Celebrating the red, white and blue is a great way to show your patriotic spirit. And what better place to showcase your love for country than in the heart of your home – the kitchen! From subtle touches to over-the-top decor, there are so many options for infusing a patriotic style into your cooking space. Here are 10 stunning kitchens that truly nail the red, white and blue aesthetic.

Incorporating Patriotic Touches

When looking to add patriotic flair to your kitchen, start small with accents in red, white and blue. Some ideas:

  • Display ceramic canisters or glass jars in patriotic colors to hold sugar, flour and other baking essentials.
  • Hang a red, white and blue runner or towels from the oven handle or fridge for a subtle touch of color.
  • Use patriotic colors in your choice of accessories like a red vase, white candles and blue napkins.
  • Look for red, white and blue bakeware like cookie sheets, muffin tins and cake pans.
  • Use a vintage Coke sign with red and white colors on the walls.

These little touches of color here and there create visual interest and bring out the patriotic spirit without going overboard.

Adding Patriotic Artwork

One of the easiest ways to infuse patriotism into your kitchen is by adding wall art or decor in red, white and blue. Some ideas:

  • Hang an American flag on the wall as a focal point.
  • Frame vintage Uncle Sam recruitment posters for a retro vibe.
  • Display a collection of framed prints or paintings in patriotic themes.
  • Use large letter boards or marquees to spell out “God Bless America” or other patriotic quotes.
  • Decorate with reproductions of original World War II propaganda posters.
  • Framed nautical maps with touches of red and blue make for great coastal kitchen art.

Artwork is an impactful way to dress up your walls with patriotic style. For a coordinated look, match frames to your cabinetry finish.

Incorporating Red, White and Blue in the Backsplash

The backsplash provides ample opportunity to showcase red, white and blue through your choice of materials. Some creative ways to nail the patriotic palette:

  • Use a handmade tile backsplash in a blue and white geometric pattern.
  • Choose red glass subway tiles for a glittering backsplash. Pair with white grout.
  • Alternate individual tiles in different shades of red, white and blue.
  • Use rectangular tiles in red, white and blue colors to spell out words like “Freedom” or “Liberty”.
  • Install a backsplash using variously patterned tiles in patriotic themes.
  • Try a single oversized starburst tile as a backsplash in red, white and blue.

With so many tile shapes, materials and colors, you can easily create a patriotic look. For extra visual impact, carry the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling.

Painting Cabinets Red, White and Blue

Why stop at just backsplashes and accents? Painting your cabinets in patriotic colors is a bold, beautiful way to celebrate the red, white and blue. Some ideas if you’re looking to go all out:

  • Paint the uppers navy blue, lowers bright white, and island fire engine red.
  • Stain the perimeter cabinets in a deep blue tone and paint the island bright red.
  • Try white cabinets on top and on open shelving, red on the lowers and island.
  • Alternate individual cabinets in red, white and blue colors for a striking statement.
  • Paint the insides of glass cabinet doors in blue and use red knobs.

Whatever combination you choose, opt for semi-gloss or high-gloss sheens to allow the colors to pop. And don’t forget the hardware! Pick knobs or pulls in coordinating red, white or blue tones.

Incorporating Checkered Patterns

Checkerboard patterns in red, white and blue are a timeless way to demonstrate your patriotism. Some tips for working it in:

  • Use checkerboard tile for the backsplash or as an accent wall.
  • Choose red and white check curtains (with blue accents) for the window over the sink.
  • Paint a checkerboard pattern on one focal wall. Use squares of various sizes.
  • Decorate open shelves or glass cabinet doors with red and white checkered contact paper inside.
  • Lay vinyl checkerboard flooring in the kitchen for an all-American vibe underfoot.
  • Display ceramic canisters or planters with checkered patterns in red, white and blue.

Checkered patterns pair nicely with many kitchen styles from farmhouse to contemporary. Have fun with different check sizes and angles.

Lighting Up in Red, White and Blue

Don’t forget the lighting! The right fixtures and bulbs can fill your kitchen with patriotic spirit:

  • Use clear globe pendant lights and swap in red, white and blue bulbs.
  • Install sconces with boldly colored lampshades in red, white and blue.
  • Choose vintage-style Edison bulbs that have red, white or blue wiring.
  • Coat glass lampshades with red, white and blue tissue paper or cellophane.
  • Look for sculptural metal pendants in designs reminiscent of fireworks.
  • Opt for nautical rope pendants with touches of red and blue.

When it comes to lighting, you can keep things clean and modern or embrace retro charm. Just be sure to spotlight your work zones and decor.

Infusing Patriotic Style in Flooring

Don’t overlook the flooring when looking for ways to infuse patriotic flair. Options like:

  • Sheet vinyl designed with bold red and white stripes or star motifs.
  • Classic black and white checkerboard tile flooring.
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring mimicking blue driftwood or red brick.
  • Colorful geometric patterns on tile or sheet vinyl, using red, white and blue tones.
  • Faux wood plank flooring with red oak, white oak and blue-stained oak planks.
  • Marble or granite slab flooring combining white, red and blue natural veining.
  • Concrete flooring stained or scored in patriotic colors.

The right flooring pulls everything together, so don’t be afraid to think big in red, white and blue!

Embracing Patriotic Appliances

Major appliances offer huge potential for showing off your patriotism. Some red, white and blue ideas:

  • Choose a vintage-style SMEG fridge in glossy lipstick red.
  • Select a retro turquoise stove and refinish with bright red enamel paint.
  • Use appliances like dishwashers and microwaves with stainless steel and blue-tinted glass.
  • Look for options like fridges and ranges offered in custom color finishes.
  • Buy appliances with classic white enamel exteriors and swap out red knobs or handles.
  • Decorate the exterior of appliances using removable red, white and blue vinyl skins.

With some brands offering hundreds of color options, you can easily find appliances to match your vision. Have fun and go bold!

10 Patriotic Kitchens Nailing the Red, White and Blue Look

Now that we’ve covered ideas for working in patriotic touches, let’s look at some stunning kitchen designs that truly nail the red, white and blue aesthetic from top to bottom:

1. Navy Blue Shaker Kitchen

This gorgeous, all-American kitchen features Shaker-style cabinetry finished in dark navy blue. Paired with bright white quartz counters, it creates a classic patriotic color combo. The center island with red stools provides a perfect accent pop of color.

2. Vintage Patriotic Kitchen

Reminiscent of 1940s Americana, this retro kitchen is dressed up with red gingham curtains, painted hutch in blue, red table and chairs, and fun vintage signage. The rooster wallpaper borders add old-fashioned country charm with red, white and blue details.

3. Coastal Kitchen

Navy cabinetry and a stunning red, white and blue backsplash evoke a nautical, coastal vibe in this airy kitchen. Blue and white roman shades, white shiplap walls and antiqued bronze hardware keep the look light and beachy.

4. Contemporary Patriotic

Sleek modern cabinets in bright white and navy blue make a bold statement in this contemporary kitchen. The red brick-look backsplash and glass pendant lights provide the perfect patriotic finishing touches.

5. Star-Spangled Kitchen

This kitchen pulls out all the stops with handmade Moroccan tiles in a customized star motif backsplash. The brilliant cobalt blue island contrasts beautifully with the red and white cabinets.

6. Farmhouse Patriotic

Charming farmhouse style gets a patriotic twist with classic navy perimeter cabinets, vintage red retro fridge and stainless steel appliances with blue and white accents. Hanging mason jars and an American flag complete the homespun look.

7. Red, White and Blue Galley Kitchen

This narrow galley kitchen makes the most of its space with red lowers, white uppers, and navy open shelving. A matching red ceiling and pendant lights amplify the bold, patriotic color statement.

8. Retro Diner Style

Check out the retro diner appeal of this red, white and blue kitchen! Red lacquered cabinets, etched glass upper doors, and checkerboard flooring recreate a true 1950s soda shop vibe with Americana style.

9. Nautical New England Kitchen

The ultimate nautical kitchen, this crisp blue and white galley pairs white Shaker cabinets with a backsplash featuring handmade maritime map tiles. Pops of cherry red add bold contrast to the coastal New England look.

10. Industrial Patriotic

Exposed brick, stainless steel, and concrete finishes give this kitchen an urban industrial feel. Patriotic colors come through in the red open shelving, white cabinetry and navy ceiling accents. Large star pendants complete the look.

Designing Your Dream Red, White and Blue Kitchen

However you choose to decorate, incorporating red, white and blue into your kitchen design is a great way to showcase your patriotic pride and give guests a taste of all-American style.

Have fun playing with different shades and patterns to create your perfect color palette. Vintage or coastal themes work beautifully with the classic combo of red, white and blue.

Focus on repeating colors throughout in artwork, textiles, tilework, accessories and decor items. And look for special touches like custom lettering, faux wood flooring and custom colored appliances to take your design over the top.

With so many possibilities, what better space than the kitchen to proudly display your stars and stripes spirit? Here’s to designing a kitchen that truly nails the red, white and blue!

Frequently Asked Questions About Designing a Patriotic Kitchen

What are some quick and easy ways to add patriotic flair to my kitchen?

Some quick and easy ways to inject patriotic style include using red, white and blue kitchen towels, bakeware and canisters, displaying Americana wall art and framing vintage U.S. posters or maps.

What type of tile or backsplash works best for a patriotic design?

Some great patriotic backsplash options include using red glass subway tiles, tiles with stars or flag patterns, or combining individual tiles in different shades of red, white and blue.

Can I use wallpaper or contact paper to decorate my kitchen cabinets?

Absolutely! Temporary wallpapers like checkered or American flag contact paper are a fun and affordable way to patriotically decorate cabinet exteriors, open shelving or other surfaces.

What are the most popular cabinet and island colors for patriotic kitchens?

Classic navy blue and bright white make a gorgeous cabinet/island color combo. Also popular are white cabinets with red, blue or stainless steel islands.

What kind of flooring options work well in patriotic kitchen designs?

Great patriotic flooring choices include checkerboard tile, vinyl with flag motifs, concrete stamped with stars, and wood plank flooring stained red, white and blue.

Where can I find patriotic kitchen appliances like a red fridge or retro stove?

Check big box stores for major brands offering appliances in custom colors. Also try flea markets, antique shops, vintage sellers on Etsy or eBay, and sites like Craigslist.

Should I paint my entire kitchen red, white and blue for a patriotic look?

While bold all-over color can look amazing, start small with accents and artwork first. Painting all cabinets or walls red, white and blue can be hard to undo if you tire of the look.

What are some good ways to light up my kitchen using patriotic colors?

Fun lighting ideas include pendant lights with red, white or blue lampshades or bulbs, using Edison bulbs with colored wiring, or installing sculptural metal pendants reminiscent of fireworks.

How can I incorporate a patriotic style on a budget?

Affordable ways to add all-American flair include buying patriotic dish towels, switching out hardware for red knobs, using checkerboard contact paper inside cabinets, or displaying inexpensive framed flag art.


Decorating your kitchen in bold, beautiful red, white and blue is a wonderful way to showcase your patriotic spirit and pride in the USA. Whether you go all out with walls of navy cabinets, a handmade flag tile backsplash and retro appliances, or keep it simple with just a few festive accents, there are so many creative ways to nail the patriotic kitchen aesthetic. Here’s to designing the ultimate kitchen filled with the stars and stripes!