Decorating your living room around a flat-screen TV can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! With some thoughtful planning and design tricks, you can create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing space that enhances your viewing experience. Here are 5 ways to beautifully decorate the area around your flat-screen TV.

Choose the Right Location

The first step is deciding where to place your TV. Consider the size and layout of the room, optimal viewing angles, lighting, and any architectural features. Some ideal TV wall locations include:

  • Mounted above a fireplace or media console
  • On a blank wall without competing decor
  • Between shelving units or built-in cabinetry

Avoid placing a TV over high-traffic areas or where glare from windows will disrupt viewing. Positioning is key for both practical and visual appeal.

Incorporate Complementary Accents

Surround your TV with accents that enhance the decor without competing for attention. Options include:

Wall Decor

  • Floating wall shelves filled with decorative objects, framed photos or art
  • Gallery walls with symmetrical arrangements of canvas prints
  • Sconces, textured wallpaper or greenery as a backdrop

Media Console Styling

  • Candles, greenery, books and accessories for underlying surfaces
  • Matching baskets or trays for organized cable management

Ambient Lighting

  • Accent lighting aimed at the TV or glowing shelves
  • Floor lamps, sconces and track lighting to illuminate the area

Aim for a layered, purposeful look instead of clutter. Play with height, color schemes and materials for visual interest.

Add Seating and Tables

Arrange furniture that promotes conversation and functionality without obstructing TV viewing. Ideas include:

  • Sofas, loveseats, chairs or sectionals at an angle
  • Side tables, coffee tables and ottomans for storage and decor
  • TV trays or a bar cart for serving snacks and drinks

Leave adequate space between the TV and furniture. Float pieces to define spaces without crowding the area.

Incorporate Architectural Interest

Take advantage of existing architectural features or build them in. For example:

  • Cubby shelving or alcoves to flank the TV area
  • Trimwork, wainscoting or textured paint for dimension
  • Arches, columns and wall nooks as framing elements

This creates an ingrained look versus plopping the TV on a random wall. Use architectural interest to establish a polished, upscale aesthetic.

Unify Through Design Choices

Tie everything together with cohesive design choices:

  • Echo wall colors in textiles and accessories
  • Repeat finishes like wood tones and metals
  • Maintain color flow from surrounding spaces

Avoid abrupt changes in color or style immediately around the TV. The goal is a unified, master-planned space.

With strategic furniture placement, added architecture, and well-curated accents, it’s possible to design an area that both highlights your flat screen TV and adds warmth to your living room. Pay attention to proportions, flexibility in seating arrangements, and complementary decor for a polished look. Most importantly, embrace your flat screen TV as an opportunity to create a focal point filled with style and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should seating be from a flat screen TV?

Ideally, plan seating 8-12 feet away from a flat screen for optimal viewing. This allows you to see the entire screen without excessive eye movement. Arrange furnishings at this distance without crowding the space.

What size rug do you put in front of a TV?

Choose a rug at least 8-12 inches from the TV stand or media console feet. Anchor furniture on top of it without obstructing screen visibility. Size rug proportions to furnishings and allow adequate walking space around.

Should you put decor above a flat screen TV?

Adding balanced, visually appealing decor above a flat screen can elevate the area. Floating shelves, wall art and sconces work beautifully. Avoid clutter and heavy objects. Leave at least 4 inches of clearance above the TV without touching decor for ventilation.

What height should you place a flat screen TV?

Mount flat screens so the center sits at eye-level when seated. A typical range is 50-60 inches from the floor to the center of the screen. Place at a height appropriate for your room’s main seating.

How do you hide wires for wall mounted TV?

Use power kits to run cables through walls. Adhere cords to the backside of the mount. Wrap bundles neatly with velcro straps. Feed wires into the backside of shelving. Hide extra length behind media consoles. Paint cords the wall color. Wireless options like Bluetooth reduce visibility.


With clever planning, it’s easy to create a stylish, comfortable area around your flat screen TV. Carefully consider placement, layered accents, cohesive furniture arrangements, architectural details and proportional decor. Embrace your flat screen as a focal point rather than hiding it away. The result will be a living room that maximizes both form and function for the ideal entertainment experience.