
  • Use a sponge brush, rag, or your fingers to dab on silver leaf paint for a textured, aged metal look.
  • Pour silver leaf paint into shallow molds or frames to create shimmery metallic shapes when dry.

Embellish Wood Crafts and Furniture

Silver leaf is the perfect way to add a touch of glam to DIY wood projects. Follow these tips for beautifully gilded wood crafts:

  • Brush adhesive size onto raw wood in your desired leaf pattern. Carefully apply thin silver leaf sheets and brush smooth.
  • For a distressed look, lay silver leaf on wood then lightly sand once dry. This reveals some of the wood grain below for visual interest.
  • Outline woodburned designs with silver leaf by brushing size into the grooves, applying leaf, wiping away excess, then sealing.
  • Add elegant silver leaf frames to mirrors, paintings, or displays. Brush size on the frame edge, apply leaf sheets, then seal with varnish.
  • Create silver leaf monograms or names on wooden signs, plaques, boxes, or picture frames. Use stencils and brushes to apply size.

Silver Leaf Furniture Accents

  • Brush silver leaf onto chair legs, table edges, headboards, and other accent areas of wooden furniture.
  • Trace over carved details, beveled edges, grooves, and trims with silver leaf for an eye-catching adornment.
  • Add silver leaf designs to dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, trunks, or other decorative wooden storage items.
  • For an aged look, apply silver leaf randomly then gently buff parts of it away. This works well on vintage-style furniture.
  • Use silver leaf to highlight carved ornamental details like flowers, vines, leaves, scrollwork, animals or other designs on wood.

Create Elegant Home Decor

Want to give home decor items like vases, candles, and accessories a touch of glam? Here are some quick and easy ways to use silver leaf:

  • Wrap votive candle holders, cylinders, lanterns, or other glassware with silver leaf. Brush a strip of size around the outside and add leaf sheets.
  • Trace patterns, monograms, names, or designs onto glass or ceramic surfaces with silver leaf outlining.
  • Add silver leaf edging to plain pillows or lampshades using a brush on adhesive size. Try freehand designs or use stencils.
  • Apply silver leaf sheets randomly to the inside of glass containers like apothecary jars, hurricanes, or terrariums.
  • Outline mirrors or wall art with silver leaf frames. Brush size on the edges, apply leaf, then seal with a top coat.

Get Creative with Silver Leaf

  • Press silver leaf into wet clay to transfer designs before firing ceramic pieces. Remove excess leaf after drying.
  • Use silver leaf to accent resin jewelry, coasters, bookmarks, etc. Brush size onto the back of molds before pouring.
  • Stamp silver leaf ink pads onto gift bags, greeting cards, notebooks, and other stationery for a metallic monogram effect.
  • Create abstract silver leaf art by brushing size onto canvas in random spots. Apply leaf then brush on more size to keep layering.
  • Adhere small silver leaf accents onto candles, seashells, ornaments, flower pots, and other decor items with tacky glue.

Glitter Up Your Wardrobe with Silver Leaf

Add a glittering touch of silver leaf to clothing, accessories, and wearable art. Here’s how to use it:

  • Stamp silver leaf ink pads onto t-shirts, hats, shoes, bags, jackets, etc. for unique metallic prints. Heat set with an iron for laundering durability.
  • Use stencils and brushes with adhesive size to apply silver leaf designs onto fabric surfaces like denim, canvas shoes, backpacks, etc.
  • Trace or draw designs onto clothing with glue, then fill in the outlines with silver leaf and seal with varnish or heat set for permanence.
  • Sew silver leaf shapes cut out of thin sheets onto clothing accents like pockets, collars, cuffs, headbands, etc. for shine.
  • Apply silver leaf randomly to the surface of accessories like hats, belt buckles, jewelry, hair clips, gloves, glasses and more for a trendy look.

Dress Up with Silver Leaf

  • Glue silver leaf embellishments onto plain elastic hair ties, barrettes, and headbands to fancy them up.
  • Use craft adhesive to attach small silver leaf accents onto heels, flats, sandals, purse handles, or eyeglass frames.
  • Sew silver leaf layered on sheer fabrics like tulle, organza, or chiffon to create dazzling handmade textiles.
  • Cut out silver leaf designs from thin sheets to use as iron-on appliques to decorate clothing and accessories.
  • Hand-letter names or words on clothing with silver leaf and adhesive size for a unique metallic graphic statement.

Create Stunning Greeting Cards

Silver leaf is perfect for making dazzling handmade greeting cards for any occasion. Here are some eye-catching techniques:

  • Brush size onto cardstock and apply silver leaf in stripes, random patterns or geometric shapes for background interest.
  • Use alphabet rubber stamps with silver leaf ink pads to create glittering sentiments like “Happy Birthday!”
  • Cut silver leaf into small pieces and adhere to the front of cards in floral shapes, wreaths, snowflakes, stars or other die cut designs.
  • Brush size on hand-lettered titles or sentiments on cards, apply silver leaf, then seal for an elegant shine.
  • Craft matching envelopes by brushing size on and quickly applying silver leaf to the front surface before it dries.

Sparkling Accents for Cards

  • Trace over embossed designs or die cuts on card fronts with silver leaf outlines for added accent.
  • Add strips of silver leaf to the edges of cards using size for a bordered effect. Try this on the inside too.
  • Adhere thin silver leaf ribbons with glue for extra shine on gift cards or party invitations.
  • Punch shapes from silver leaf sheets to use as confetti sprinkled into card fronts for a celebratory look.
  • Stamp card bases randomly with silver leaf ink pads before adding other layers like papers or die cuts over the top.

Use on Crafting Paper Projects

Incorporate silver leaf into handmade paper crafts like scrapbooks, origami, party decor, and more:

  • Brush size in shapes, patterns or borders onto scrapbook pages, then apply silver leaf and seal for shine.
  • Trace over embossed designs on patterned paper with silver leaf to accent the details.
  • Punch silver leaf circles or shapes from thin sheets to use as embellishments on paper crafts.
  • Use scissors or punches to cut silver leaf into confetti to sprinkle over paper projects like shaker cards, collages, etc.
  • Crumple pieces of silver leaf into balls and use as decorations on gift wrap, paper garlands, mobiles, etc.

Metallic Paper Accents

  • Apply silver leaf edging onto stationery, invitations, bookmarks, etc. by brushing size along the sides.
  • Use adhesive stencils to apply silver leaf designs onto journals, binders, notebooks, scrapbook album covers, etc.
  • Brush size in stripes or patterns on paper gift bags and apply silver leaf for a shimmery look.
  • Stamp silver leaf ink pads randomly onto papers then die cut cards, tags, scrapbook paper, or other shapes from the patterned sheets.
  • Outline paper cut outs of shapes, trees, snowflakes etc. with silver leaf by sizing the edges before gluing onto projects.

Enhance Candles and Soaps

Handcrafted candles and soaps look extra special dressed up with silver leaf accents:

  • Press thin silver leaf sheets into wet soap molds before pouring colored soap to create an embedded metallic effect.
  • Roll edged soap bars, massage bars, or bath bombs in silver leaf while still wet, then allow to dry fully.
  • Dip the tops of candles in size, apply silver leaf to the sticky area, and seal with a top coat for glimmering accents.
  • Brush size in designs like stripes, swirls, or flames over the cured soap surface and apply silver leaf on top.
  • Attach silver leaf pieces around the bottoms of jar candles with glue for a decorative base. Or wrap wax pillars in strips of leaf.

Luxe Bath and Body Touches

  • Add silver leaf embellishments to product gift packaging and labels for upscale appeal.
  • Stamp silver leaf designs into melt and pour soap tops right after pouring with intricate soap molds.
  • Decorate handmade soaps with silver leaf cut outs of flowers, leaves, seashells and more attached with adhesive.
  • Carefully press bits of silver leaf into wet embeds on top of soap loaves before slicing to incorporate shimmer.
  • Cut thin strips of silver leaf and adhere them around the base of candles or along the bottoms of soap/lotion bars.

Finishing Touches for Event Decor

Glitter up event decor and dishes with dazzling silver leaf accents:

  • Brush size onto glassware, charger plates, or ceramic pieces. Apply silver leaf while still wet for temporary party shimmer.
  • Edge table runners, linens, ribbons, and fabric backdrops with silver leaf designs using a brush on size.
  • Create silver leaf wreaths, garlands, wall designs, signs/banners, flower arrangements, or other party decor.
  • Use scissors or punches to cut silver leaf into confetti shapes.Toss it on tables, into centerpieces, or sprinkle over desserts.
  • Outline votives, lanterns, vases, etc. wrapped in lace, twinkle lights, tulle or other decorative materials with silver leaf finishing.

Dazzling Silver Leaf Ideas

  • Press silver leaf cut outs of flowers, leaves, butterflies, stars, etc. onto votive holders and glassware for quick shine.
  • Place card holders or other tabletop accents look elegant brushed with size and edged in silver leaf.
  • Cut silver leaf into spirals, circles, hearts, or monograms to use as cake toppers for weddings, birthdays, etc.
  • Accent the rims of champagne glasses or cocktailware with adhesive size and silver leaf strips for a luxe touch.
  • Use silver leaf ink pads to print guests’ names or monograms onto napkins, place cards, menus, and signage.


The striking shine and luster of silver leaf can instantly elevate crafts, artwork, furnishings, clothing, paper goods, and more with a touch of eye-catching metallic elegance. Whether brushed onto candle vases, stamped onto t-shirts, or cut into confetti for party decor, silver leaf is an easy way to add glamorous accents to DIY and handmade projects. With these 8 great silver leaf application ideas, you can introduce glittering metallic details to your creative endeavors. So grab some silver leaf sheets and get ready to gild your next project with showstopping style. The design possibilities are limitless with this versatile material!