Your bathroom tile can make or break the look of your bathroom. With so many options to choose from, selecting the perfect tile design can be overwhelming. From bold patterns to neutrals, and big formats to mosaics, bathroom tile gives you endless ways to express your personal style. Whether you want a modern, transitional, or traditional look, choosing your tile design is an integral element to consider when designing your bathroom.

This article will explore 32 beautiful bathroom tile design ideas to inspire your next remodel or new build. We’ll take a look at popular tile material options like porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble, and natural stone. You’ll find ideas for floor tile, wall tile, shower tile, and even creative accent tile to round out the perfect bath design. Read on to discover the latest trends paired with timeless tile designs guaranteed to elevate the look of any bathroom.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tile

Before we jump into the beautiful bathroom tile design ideas, it’s helpful to understand the key factors to keep in mind when selecting your tile. Bathroom tile must stand up to water exposure and heavy foot traffic. Choosing the right tile requires carefully examining the attributes below:

  • Porcelain vs Ceramic – Porcelain tile is more durable, dense, and water-resistant than ceramic tile. It’s an ideal choice for bathroom floors and walls. Ceramic tile varies greatly in quality – be sure to select a grade of ceramic tile rated for high-moisture areas.
  • Glass – Gorgeous shiny glass tile can make a real style statement, but requires careful sealing and maintenance to prevent damage. Limit glass tile to shower and accent walls.
  • Stone – Natural stone options like marble, travertine, slate, and granite range from highly porous to dense and water-resistant. Check the stone’s porosity rating before installing it in the bathroom. Limit use of more porous stones to bathroom walls.
  • Texture – Consider a tile’s texture and Coefficient of Friction (COF) rating for floor tile. A smooth or very glossy tile can become slippery when wet. Choose a tile with some surface texture or aggregate to improve traction. A COF rating of 0.5 or above is recommended.
  • Grout Lines – The width of grout lines influences the overall look. Thin grout lines of 1/16” or smaller have a more seamless effect. Wider grout lines add more definition. Take into account the scale of tile and space when planning grout line width.
  • Shade Variation – Ceramic and porcelain tile is rated on a scale from V1 to V4 to indicate color consistency. V1 tile features uniform coloring with little to no variation. V4 tile exhibits a wide range of shading and veining for highly unique patterns. Decide the degree of variation you desire.

By evaluating these key factors, you can zero in on the best bathroom tile types and designs for your home. Read on for stunning tile ideas to make your bathroom refresh or remodel a big success.

1. Bold Black and White Patterned Floor Tile

For serious wow-factor, a bold black and white tile pattern makes an eye-catching flooring choice. The graphic appeal pairs perfectly with both traditional and contemporary spaces. Mixing geometric shapes like octagons and rectangles amps up the visual interest even more. Carry the black and white scheme throughout the bathroom for a cohesive high-contrast look.

2. Moroccan Fish Scale Tile Shower Walls

Add a touch of the exotic with colorful mosaic fish scale tile on a shower or tub surround wall. Tiny glass or ceramic tiles arrange in a slightly irregular scale pattern, creating beautiful shimmering effects. Pair fish scale tile with simple cream subway tile and classic fixtures for a pop of artistic flair. Limit the fish scale tile to shower and tub walls to avoid overwhelming.

3. Sophisticated Herringbone Marble Tile Floor

For timeless sophistication, few designs can compete with a marble herringbone floor. The gorgeous herringbone pattern involves angling rectangular stone pieces to create a continuous zigzag design. Popular in both historic and contemporary homes, herringbone adds elegance and interest underfoot. Opt for a marble herringbone floor in soothing white or beige to keep the look light and relaxed.

4. Mediterranean-Style Talavera or Azulejo Tiles

Transport your bathroom to the sunny shores of Portugal or Spain with colorful hand-painted Talavera or Azulejo tiles. These tiles feature geometric or floral motifs in vivid blues, yellows, greens, and terra cotta red. Use these handcrafted ceramic tiles sparingly for a pop of pattern, limiting them to a shower surround or skirting a tub. Combine with plain off-white field tile and classic fixtures for an updated Mediterranean look.

5. River Rock Shower Floor

For an organic look with natural texture, consider installing a real stone river rock shower pan. Tumbled smooth river rocks in shades of grey and tan are set into mortar, grouted, and sealed, forming the shower floor. The river rock floor creates excellent drainage and a delightful spa-like experience. Contrast the stones with crisp white subway tile walls for a relaxing nature-inspired shower.

6. Navy Blue Subway Wall Tile

Why stick with basic white when colored subway tile offers so many possibilities? Take navy blue, for instance. This deep, dramatic blue adds a bold punch to subway tile, creating an edgy modern look. Use navy blue subway tile to make a statement on a partial wall, full shower surround, or repeating bands of tile. Pair with marble, white grout, chrome, and glass for contrast and shine.

7. Graphic Basketweave Floor

The basketweave design has moved far beyond basic beige. Today, bold basketweave tile comes in graphic black and white for serious visual impact. Mixing matte black and glossy white tile enhances the asymmetry and modern edge. Use as a full floor for a contemporary look with a nod to Art Deco. A black and white basketweave floor pairs well with marbled walls and sleek modern vanities and fixtures.

8. Cool Pastel Mosaic Tiles

Pastels shed their prissy reputation when transformed into hip glossy mosaics. With multidimensional iridescent glazes lending depth, tiles in shades of lavender, mint, ivory, and sky blue gain major style points. These icy pastels feel fresh and modern when paired with warm wood vanities and brass accents. Limit pastel mosaic tile to shower or tub surround walls, or as an accent in white bathrooms.

9. Modern Geometric Splashback Tiles

Make a bold style statement with sharp geometric tiles serving as a modern backsplash. Whether adopting a zigzag, triangular, diamond, or stacked linear pattern, geometric tiles create visual excitement. Use as a full wall, a tub surround, or behind mirrors and vanities. Metallic gold, black, and white geometric tile provides the greatest versatility and pop. Combine with wood textures, black accents, or marble for on-trend contrast.

10. Spectacular Oversized Tile

Oversized tile makes a decidedly contemporary design move, taking tile scale to new visually impactful heights. Porcelain tile in large formats like 24×48, 36×36, and even huge 48×48 sizes offer gorgeous single-slab looks. While porcelains dominate, large-format natural stones like marble, travertine, and limestone also stun. Limit oversized tile to bathroom floors or non-wet tub walls to prevent any installation challenges on wet walls.

11. Traditional Beige and White Octagonal Floor Tile

The octagon represents classic bathroom elegance, inspiring lavish Victorian and Art Deco palaces. For traditionalists, nothing beats octagonal floor tile in simple black and white or beige and white laid in a timeless geometric pattern. Use octagonal tile to border other geometrics or decorate in a full floor for ultimate old-world glamour. Carrara marble walls and vintage sleek subways make perfect partners for octagonal tile grandeur.

12. Moroccan Cement Tile Floors

Cement tile from Morocco imparts handicraft charm with colorful geometric and floral motifs. Tiles get individually hand-poured and pressed with ornate patterned molds, creating slightly irregular designs full of character. While once found only in traditional Moroccan riads, these tiles now reinvent modern bathrooms. Limit use on bathroom floors or non-wet tub surround walls. Keep overall motif simple to prevent overwhelming.

13. Bold Geometric Floor Accents

Strategically placed geometric shapes create a modern focal point on shower floors and bathroom floors. Hexagons, triangles, rhombuses, and trapezoids in bold contrasting colors enliven modern minimalist baths. Try a band of geometric tiles at the shower entry, or center a bold medallion shape. Black and white graphic patterns or deep navy make the boldest style statements. Coordinate with wall tile for a fully coordinated look.

14. Elongated Marble Mosaic Tile

Marble mosaic tile gets a contemporary update with elongated skinny bricks laid in beautiful veiny patterns. The sleek rectangular mosaic tiles result in clean lines, movement, and gorgeous texture. Often laid in a stacked or herringbone design, the linear marble mosaics work especially well on shower floors, shower benches, and niche shelves. Combine with glass, metal, and porcelain for more contrast and color.

15. Modern Metallic Hexagons

The hexagon shape moves in a seriously glam modern direction when translated into glossy metallic finishes. Modern metal bathroom tiles in a range of iridescent champagne gold, rose gold, bronze and platinum bring ultra-luxe appeal to baths. Use metal hex tiles to create focal points or cover full walls and even floors. Pair with simple white tile, natural textures, black, and wood for on-trend contrast.

16. Beautiful Blue Moroccan Zellige Tile

The saturated blues and sea green colors of Moroccan zellige tile (cotto) bring incredible beauty to bathrooms. These handmade terra cotta tiles display minor imperfections that add lovely aged character. Zellige tiles design in mosaic patterns – opt for traditional Moroccan motifs or create a simpler coordinated layout. Use as an accent within showers or tub surrounds for a pop of aqua charm.

17. Minimalist Iridescent White Glass Tile

Understated iridescent glass tile makes a minimal modern style statement with its subtle radiance. These glass tiles impress with diamond-like multifaceted faceting. Yet the coloring stays low-key, utilizing whites and pale neutrals with hints of shimmer. Use minimalist glass tile in place of traditional white subway tile or marble for ethereal showers, walls, and backsplashes. Pair with wood and black metals.

18. Bold Horizontal Stripe Shower Accent

Wide horizontal banding adds a powerful graphic stripe effect on bathroom walls and showers. Use contrasting colors and finishes like glossy and matte for visual excitement. Horizontal bands look especially chic when dividing a shower wall, defining wainscoting, or framing a mirror or piece of wall art. Keep the bands bold – we love navy blue against white tile or charcoal paired with marble.

19. Natural Stone Vertical Stacking

Alternating vertical stacks of coordinating natural stone tiles culminate in organic texture and movement. Combining stone types like travertine, limestone, marble, and slate results in subtle natural variation. The linear stacking pattern adds modern edge. Use stone stack tile as a shower or tub surround focal point or go full wall for organic drama. Let wood vanities warm up the stone tiles.

20. Classic White Subway Wall Tile

The quintessential bathroom tile, white 3×6 subway tile offers timeless appeal. This rectangular tile features slightly beveled edges and comes glazed for moisture resistance. White subway tiles design elegantly on their own or creatively mix with contrasting colors, shapes, and textures. Delicate grout lines produce a grid pattern that defines any era from vintage to modern.

21. Bold Wallpaper-Inspired Chinoiserie Tiles

Borrowing from wallpaper traditions, chinoiserie tiles feature intricate scenes of pagodas, bridges, trees, and parasols directly on tile. Splashes of blue, green, and red enliven the detailed black and white imagery. Use chinoiserie tiles sparingly as a bold accent wall or focal point for exotic flair. Modern takes on chinoiserie translate the look large-scale and more minimal for contemporary spaces.

22. Natural Honed Marble Shower Walls

For pure elegance, honed marble tile on shower walls imparts unmatched refinement. Honed marble exhibits a soft matte texture with slightly less shine for a relaxed feel. Yet the gorgeous veining and movement still impress. Large-format marble tile makes a particularly grand impact. Use classic whites like Calacatta or warmer beiges for a peaceful spa atmosphere.

23. Whimsical Patchwork Moroccan Mosaic Floors

Mosaic tile masters in Morocco frequently combine tiny hand-cut tile pieces in creatively patched patterns for one-of-a-kind floors. Each floor entirely handcrafted, the tile patterns flow organically from bursts of color and texture. Use this artistic approach when tiling a bathroom floor or non-wet tub surround for folkloric charm. Pair patchwork mosaics with traditional furnishings and classic white walls.

24. Sophisticated Travertine Tiles

For those drawn to stone, few natural materials equal the elegance of travertine tile. Travertine’s beige, tan, and honey-colored striations emit warmth and organic beauty. Travertine bathroom tiles come tumbled or honed. Honed travertine brings out mesmerizing veining details. Use travertine tile in large formats on bathroom floors or walls for spa-like luxury. Travertine pairs perfectly with marble.

25. Unique Fish Scale Mosaic Tiles

Miniscule mosaic tiles carefully arranged in a fish scale pattern result in glittering iridescent effects. The intricate round overlapping design refracts light enticingly. Use shimmering glass, mother of pearl, and natural stone mosaics to create eye-catching fish scale accents on walls and showers. Or make a bigger decorative statement with a beautifully tiled tub surround or bathroom floor focal point.

26. Natural Neutral Porcelain Wood Plank Tile

Wood-look porcelain tiles reinvented bathrooms by bringing the warmth of wood into wet areas. Porcelain tile achieves realistic painted, stained, and aged wood grain effects. Neutral porcelain wood plank tiles in white, gray, and tan work especially well in baths. Use plank tiles on bathroom floors and walls or paneled tub and shower surrounds for a relaxed rustic style.

27. Graphic Patterned Encaustic Cement Tile

Encaustic cement tile achieves stunning graphic effects with bold pigments and inlaid patterns topping the tiles. Encaustic tiles design in geometric and floral motifs. Use encaustic cement tile sparingly to punctuate contemporary to vintage bathrooms. The tiles gain visual interest when combining graphic patterns, like checks mixed with florals. Limit to lower-moisture bathroom walls and non-wet floors.

28. Minimalist White Thick Brick Tile

Thick brick white tiles exaggerated proportions embrace modern minimalism with flair. Sized in exact multiples of standard bricks, the bold scale and beveled edges create eye-catching dimensional effects. Use extra thick bricks in glossy or matte white on their own, or creatively lay out with contrasting tile shapes and colors. They pair perfectly with wood accents and industrial elements.

29. Victorian-Inspired Penny Round Mosaic Tiles

Take inspiration from grand historic homes with intricate penny round mosaics. The tiny round mosaic tiles design in swirling shapes, floral motifs, borders, and medallions. Use penny round mosaics sparingly on bathroom floors and walls to give traditional charm to contemporary spaces. Or go bold with allover kaleidoscope patterns for head-to-toe vintage flair.

30. Cool Gray and White Cement Floor Tiles

Understated gray and white cement floor tile creates a tornado-proof neutral backdrop. Yet its speckled texture and simple pattern still add subtle visual interest. Made of hardy poured cement, the tiles come in a range of cool silvery grays and concrete whites perfect for soothing modern baths. Use all over or border with porcelain tile for high-style durability.

31. Charming Mexican Talavera Tile Bathroom Sinks and Backsplashes

Transport your bathroom across the border with the colorful tiles of Mexico. Vivid Talavera tiles depict traditional motifs in can’t-miss cobalt blue, yellow, green and rust red. Use these handmade ceramic beauties to create a stunning backsplash behind bathroom sinks or mirrors. Visually tie in to the sink by installing Talavera tiles on custom vanities. ¡Olé!

32. Natural Stone and Glass Linear Mosaic Shower Floor

Two luxurious materials combine to create a showstopping yet natural shower floor. Alternating linear bands of stone like marble or travertine and frosted or iridescent glass mosaics form contemporary texture and sparkle. The linear design channels water beautifully. Use this custom combination to make your shower floor a real focal point.

Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom with Tile

With so many tile possibilities today, how do you choose what’s right for your bathroom and decor? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Determine your favorite tile styles – traditional patterns or modern geometrics, mosaics or large stones, bold colors or neutral shades? Get drawn to tiles that appeal to you.
  • Bring in other bathroom elements like fixtures, cabinets, and countertops to inform your tile selection. Look for colors and textures that coordinate.
  • Limit higher maintenance tiles like unsealed stone, glass, and intricate mosaics to bathroom shower walls and small accents. Use porcelain tile and ceramic tile for the majority of floors.
  • Visit design showrooms and tile specialty stores to view tiles in person. Many tile stores have great display spaces showcasing products.
  • Order tile samples, specialty pieces like borders and medallions, and experiment laying out patterns. Reach out to design experts at showrooms for advice.
  • Hire an experienced tile installer. Tiling is skilled work, well worth the investment for great results.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Designs: In Summary

With such variety in styles,