Choosing the right bathroom mirror is an important decision that can dramatically impact the look and feel of your space. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect mirror to fit your needs and style. In this article, we will explore 35 of the best bathroom mirrors to suit every style and space.


When selecting a new bathroom mirror, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Size – Make sure to pick a mirror size that is proportional to the size of your vanity and bathroom. Measure the area above your sink to find the ideal width and height.
  • Shape – Bathroom mirrors come in oval, round, square and rectangular shapes. Choose a shape that fits well in your given space.
  • Style – From modern to traditional to rustic, bathroom mirrors come in an array of styles. Select a mirror that matches your bathroom’s decor.
  • Features – Look for mirrors with features like anti-fogging, dimmable lighting, defoggers, etc.
  • Installation – Decide between hanging or leaning/freestanding mirrors. Hanging offers more flexibility but leaning mirrors are easier to install.
  • Budget – Bathroom mirrors span a wide range of budgets. Set realistic expectations given your budget constraints.

By keeping these factors in mind, you will be sure to find the perfect mirror to enhance your bathroom’s overall look and function. Read on for 35 great bathroom mirror ideas!

Best Small Bathroom Mirrors

Small bathrooms can still benefit from stylish mirrors that make the most of the limited space. Here are some top picks for small bathroom mirrors:

1. Round Beveled Edge Mirror

  • Description: This round mirror has a classic beveled edge that casts beautiful reflections of light. The 22″ diameter is well-suited for small spaces.
  • Features: Beveled edge, round 22” diameter, can be hung vertically or horizontally.
  • Style: Traditional, Transitional
  • Price: $$

2. Hanging Oval Mirror

  • Description: An oval mirror with sleek metal frame finished in brushed nickel. Can be hung horizontally or vertically. Good for small spaces.
  • Features: Oval shaped, hanging metal frame, beveled edge, measures 20” x 28”.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary
  • Price: $$

3. Rustic Standing Mirror

  • Description: This freestanding mirror has a charming distressed wood frame with antique brass accents. Perfect to lean against a wall.
  • Features: Distressed wood frame, antique brass details, beveled edge, measures 20” x 28”.
  • Style: Rustic, Farmhouse
  • Price: $$

Best Mirrors for Double Sinks

For bathrooms with double vanities, the mirror needs to span the length of the two sinks. Here are great options:

4. Rectangle Double Vanity Mirror

  • Description: A rectangular double vanity mirror with clean lines and minimal bezels. Available in multiple widths.
  • Features: Floating frameless design, rectangle shape, custom width options.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary
  • Price: $$$

5. Double Mirror with Shelves

  • Description: This functional mirror has two mirrored panels separated by an open shelf section for displaying decor.
  • Features: Two mirrored panels, polished nickel frame, open glass shelf.
  • Style: Transitional, Modern Farmhouse
  • Price: $$$

6. Rustic Double Sink Mirror

  • Description: This mirror features two rustic panels joined together by a distressed wood beam shelf.
  • Features: Distressed wood shelf, beveled edge panels, bronze frame, custom sizing.
  • Style: Rustic, Farmhouse
  • Price: $$

Best Corner Bathroom Mirrors

Make use of awkward corner spaces with these clever corner bathroom mirror ideas:

7. Circular Corner Mirror

  • Description: This unique round mirror is designed to sit neatly into a corner. The concave curvature follows the corner angle.
  • Features: Corner-shaped, beveled edges, 31″ diameter.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary
  • Price: $$

8. Mirrored Corner Cabinet

  • Description: Multifunctional mirrored corner cabinet provides storage and opens up small bathrooms.
  • Features: Hinged door cabinet with interior shelf, beveled edge mirror door.
  • Style: Traditional, Cottage
  • Price: $$

9. Frameless Triangle Corner Mirror

  • Description: Triangle shaped mirror with sleek frameless design works well in tight corners.
  • Features: Frameless, triangular, beveled edges, custom sizing.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary
  • Price: $$

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors help provide optimal lighting for tasks like shaving, makeup application, and more. Here are some top options:

10. Mirror with Hollywood Lightbulbs

  • Description: Glamorous Art Deco style mirror rimmed with Hollywood style lightbulbs. Dimmers allow adjusting brightness.
  • Features: Hollywood style bulbs, dimmable, plug-in, 34” x 22”.
  • Style: Glam, Art Deco
  • Price: $$$

11. LED Lighted Mirror

  • Description: This LED lit mirror provides even, glare-free lighting. Ultrathin design mounts easily to wall.
  • Features: LED lights, touch sensor on/off, 5500K color temp, 44” x 30”.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary
  • Price: $$$$

12. Mirror with Built-In Lights

  • Description: Functional mirror has multiple lights built seamlessly into the frame for a clean, integrated look.
  • Features: Built-in LED lights, integrated design, dimmable, custom sizing.
  • Style: Transitional, Modern
  • Price: $$$

Best Mirrors with Storage

Mirrors that incorporate storage provide extra functionality in the bathroom. Here are some top picks:

13. Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

  • Description: Spacious cabinet with generous storage space concealed behind a full-length mirror door.
  • Features: Hinged cabinet door, 3 adjustable shelves, soft-close door hinges.
  • Style: Transitional, Modern, Contemporary
  • Price: $$

14. Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

  • Description: Classic medicine cabinet with mirror front and interior shelf provides discreet storage. Recessed or wall mounted installation.
  • Features: 1 interior shelf, hinged or sliding door, recess or wall mount.
  • Style: Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary
  • Price: $

15. Mirror with Side Cabinets

  • Description: This functional mirror features side storage cabinets perfect for extra bathroom necessities and towels.
  • Features: Swing-out side cabinets with shelves, top lights, custom width options.
  • Style: Transitional, Contemporary
  • Price: $$$

Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Why stick with boring old rectangles? Spice up your space with these unique bathroom mirror ideas:

16. Porthole Mirror

  • Description: This nautical mirror features a polished “porthole” design inspired by ship windows. Available in multiple sizes.
  • Features: Circular mirror, brass outer ring, interior rope detail.
  • Style: Coastal, Cottage, Farmhouse
  • Price: $$

17.Sunburst Mirror

  • Description: A gorgeousburst mirror with metal rays radiating from the center for a glam statement piece. Customizable finishes.
  • Features: Round sunburst design, metal spokes, hanging or standing options available.
  • Style: Glam, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern
  • Price: $$$

18. Hexagonal Mirror

  • Description: Hexagonal mirrors create visual interest with their unique six-sided geometric shape.
  • Features: Faceted frameless hexagonal shape, beveled edges.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary, Art Deco
  • Price: $$

Extra Large Bathroom Mirrors

For large bathrooms, opt for an oversized mirror to make a dramatic statement. Options include:

19. Frameless Floor Mirror

  • Description: A frameless floor length mirror that reflects light and makes small bathrooms appear larger. Custom sizing available.
  • Features: Frameless, rectangular, floor to ceiling height.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary
  • Price: $$$

20. Giant Round Mirror

  • Description: A huge round mirror lends a dramatic focal point and feels luxurious. Diameters up to 60″.
  • Features: Frameless round shape, custom diameter.
  • Style: Glam, Modern, Dramatic
  • Price: $$$$

21. Full Wall Mirror

  • Description: Cover an entire wall with mirror for an opulent effect. Mirrored strips create the look of one seamless mirror surface.
  • Features: Multiple frameless mirrored panels, LED lighting (optional), custom sizing.
  • Style: Glam, Contemporary, Luxurious
  • Price: $$$$

Best Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Frameless mirrors have ultra clean lines and a floating appearance. Here are striking frameless bathroom mirror ideas:

22. Square Frameless Mirror

  • Description: A frameless square mirror with beveled edges provides crisp definition. Available in multiple sizes.
  • Features: Floating frameless design, beveled edges, square shape.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist
  • Price: $$

23. Arch-Top Frameless Mirror

  • Description: An architecturally interesting frameless mirror with clean arched top shape. Custom sizing available.
  • Features: Frameless, arched top, beveled edges.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century
  • Price: $$$

24. Diamond Frameless Mirror

  • Description: A frameless diamond shaped mirror delivers bold geometric appeal. Can be oriented portrait or landscape.
  • Features: Frameless, diamond shaped, beveled edges.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary, Geometric
  • Price: $$$

Best Bathroom Mirrors with Shelves

Integrate extra storage space with these bathroom mirror ideas featuring handy shelves:

25. Mirror with Wood Shelf

  • Description: This mirror features a warm wood shelf perfect for toiletries and decor. Available in different stain finishes.
  • Features: Solid wood shelf, beveled edge mirror, bronze finish brackets.
  • Style: Farmhouse, Rustic, Transitional
  • Price: $$

26. Mirrored Shelf Bathroom Mirror

  • Description: A multifunctional mirror with open mirrored shelf to reflect light and display items.
  • Features: Mirrored shelf, aluminum frame, attached towel bars.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary
  • Price: $$

27. Bathroom Mirror with Side Shelves

  • Description: This clever mirror has useful shelves built into each side. Great for a double sink vanity.
  • Features: Side shelves, integrated shelf brackets, custom width options.
  • Style: Transitional, Contemporary
  • Price: $$$

Best Recessed Bathroom Mirrors

Recessed mirrors install directly into the wall for a built-in custom look:

28. Oval Recessed Mirror

  • Description: An oval recessed mirror with surround accents to complement traditional bathrooms. Custom sizing available.
  • Features: Oval recessed design, metal trim surround.
  • Style: Traditional, Transitional, Farmhouse
  • Price: $$

29. Modern Square Recessed Mirror

  • Description: A square recessed mirror with clean lines gives a modern minimalist look. Available in multiple sizes.
  • Features: Square recessed shape, seamless design, beveled edges.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist
  • Price: $$$

30. Large Recessed Mirror

  • Description: A generously sized rectangular recessed mirror makes a statement and opens up space.
  • Features: Rectangular recessed design, custom sizing options up to 5 feet wide.
  • Style: Modern, Contemporary, Spa-like
  • Price: $$$$

Best Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

Backlit mirrors casts ambient lighting for an eye-catching effect. Great options include:

31. LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror

  • Description: This LED backlit mirror provides a soft glow and brightens up small bathrooms. Touch sensor controls dimming.
  • Features: LED backlighting, touch sensor on/off and dimming.
  • Style: Modern, Tech-forward
  • Price: $$$

32. Backlit Mirror with Wood Frame

  • Description: Warm wood frame and backlighting make this a striking focal point. Dimmable LED lights.
  • Features: Wood frame, LED backlit, dimmable lights.
  • Style: Transitional, Modern Rustic
  • Price: $$$$

33. Backlit Oval Mirror

  • Description: An oval backlit mirror with integrated lighting for elegant ambiance. Continuous LED lighting around perimeter.
  • Features: Oval shape, LED backlighting, touch dimmers.
  • Style: Transitional, Contemporary
  • Price: $$$

Best Fogless Bathroom Mirrors

Fog-free mirrors use advanced technology to prevent fogging in steamy bathrooms:

34. Fogless Mirror with Sensor

  • Description: This fog-free mirror has a built-in sensor that detects fog and automatically activates defogging.
  • Features: Fog-free, built-in sensor activates defogging, custom sizing.
  • Style: Modern, Tech-forward
  • Price: $$$

35. Advanced Fogless Mirror

  • Description: Next level fogless technology keeps this mirror completely fog-free through temperature regulation and waterwicking.
  • Features: Advanced no-fog technology, heated for zero fogging.
  • Style: Transitional, Contemporary
  • Price: $$$$


With so many shapes, sizes, styles and features to consider, it can be overwhelming to shop for the perfect bathroom mirror. Keep your specific needs and style in mind, and use the ideas and options presented here to guide you towards a mirror that you’ll absolutely love in your space. The right mirror can make all the difference, so take your time and choose carefully. Happy mirror hunting!

FAQs about Bathroom Mirrors

What size bathroom mirror should I get?

Choose a mirror that is proportional to the size of your vanity and bathroom. Measure the area above your sink to determine the ideal width and height. Allow at least a few inches between the mirror edges and surrounding walls.

How high should a bathroom mirror be installed?

Most experts recommend installing bathroom mirrors with the bottom edge around 40-48 inches high. This allows for the mirror to be high enough for standing views but low enough to bring down the room visually.

Should a bathroom mirror be as wide as the vanity?

It depends on your preference, but generally a mirror should span at least two-thirds to three-quarters the width of your vanity. Limiting mirror width can help reduce visual busyness.

Do backlit bathroom mirrors require electricity?

Yes, backlit mirrors need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to power the integrated lighting. Ensure the placement allows for a hidden power cord.

What is the best way to mount a bathroom mirror?

Most bathroom mirrors can be installed using basic hardware like screws or toggles and hanging wire. For heavy mirrors, use reinforced blocking behind the drywall for a sturdy mounting surface.

How do I keep my bathroom mirror from fogging up?

Fog-free mirrors with built-in defoggers are great for humidity-prone bathrooms. Alternatively, applying special fog-free mirror coatings can help reduce fog and condensation.

Should I get a frameless or framed bathroom mirror?

It’s purely an aesthetic choice. Frameless mirrors have a sleek, modern look. Framed mirrors come in a wide range of styles from ornate vintage to rustic wood to minimalist metal frames.

What are recessed bathroom mirrors?

Recessed mirrors are installed directly into a hollow cutout in the wall for a flush, built-in look. Recessed mirrors don’t work with all bathroom walls but create a custom upscale appearance.