Adding a pop of color with a red lamp shade is an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into any room. Whether you want to create a bold accent or add a subtle touch of vibrancy, a red lampshade can transform the look and feel of your space. Here are 10 creative ways to use a red lampshade to sass up your room.

Choose the Right Shade of Red

Not all reds are created equal. The specific shade of red you select for your lampshade will set the tone for the room. A bright cherry red creates drama while a deeper burgundy red exudes luxury. Consider lighter reds like coral if you want a playful pop of color. Match the red to your existing decor so it enhances rather than clashes with your color scheme.

Mix Multiple Shades of Red

Don’t be afraid to mix multiple red lampshades in one space to create visual interest. Combining different hues like crimson, scarlet and ruby red provides depth and dimension. Just be sure to repeat shades in the same color family so the look is cohesive. Vary textures and materials too for an eclectic feel.

Anchor Your Red Lamp in a Neutral Room

Making a bold red lampshade the focal point is an easy way to energize a neutral room. Place it on an end table next to a sofa or as a bedside option in a creamy white or beige bedroom. The neutral backdrop really makes that pop of red stand out.

Flank a Sofa or Bed with Identical Red Shades

For real symmetry and impact, install matching red lampshades on either side of a sofa, sectional or bed. The repetition draws the eye and creates a custom, polished look. Use the same lamp bases or mix and match for fun variety.

Contrast with Emerald Greens and Sapphire Blues

Complementary colors really intensify one another. Pairing red lampshades with deep emerald greens or rich sapphire blues makes both colors look more vivid. This color combo evokes luxury and works in formal living rooms.

Add Pizzazz to a Monochromatic Scheme

All red everything? Go bold with an all-red monochromatic color scheme of various red hues and textures. The red lampshade serves as the lively focal point. Keep the walls, furniture and accessories in the same red family for a unified palette.

Provide a Pop of Color in a Black and White Room

Looking to add life to a classic black and white space? Introduce a bright cherry red or fire engine red lampshade to electrify the room. The high contrast look feels fresh and modern. Add metallic accents for even more edge.

Extend Your Red Accent to Table and Floor Lamps

Don’t limit red lampshades to basic table lamps. Use them on articulating arm lamps, buffet lamps or tall floor lamps to carry your accent color throughout the room. Match the shade to other red details like throw pillows and area rugs.

Use Red Fringe for a Retro Feel

Fringed lampshades lend a playful, retro vibe and red fringe takes it to the next level. Adorn lamps in a rec room, home office or eclectic living area. Pair red fringe with glossy lacquered finishes for a cool Mad Men style bar.

Incorporate Red into a Multi-Colored Scheme

If red feels too bold on its own, blend it with other fun brights like orange, yellow and fuchsia for a festive rainbow room. Tie it all together with a multi-colored area rug underfoot. The red lampshade adds spirited style without going overboard.


Whether you opt for a vibrant cherry red or muted burgundy hue, a red lampshade is a simple way to inject color, energy and flair into any space. Have fun playing with different placement options and color combinations. From lighting up a neutral room to complementing existing bold colors, a red lampshade has transformative appeal. With so many creative ways to utilize this colorful accent, your room will be sassy in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color goes well with a red lampshade?

Some colors that pair nicely with a red lampshade include emerald greens, sapphire blues, blacks, whites, oranges, yellows, and metallics. Red has a bold presence, so choosing colors in the same color family will create a cohesive look.

What rooms work best for a red lampshade?

A red lampshade can work in just about any room, but they feel especially at home in living rooms, bedrooms, dens, home offices, and rec rooms. Use caution in kitchens, bathrooms or dining spaces where the bold color may feel overwhelming.

What kind of lamp needs a red lampshade?

Consider using a red lampshade on table lamps, floor lamps, buffet lamps, desk lamps, articulating arm lamps, and pendant lights. Match the lampshade style to the lamp fixture for visual balance.

Should I buy or make my own red lampshade?

You can certainly buy pre-made red lampshades in many materials like fabric, metal, and glass. Or get creative and DIY your own lampshade by covering a basic white shade with red fabric or paint. Add trim and tassels for a custom creation.

How do I incorporate a red lampshade into my existing decor?

If your room lacks red accents, start small with a single red lampshade. Begin with pillows, art and accessories sporting dashes of red to lay the foundation before introducing a bold lampshade. Or use the shade to launch an all-new color scheme.