Modernize Fixtures and Hardware

Replacing outdated faucets, showerheads, towel bars and other hardware is one of the easiest ways to update your bathroom’s look. Opt for brushed metals like nickel or oil-rubbed bronze for a contemporary vibe. You can also look for fixtures with clean, minimalist silhouettes. Don’t forget the little details like the toilet paper holder and light switches too.

Install New Flooring

Old, worn flooring can really drag down the look of a bathroom. Consider replacing tile, linoleum or vinyl with trendy vinyl plank flooring or porcelain tile. For a unique look, try small mosaic tiles or hexagonal tiles. Or you can’t go wrong with classic white subway tile. Just make sure the flooring can withstand moisture.

Add Accent Tiling

Tiling a whole bathroom can get expensive, but adding some specialty tile as an accent can make a big splash. Use glass, stone or metallic tiles inside the shower niche or as a backsplash around the vanity. Geometric, Moroccan-inspired and fish scale tile patterns are eye-catching options.

Repaint the Walls and Ceiling

A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest bathroom makeover ideas out there. Opt for light, neutral colors like off-white, beige or light grey to create a soothing oasis. Adding a color accent wall behind the tub or vanity is also an easy way to inject some personality into the space.

Install New Lighting Fixtures

Better lighting makes any bathroom feel brighter and more modern. Swap out an old overhead fixture for sleek LED recessed or track lighting. If there’s no natural light, consider adding a window or skylight. Sconces on each side of the mirror will also provide ideal task lighting.

Add Storage Solutions

Maximize unused space with floating shelves, built-in niches and medicine cabinets. Use decorative bins and baskets to corral clutter on open shelves. If you don’t have much surface area, consider a space-saving corner shelf or wall-mounted cabinet.

Replace the Vanity

An updated vanity can make a huge difference in your bathroom. Look for one made of moisture-resistant material like engineered quartz. Clean lines and a sink with an integrated countertop have a very modern aesthetic. Another idea is choosing a vanity with closed cabinets to conceal clutter.

Install a New Shower Surround

If your shower surround is dated or moldy, replacing it is a worthwhile makeover investment. Many companies make shower kits with built-in shelving that make the job much easier. You can choose anything from sleek glass to ceramic tile. Just make sure the material can withstand shower moisture.

Update the Mirror

An ornate old mirror can clash with your fresh new bathroom look. Consider swapping it out for a frameless floating mirror or rectangular beveled mirror for a clean, contemporary vibe. Good lighting around the mirror is also key for functionality.

Add a Relaxing Soaking Tub

What’s more refreshing than a long, relaxing soak in the tub after a stressful day? Upgrade your existing tub to an ergonomic soaking tub with comfortable contours and armrests. Or if space allows, splurge on a freestanding tub as a striking focal point.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring the tranquility of nature into your bathroom with organic textiles, greenery and wood accents. Display fresh flowers and plants like bamboo or orchids. Roll out a fluffy cotton rug and hang up some woven wicker baskets. A wooden vanity or driftwood-framed mirror also creates an earthy feel.

Upgrade Hardware and Accessories

Sometimes it’s the little touches that make the biggest difference. Look for high-quality bath towels in colors and patterns that fit your style. Pick shower curtains with interesting prints or textures. Energize your space with invigorating scented soaps, candles and body products.

Create a Spa Vibe

Why not turn your own bathroom into a personal home spa? Add a eucalyptus-infused rain shower head, fluffy white robes and slippers. Display colorful glass bottles filled with bath salts or oils. Candles, soft lighting and nature sounds help set the mood for relaxation.

Make it Smart

Smart home technology gives you more control and makes everyday routines easier. Consider a smart toilet that lifts the seat automatically or a smart mirror that doubles as a TV. You can even install a smart shower system with presets for your perfect temperature and pressure.

Work in Universal Design Features

If anyone in your household has age-related mobility issues, incorporate universal design elements into your remodel. Some examples include grab bars in the shower, a comfort height toilet, a wall-mounted sink and an anti-slip floor. These tweaks help improve safety and accessibility.

With a combination of modern fixtures, stylish finishes, and smart storage solutions, you can give your bathroom an invigorating transformation. Which of these refreshing makeover ideas are inspiring you? Approach your remodel thoughtfully, and you can create a beautiful bathroom retreat without breaking the budget.

FAQ about Bathroom Makeovers

What is the most cost-effective bathroom makeover?

Some of the most budget-friendly yet high-impact bathroom makeover ideas include repainting the walls, replacing fixtures like faucets and light fixtures, updating hardware like towel bars and toilet paper holders, adding new shower curtains or window treatments, and replacing the mirror. Focus on simple cosmetic changes like these for an affordable makeover.

How do I make my bathroom look more modern?

To give your bathroom a contemporary look, replace outdated fixtures with new streamlined, minimalist styles in brushed metals like nickel or matte black. Install rectangular vessel sinks, frameless shower doors, floating vanities and recessed lighting. Use neutral colors on the walls like white, gray or beige. Tile a walk-in shower or tub surround in sleek subway or mosaic tiles.

What are the latest trends for bathroom remodels?

Some hot bathroom remodel trends right now include neutral, earthy color palettes with organic textures and patterns like wood and stone. Metallic accents and fixtures in brushed bronze, copper and gold are also popular. Other contemporary trends are smart home tech like digital shower systems and minimalist, European-style vanities and toilets.

Should I remodel my master bathroom or guest bathroom first?

Most experts recommend starting with your master bathroom if you’re only renovating one. Since this is the bathroom you use daily, you’ll get more value and enjoyment from upgrading it first. Focus on the space, storage, lighting and amenities you need regularly. Deal with the guest bath later since it sees less frequent use.

How do I make a small bathroom feel bigger?

Use light, neutral colors on the walls, floor and ceiling to visually open up the space. Add a large mirror or medicine cabinet to make it feel more expansive. Install floating shelves and never underestimate the power of great storage solutions! A clear shower curtain can also make a small bathroom feel more open. Finally, declutter to avoid a cramped feeling.


With some creativity and smart planning, you can transform your outdated bathroom into a relaxing and refreshing space. Focus on the changes that will make the biggest difference for your needs and style. From modernizing fixtures to customizing storage, there are so many innovative ways to give your bathroom a makeover on any budget. Use these ideas as inspiration when designing your dream bathroom oasis.