Cream kitchen cabinets can lend a classic, warm, and inviting look to any kitchen design. Choosing the right accent colors to pair with cream cabinets is key to creating a beautiful and cohesive style. The colors you select for walls, countertops, backsplashes, and decor will dramatically impact the feel of your kitchen.

When decorating around cream cabinets, you’ll want to consider colors that complement the warm, neutral tone. Cooler hues like blues and greens can look fresh and modern against cream. However, for a more traditional kitchen, warm neutrals, earth tones, and even metallics like gold and copper work well.

Here are 7 of the best color choices to really make cream kitchen cabinets pop:

Navy Blue

A rich navy blue makes a gorgeous accent color with cream cabinets. The dark hue contrasts beautifully with the light cabinetry, adding striking visual interest. Navy also enhances the warm, neutral tone of cream for a very sophisticated look.

Painting the walls navy blue provides a bold backdrop that allows the cream cabinets to stand out. For a more subtle approach, consider navy on an island or accent wall. Navy blue kitchen accessories like rugs, curtains, and decor will also complement cream cabinets nicely.

Cream and Navy Kitchen

Creative navy accents lend bold contrast to cream cabinets. (Image Source: The Spruce)

Navy pairs particularly well with brass hardware and lighting for a nautical vibe. It can also be mixed with gold touches for a glamorous look. Add in wooden elements like open shelving and natural textures like rattan baskets to warm up the cool blue tone.

Sage Green

For a more modern yet inviting kitchen, try sage green with cream cabinets. This soft gray-green has a very relaxing quality perfect for the kitchen. It is versatile enough to suit both contemporary and cottage styles.

Painting walls, kitchen islands, or accent walls in a matte sage green is an easy way to implement this color. You can also introduce it through tile backsplashes, barstools, or patterned rugs. Copper or bronze hardware and metallic accents will contrast beautifully with the flat sage color.

Cream and Sage Kitchen

Sage green walls and an island provide a relaxing complement to cream cabinets. (Image Source: HGTV)

For a bright, cheerful vibe try pairing pastel sage with painted cream cabinets. Or go bold with a deep forest green against stained wood cabinetry for a more rustic feel. Add in natural elements like exposed beams, rattan pendants, granite counters, and houseplants to enhance the earthy sage.

Light Blue

Soft powdery blues work excellently with cream cabinets to create a soothing, spa-like environment. Light blue has a calm ethereal quality that pairs well with the warm cream tone. Blues like powder blue, sky blue, and robin’s egg blue offer a crisp, clean contrast.

Simply painting your kitchen island or a focal wall in one of these light blues can really elevate a cream cabinet kitchen. You can also introduce the color through mosaic tile backsplashes, roman shades, or ceramics.

Cream and Blue Kitchen

Robin’s egg blue walls and accent tiles play beautifully off creamy cabinets. (Image Source: Houzz)

To give your kitchen a breezy, coastal vibe, combine light blue with natural unstained wood counters. White marble or subway tile backsplashes will also enhance the light and airy color palette. For some contrast, add in black metal accents and hardware.


While black and cream may seem like an unlikely pair, they can actually create a very glam, modern kitchen aesthetic. The bold black tone adds striking visual contrast and dimension against the creamy cabinetry.

One way to incorporate black is by painting your lower cabinets this dark hue and keeping upper cabinets cream. Black kitchen islands are also a popular way to break up all-cream cabinetry. Matte black hardware and fixtures will add a sophisticated touch.

Black and Cream Kitchen

Dark lower cabinets ground this airy kitchen with cream uppers. (Image Source: Houzz)

For a bit of drama, go for bold black walls with cream cabinetry. Contrasting countertops like crisp white quartz also help the black to pop. Add in brass accents and warm wood elements to keep the space from feeling too cold.


Metallic gold and brass accents lend a glamorous, old Hollywood vibe to cream kitchens. The warm golden tones play beautifully off cream, adding a touch of richness and shine. Gold is a great way to enhance traditional kitchen designs.

Brass hardware like knobs, pulls, and fixtures contrast elegantly with creamy cabinets. Painting an accent wall in a shimmery champagne gold instantly amps up the glam factor. Add in bold geometric prints in gold tones for a modern twist.

Cream and Gold Kitchen

Metallic brass fixtures and hardware pop against soft cream cabinets. (Image Source: Houzz)

For a bit of natural contrast, pair gold with black countertops like granite. White marble backsplashes will also allow the gold tones to shine. Avoid stainless steel, which can clash with the warm metallic color.


Earthy terracotta instantly adds warmth and vibrance to a cream kitchen. The orangey-red tone has a Southwestern vibe that pairs perfectly with cream. You can introduce the color through terracotta tile backsplashes, barstools, planters, or accent walls.

Painting an island or focal wall in a rich terracotta can help ground a light, all-cream kitchen. The color also goes nicely with stained wood cabinetry for a Tuscan-inspired look. Add pottery, woven textures, and arched details to enhance the rustic charm.

Cream and Terracotta Kitchen

An island painted in warm terracotta complements this light wood and cream kitchen. (Image Source: Houzz)

Brushed brass hardware and fixtures will pop beautifully against the orangey backdrop. For countertops, try a natural material like marble, granite, or butcher block to complement the earthy color palette.

Olive Green

Vibrant olive green is another excellent color for enhancing cream cabinets. The cool green undertones contrast elegantly with warm cream. Olive has a natural, inviting quality perfect for rustic and farmhouse kitchens.

Painting an accent wall or island in a bold olive green can provide a striking backdrop for cream cabinets. You can also introduce it through mosaic tile, barstools, or accessories. Matte lacquered cabinets in olive green contrast nicely with distressed wood cabinetry.

Cream and Olive Kitchen

An olive green island pops against the cream cabinetry in this beachy kitchen. (Image Source: Houzz)

Brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze hardware suits the rustic olive and cream color palette. Granite, soapstone, or limestone counters also complement the earthy scheme. For a bit of shine, try adding brass accents, pendant lighting, and metallic stools.

FAQs About Decorating With Cream Cabinets

What colors go well with cream kitchen cabinets?

Some of the best colors to pair with cream kitchen cabinets include navy blue, sage green, light blue, black, gold/brass, terracotta, and olive green. These colors provide attractive contrast and enhance the warm, neutral tone of the cream.

How do I choose paint colors for my cream cabinets?

Focus on selecting wall colors that either contrast well with cream like bold navy blue, or coordinate nicely like light, airy blues. For a cohesive look, integrate cabinet colors like painting an island terracotta or sage green.

What color hardware looks best with cream cabinets?

Metallic hardware like brass and gold complement cream cabinets nicely, as does black iron for contrast. Oil-rubbed bronze and nickel suit cream in more rustic kitchens. Stainless steel can look too stark against warm cream.

Should I paint my cream cabinets white?

It depends on your style. Painting over wood cabinets in a bright white can give a kitchen a fresh, modern look. However, you may end up missing the warm, mellow tone of the natural wood over time.

What countertops match cream cabinets?

Great countertop options for cream cabinets include white marble, butcher block, granite, soapstone, and limestone. Black quartz can provide attractive contrast. Stainless steel looks best avoided as it tends to clash.


The key to choosing the right accent colors for cream kitchen cabinets is sticking to complementary warm, earthy tones for a cohesive look. Navy blue, sage green, light blue, black, gold, terracotta and olive green all enhance cream beautifully. Just avoid cool grays and stark whites that can clash. Focus on finishes and materials like brass hardware, marble counters, and wood elements to enhance the warm, welcoming vibe. With the right accent colors, your cream kitchen cabinets can really become the focal point of your room’s design.