Incorporate Natural Textures and Materials

Natural textures like wood, stone, wrought iron, and terra cotta are quintessentially Italian. Use wood furniture, beamed ceilings, stone or brick walls, wrought iron railings, and terra cotta planters throughout your home. These natural elements add warmth and Old World charm.

Display Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories like worn shutters, rustic wooden ladders, old windows, and distressed metal signs add to the timeworn elegance of Italian decor. Hang a set of worn shutters or a vintage window on a wall or prop up an old ladder to use as a bookshelf. Display vintage signs or license plates for a touch of Italian nostalgia.

Use Neutral Earth Tone Colors

Stick to a neutral color palette of earth tones like tan, cream, rust, olive, and terra cotta. These natural Mediterranean colors embody the Italian landscape. Use them on your walls, furniture, bedding, and decor accents. Then add pops of brighter colors with your artwork, pillows, and florals.

Add Wrought Iron and Rustic Wood Furniture

Wrought iron and rustic wood are iconic Italian furniture materials. Incorporate pieces like wrought iron beds, wood dining tables, Mediterranean sideboards, and rustic console tables. Then dress them up with patterned or colorful tablecloths and accessories for contrast.

Install an Exposed Wood Beamed Ceiling

Exposed wood beam ceilings spotlight the Italian farmhouse style. Use salvaged reclaimed wood or faux wood beams depending on your budget. Stain them a natural dark wood tone and install them on your ceiling to add Italian character throughout your home.

Display Vibrant Artwork and Florals

Italy is known for its colorful culture, so liven up your home with vibrant art, paintings, murals, and fresh florals. Opt for paintings of Tuscan landscapes, Italian fictional characters, or more modern pop art. Use blooms like hydrangeas, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, and calla lilies to infuse Italian passion.

Add Patterned Tile and Rugs

Patterned tiles and area rugs are a quintessential foundation of Italian decor. Use handpainted tiles in your entryway, kitchen backsplash, or floors for Mediterranean flair. Layer in ornately patterned rugs and textiles to accent your living room, bedroom, and dining spaces.

Hang Roman Window Shades

Trade standard blinds for classically draped Roman shades in natural linen or burlap textures. These shades instantly dress up your windows with tailored Italian elegance. Opt for shades with a pattern or trim along the bottom for extra detailing.

Display Culinary Decor

Display your love of Italian cuisine and wine by decorating with related accents. Use vine and grape decor for your kitchen and bar cart. Hang wooden utensils or copper pots on your walls. Include bowls of lemons and garlic bulbs on your countertops.

Create an Alfresco Dining Area

Bring the Italian countryside to your backyard by creating a cozy alfresco dining space. Add a stone fireplace or pizza oven, grapevine covered pergola, olive tree planters, and an ornamental lemon tree. Then style it with a rustic wood dining table and chairs for casual Italian meals.

With touches of natural textures, Mediterranean colors, and vintage accents, you can easily give your home rustic Italian flair. Layer in decor that reflects Italy’s laidback elegance and countryside charm. Soon your home will feel like your very own Tuscan villa.

Frequently Asked Questions about Giving Your Home Italian Flair

What colors should I use to give my home an Italian flair?

Stick to earth tones like tan, cream, rust, olive green, and terra cotta. These neutral Mediterranean colors embody the Italian landscape and add warmth. Then add pops of brighter colors with your artwork, pillows, and florals.

What kind of furniture works well for Italian inspired decor?

Look for rustic wood dining tables, wrought iron beds, Mediterranean sideboards, and vintage console tables. Distressed wood and ornate wrought iron are Italian furniture staples.

What are some key Italian accessories I should use?

Vintage shutters, rustic ladders, worn wood crates, terra cotta planters, wrought iron lanterns, and distressed metal signs all add Old World character. Display sun dried tomatoes, lemons, grapes, and garlic too.

How do I achieve the Italian farmhouse style on my ceilings?

Install wood beam ceilings or faux wood beams to get the rustic farmhouse look. Stain the salvaged or false beams a natural dark wood tone for bold contrast.

What patterns and textures lend to an Italian flair?

Incorporate natural textures like wood, wrought iron, stone brick, stucco, and terra cotta throughout your home. Use patterned tiles, rugs, window shades, and accent pillows for ornate detailing.


Transforming your home with Italian flair is a design style that embraces Tuscan textures, Mediterranean colors, and rustic elegance. By incorporating vintage accessories, neutral earth tones, wrought iron furniture, vibrant artwork, patterned tiles, and cozy alfresco dining spaces, you can give your home relaxed Italian charm. Fill your rooms with character using natural materials, ornate patterns, and Old World accents for a home that feels like an idyllic countryside villa.