Adding drapes to your home decor is an easy way to transform any space. The right drapery can make a room feel luxurious, cozy or modern. With so many gorgeous drapery options available, it can be challenging to choose the perfect set. To help inspire your search, we’ve rounded up 22 divine draperies that will indulge and delight.

Elegant Velvet Drapes

Velvet draperies instantly amp up the glamour factor in a space. The rich, lustrous texture of velvet adds elegance and sophistication. Velvet drapes come in a stunning array of colors, from jewel tones to neutrals. They work well in formal spaces like dining rooms and bedrooms. Blackout lined velvet drapes also help block light for a restful sleep space.

Some gorgeous velvet drape options include:

  • Red Velvet Drapes – Make a dramatic statement with vibrant red velvet drapes. They feel luxurious and regal.
  • Emerald Green Velvet Drapes – Deep emerald green velvet brings an air of luxury. This color works well in bold, eclectic spaces.
  • Champagne Velvet Drapes – For a softer look, consider champagne colored velvet drapes. This versatile neutral adds texture without overpowering a space.
  • Navy Blue Velvet Drapes – Rich navy blue velvet drapes look striking in dining rooms, living spaces and bedrooms. Navy adds drama but also pairs well with many colors.

Sheer and Airy Linen Drapes

For a lightweight, breezy look try linen drapes. Linen has a casual, natural vibe that suits many decor styles. The fabric diffuses light beautifully. Sheer linen drapes add privacy while still allowing light through. For more coverage, opt for lined linen drapes.

Some breezy linen drapery ideas include:

  • White Linen Drapes – Crisp white linen drapes look beachy chic. White diffuses sunlight and brightens up rooms.
  • Natural Linen Drapes – Unbleached natural linen has earthy, organic appeal. The texture adds cozy casual atmosphere.
  • Patterned Linen Drapes – From stripes to ikat, patterned linen drapes add interest. Patterns like nautical stripes suit coastal style rooms.
  • Belgian Linen Drapes – Belgian linen is prized for its exceptional quality. Invest in drapes made from this top-tier fabric.

Eye-Catching Patterned Drapes

Make a bold decorative statement with patterned drapes. From florals and paisleys to checkerboard and tie-dye, patterned drapes showcase your personal style. In a neutral room, patterned drapes easily become the focal point. For a coordinated look, select patterned drapes that contain colors already in your space.

Some stylish patterned drape ideas include:

  • Floral Drapes – Feminine floral drapes come in a diverse range of floral prints. Choose muted florals for a romantic cottage look or bold boho-inspired florals for eclectic rooms.
  • Paisley Drapes – Paisley printed drapes lend a global bohemian vibe. Try vibrant paisleys for exotic flair or neutral tones for an understated twist.
  • Damask Drapes – Damask drapes feature ornate jacquard-woven designs. Reversible damask drapes showcase two coordinating patterns.
  • Buffalo Check Drapes – For country charm, pick buffalo check drapes with classic black & white or red & black checkered prints.

Sophisticated Solid Color Drapes

For a streamlined look, choose drapes in a solid color. While less showy than patterns, solid color drapes still make an impact. The key is selecting a color that enhances your existing space. Solid drapes also provide a neutral backdrop to layer other prints and patterns over top.

Some best-selling solid drape colors include:

  • Gray Drapes – Light, medium and charcoal gray drapes suit modern and transitional rooms. Gray pairs with accent colors beautifully.
  • Blue Drapes – Drapes in calming shades of blue work in a variety of spaces. Nautical blue-and-white drapes carry coastal charm.
  • Green Drapes – Verdant emerald drapes or refreshing mint drapes add life to rooms. Olive green and sage green drapes feel grounded and natural.
  • Plum Drapes – Sophisticated plum-colored drapes look opulent in formal spaces like dining rooms. Deep plum adds a moodiness to bedrooms.
  • Blackout Drapes – For bedrooms, choose light-blocking blackout drapes for uninterrupted sleep. Blackout-lined drapes come in many colors and patterns.

Eyelet Lace Drapes

Drapes made of intricate eyelet lace lend an old-world romantic vibe. The delicate openwork patterns allow light through for extra privacy. Eyelet lace looks beautiful in historic homes, French country decor, shabby chic rooms and babys’ nurseries.

To incorporate eyelet lace drapes:

  • Select white or ivory to maximize the pretty lace details.
  • For contrast, opt for black eyelet lace drapes with Gothic appeal.
  • In a nursery, try pastel pink or blue eyelet lace drapes for a sweet backdrop.
  • Pair lace drapes with matching throw pillows, lampshades and other accents.

Rich and Colorful Silk Drapes

Drapes crafted from luxurious silk fabric make any room feel extra special. Silk drapes come in a spectacular spectrum of colors and often feature ornate designs. The rich, luminous texture of silk adds a glamorous element. Use silk drapes to frame windows in formal living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Some exquisite silk drapery ideas:

  • Blue Silk Drapes – Vivid cobalt or sapphire silk drapes contrast beautifully against ivory walls.
  • Patterned Silk Drapes – Look for painted, batik-style or embroidered silk drapes boasting detailed designs.
  • Silk Jacquard Drapes – Jacquard-woven silk drapes feature tone-on-tone damask or floral motifs.
  • Sheer Silk Drapes – Lightweight, semi-sheer silk drapes provide privacy while allowing daylight to filter through.

Thermal Insulated Blackout Drapes

For the ultimate in light-blocking ability, choose thermal insulated blackout drapes. These heavy drapes are backed with thick, insulating material and lined to prevent any light from getting in. Thermal blackout drapes help insulate windows, reducing heating and cooling costs. They also ensure an undisturbed, peaceful sleep environment.

Features to look for when buying thermal blackout drapes:

  • Select drapes with a high density fill like cotton flannel or microfiber. This increases sound dampening and insulation ability.
  • Drapes that completely cover windows and extend fully to floor length provide the best light blocking.
  • Rod pocket tops allow the weight of drapes to hang properly. Grommets alone can create light gaps.
  • Side hems prevent outdoor light from filtering through the edges of drapes.

Two-Tone Drapes

Vintage-inspired two-tone drapes feature a colorblock pattern in two complementary colors. This contrasting drape style works well in retro, eclectic, rustic and farmhouse decors. Popular color pairings include black & white, gray & yellow, blue & orange and navy & red.

Tips for rocking the two-tone drape trend:

  • Stick with block stripe patterns for bold definition. Avoid blended ombré looks.
  • Bright accent colors like orange or yellow paired with a neutral base color create punch.
  • For a cohesive look, echo drape colors elsewhere like throw pillows and area rugs.
  • In a kids’ or teen’s bedroom, select favorite two-tone color combos.

Sheer Voile Drapes

Dainty voile drapes have a lightweight, sheer appearance that allows daylight to pour through. The breezy, semi-transparent style offers privacy while maintaining an airy feel. Use voile drapes alone or layered over another drape.

Decorating with voile:

  • White voile drapes evoke beach cottages. Try blue & white nautical stripes too.
  • For softness, pick voile drapes with ruffled trims and tie-top headers.
  • Light pink or mint voile drapes suit shabby chic and vintage rooms.
  • Gently tiered voile drapes add movement and dimension.

Luxurious Faux Silk Drapes

If you love the look of silk drapes but seek affordable options, consider faux silk drapes. Synthetic fabrics like polyester or rayon mimic the appearance and texture of real silk. Faux silk drapes cost much less, while still adding a touch of elegance.

Some tips for choosing quality faux silk drapes:

  • examine the drape and handfeel to ensure the drapes have a smooth, silky texture.
  • Opt for lined faux silk to replicate the opaqueness of real silk. Unlined faux silk can look flimsy.
  • Details like decorative headings and tiebacks boost the sophisticated look.
  • Stick with solid colors rather than prints to mimic real silk patterns.

Black and White Buffalo Check Drapes

Nothing says classic Americana style quite like buffalo check print. Typically seen in black & white, the checkered pattern dates back centuries and remains a perennial favorite today. Incorporate buffalo check drapes in farmhouse, country cottage, rustic cabins or shabby chic decors.

Decorating with black & white buffalo check drapes:

  • Hang bold oversized check drapes for high visual impact.
  • For a calmer look, choose smaller scale check prints.
  • Use black & white buffalo check drapes to highlight architectural details like large windows.
  • Pair with checkerboard throw pillows and buffalo check rugs to pull the theme throughout the space.

Energy Efficient Drapes

To help reduce energy bills, invest in energy efficient drapes designed to insulate and conserve power. Look for thermal drapes lined with materials like cotton flannel, fleece or microfiber. For maximum efficiency, choose blackout-lined energy saving drapes to block external light and prevent heat loss. Close drapes fully at night and open during the day to regulate indoor temperatures.

Additional tips for selecting energy efficient drapery:

  • Ensure drapes are properly sized to fully cover windows when closed.
  • Side hems prevent drafts and maintain insulation capacity.
  • Drapes that puddle onto the floor help minimize heat loss.
  • Use heavier, multi-layered fabrics for increased insulation ability.

Faux Leather Drapes

Faux leather drapery makes a seriously sleek style statement in contemporary lofts, dens and offices. The edgy material has rich texture and adds a bold pop of contrast when paired with drywall and wood tones. Seek out faux leather drapes with matte finishes to avoid cheap-looking shine.

Tips for decorating with faux leather drapes:

  • Stick to solid black or very dark brown faux leather. Beige or cherry red faux leather risks looking tacky.
  • Install floor-to-ceiling height drapes for high drama. Cafe-length would diminish the effect.
  • Allow ample space between the drapes when opened. Faux leather can appear too bulky when bunched.
  • Add metal accents like silver curtain rods or tieback hooks to complement the industrial vibe.

Light Filtering Drapes

Ideal for home offices and nurseries, light-filtering drapes diffuse harsh sunlight and reduce glare. These energy efficient drapes are made of natural fibers like cotton, linen or bamboo woven in layers to prevent overheating while maintaining outside visibility. Light filtering drapes come in various colors to complement your existing decor.

Benefits of light filtering window drapery:

  • Softer, diffused natural light prevents eyestrain and headaches.
  • Fabric weave keeps out heat & UV rays but allows daylight to filter through.
  • Provides privacy while enabling you to see outside.
  • Helps insulate windows for increased energy efficiency.

Vintage Floral Drapes

Vintage style floral drapes infuse spaces with old-fashioned charm and romance. Beautifully detailed damask, jacquard and brocade floral patterns adorn drapes that mimic heirloom antique textiles. Use vintage floral drapes to enhance formal living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces. Opt for muted color palettes for an authentic period look.

Decorating with vintage floral drapes:

  • Look for damask and brocade drapes with tone-on-tone elegant floral motifs.
  • Seek out styles that mimic antique French or British fabrics from eras like the Victorian period.
  • Pair with antique furniture pieces and vintage-style area rugs.
  • Add luxe decorative details like fringe, tassel or braided trim.

Soundproof Drapes

For help damping noise in a bedroom, nursery, media room or music studio, hang specialized soundproof drapes. Multi-layered insulating drapes decrease outside noise and absorb echo within a room. For maximum effect, combine soundproof drapes with music studio foam panels on walls.

When selecting sound dampening drapes:

  • Choose lined drapes with noise reducing materials like wool, velvet or synthetic fur fabric inside.
  • Ensure drapes are properly sealed and overlap windows fully when closed.
  • The heavier and thicker the drapes, the better the sound insulation.
  • Floor-to-ceiling length is ideal, but at minimum drapes should cover windows fully.

Rustic Burlap Drapes

Want to infuse a space with natural charm? Rustic burlap drapes do the trick. Made from woven jute fiber, burlap has an organic, textured look. The material suits relaxed country and shabby chic style rooms. For window panels, use lightweight drape-weight burlap rather than thicker crafting-weight fabric.

Decorating with natural burlap drapes:

  • Keep the color natural off-white for a subdued look, or dye burlap drapes in soft hues like tan or gray.
  • Try adding a burlap valance above regular curtain panels for a tailored touch.
  • Incorporate antique wood hardware like wrought iron curtain rods for contrast.
  • Pair with casually elegant accents like linen furniture, potted plants and woven rugs.

Ombre Effect Drapes

The gorgeous ombre trend features graduated color that fades from dark to light. For drapes, choose luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet to showcase the gradient colors. Consider a bold color combo like navy fading to sky blue. Or, opt for a subtle neutral ombre. Position the darker color along the top to create the illusion of taller drapes.

Tips for rocking ombre drapes:

  • Steer clear of harsh color contrasts for a soft, dreamy ombre effect.
  • To highlight architectural details, frame windows with two ombre drape panels.
  • Coordinate ombre drapes with painted walls faded from one hue to the next.
  • For tropical flair try bright ombre colors like peach melting into mango.

Blackout Cordless Drapes

Cordless blackout drapes offer the ultimate in convenient functionality. Without dangling pull cords, cordless drapes provide a clean look and enhanced child safety. Just gently slide drapes open and closed along discreet hidden tracks or wands. Blackout lining eliminates 100% of incoming light.

Benefits of cordless blackout drapes:

  • Provide complete light blockage for uninterrupted sleep and privacy.
  • Remove the hazard and clutter of hanging cords.
  • Smooth gliding system enables easy opening and closing.
  • Some styles feature built-in timers or remote controls.

Textured Chenille Drapes

With their ultra-soft texture and beautiful draping, chenille drapes add cozy elegance to living spaces. Chenille fabric is woven from plush yarn with a slightly iridescent sheen. While available in bold colors and patterns, neutral solids suit most spaces. Try ivory or cream to brighten up rooms and showcase architectural details.

Decorating with luxe chenille drapes:

  • Choose lined chenille drapes for enhanced light blocking abilities. Unlined chenille may appear too casual.
  • Pair with coordinating plush chenille throw blankets and pillows for a coordinated look.
  • For a romantic feel, opt for chenille drapes with delicate ruffled edges.
  • In a nursery, try soft pastel blue or pink chenille drapes for an extra cozy backdrop.

Thermal Blackout Grommet Drapes

Combine the luxurious look of grommet top drapes with thermal blackout efficiency. These gorgeous drapes feature the clean lines and modern style of nickel, bronze or stainless steel grommets. But hidden inside is powerhouse blackout material that blocks outside light and helps insulate windows. Available in an array of colors and patterns to suit any decor.

Benefits of thermal blackout grommet drapes:

  • Thick insulated lining provides superior light blocking and noise reduction.
  • Metal grommets offer an updated, contemporary drape header option.
  • Floor length drapes stop drafts and allow proper insulation.
  • A crisp, straight hanging drape style uninterrupted by cords or rings.

UV Protection Drapes

Guard against sun damage and block harmful ultraviolet rays by installing specialized UV protection drapes. These window treatments feature tightly woven, UV-resistant fabrics or UV-blocking coatings. Look for drapes made of dense materials like polyester, acrylic or microfiber. Close drapes during peak sun hours to filter damaging rays.

Tips for choosing effective UV blocking drapes:

  • Verify that drapes block at least