Jeff Andrews is an interior designer based in Los Angeles who has made a name for himself creating chic, elegant spaces for high-profile clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kris Jenner. Known for his classic style with a modern twist, Jeff’s designs are beloved by A-listers and design aficionados alike. In this article, we’ll explore 10 of Jeff’s trademark elements and signature style. From sophisticated color palettes to luxurious fabrics, read on to learn why Jeff Andrews is one of today’s most sought-after interior designers.

Sophisticated Color Palettes

One of Jeff’s signatures is his refined color palettes. He often sticks to a neutral base of creams, taupes and soft whites, adding pops of color through accessories and decorative items. “I like to keep a neutral envelope because you can constantly change the artwork, pillows and accessories to give it a new look,” he told Elle Decor. Jeff advised choosing three colors as a baseline – one for the walls, one for the sofa, and one as an accent. This creates a soothing, elegant backdrop that can be easily refreshed.

Jeff also mixes high and low hues on the color wheel to create subtle, sophisticated palettes. He’ll pair pale blue with camel, blush pink with navy, or sage green with cream. Combining lighter and darker tones adds depth and dimension. Jeff finishes his polished palettes with metallic accents in brass, chrome or nickel for a glamorous touch.

Luxurious Fabrics

Luscious fabrics are another Jeff Andrews signature. He adores texture and uses a rich mix of fabrics like velvets, silks, linens, wool and cashmere. In Jeff’s designs, each room has its own textural identity from sumptuous velvet sofas to cozy linen-clad bedrooms.

Jeff also embraces both matte and shiny fabrics. A glossy silk sofa pops against a matte wool rug and linen drapes. This juxtaposition creates visual interest and depth. Though he loves neutrals, Jeff isn’t afraid of pattern. Look for tone-on-tone damasks, subtle pinstripes, muted florals or herringbones – all in premium natural fibers. Jeff finishes his rooms with fur pillows and luxurious cashmere throws for the ultimate tactile experience.

Sophisticated Lighting

Another hallmark of Jeff’s style is his creative mix of lighting. “Lighting can make or break a space,” he told Galerie Magazine. Jeff likes to layer ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. For ambient lighting, he’ll bounce light off the ceiling while accentuating specific areas like art with picture lights.

For task lighting, Jeff chooses sleek minimalist fixtures in finishes like brass or nickel to complement a room’s aesthetic. He’s not afraid to play with scale, contrasting a dramatic chandelier with tiny sconces. Jeff also embraces both modern and traditional fixtures. “The key is finding a balance between old and new,” he said. This blend gives his rooms a collected, timeless look.

Layered Spaces

Jeff’s designs are known for their visual depth and dimension. To achieve this layered effect, he uses furniture to divide open spaces into separate zones. For example, in an open plan living room, he may float the sofa in the middle to define the seating area while using a console behind it to delineate a foyer.

Jeff then enriches spaces through contrasting textures and materials. In a bedroom, he’ll top linen bedding with a cozy faux fur throw and wool rug underfoot for varied tactile interest. Mirrors also help create depth while reflecting light to make rooms feel larger. By designing in layers, Jeff ensures his spaces never feel flat or one-dimensional.

Clean Lines

Though his look is undeniably glamorous, Jeff still embraces clean lines for an unfussy, timeless aesthetic. His sofas and chairs often have squared arms and tight backs for a tailored profile. Jeff selects unadorned fixtures and accents so the eye isn’t distracted.

“I like calm, simple shapes whether it’s a chair or a lamp base,” he told Elle Decor. Streamlined coffee tables balance more ornate furnishings like an antique armoire. This balance of sleek and elaborate elements makes his spaces feel curated and considered. While Jeff’s look has an undeniable luxe factor, it maintains an underlying simplicity thanks to his embrace of clean lines.

Cozy Conversation Areas

Jeff’s designs always include inviting vignettes perfect for conversing over cocktails. He often places two armchairs beside an end table to form an intimate seating area conducive to chatting. If space allows, he arranges four club chairs around a coffee table to create a sophisticated gathering area.

“I like to ground spaces with furniture groupings that encourage connection,” he told Domino magazine. To make conversation zones extra cozy, Jeff adds thoughtful details like side tables for drinks along with floor lamps for soft illumination. He finishes the spaces with plush pillows and throws. Thanks to Jeff’s skillful layouts, his rooms feel geared toward meaningful interactions and warm hospitality.

Artful Vignettes

Beyond seating, Jeff composes beautiful vignettes to add visual interest and personality. His entryways may feature a console topped with artful stacks of design books alongside ceramic vessels. Coffee tables display a mix of accessories from cut orchids and candles to antiqued mirrored trays topping cerused wood tables.

“I enjoy combining antiques, vintage discoveries and contemporary elements to reflect a collected look,” Jeff told Matchbook magazine. He approaches every surface and corner as an opportunity to create an intriguing still life. Jeff also places furnishings to form unique vignettes. An antique bench turned sideways becomes a vanity while a sofa flanked by sconces transforms into a cozy reading nook.

Meaningful Artwork

One of the hallmarks of Jeff’s work is his thoughtful approach to artwork. Rather than just fill space, he selects pieces that hold personal significance for clients. For Kris Jenner, he incorporated a large painting by her friend and renowned artist David Hockney.

“Art needs to have meaning beyond just aesthetics,” Jeff told Elle Decor. He also embraces a mix of emerging and renowned artists for an eclectic, collected look. You may find a contemporary photography print next to a 1960s lithograph. Jeff sees artwork as another layer to enrich a space and reflect the homeowners’ unique personalities.

Cohesive But Collected Look

While Jeff’s spaces feature upscale details, he avoids designing rooms that feel too perfect or matchy. “I like things collected over time that fit together in a relaxed way,” he told Galerie. To accomplish this, Jeff includes pieces that reflect multiple eras from vintage to contemporary.

While he uses luxe materials like leather and velvet, he’ll mix in a natural element like rattan or linen to ease the formality. His color palettes feel cohesive but never overly coordinated. This collected approach infuses his elegant rooms with a down-to-earth warmth and character.

According to Jeff, the key is blending items you love rather than focusing on everything matching. The result is a pulled-together yet personal look reflecting memories and travels.

Custom Built-Ins

Finally, custom millwork adds function while reflecting Jeff’s tailored style. He’ll design floor-to-ceiling shelving and cabinetry trimmed with moldings for an integrated look. For home offices, Jeff creates streamlined workstations with minimalist lines.

His media units incorporate niches for electronics along with adjustable shelves for display objects. For bedrooms, Jeff crafts custom headboards and nightstands offering personal storage solutions. By designing bespoke built-ins tailored to clients rather than using generic pieces, Jeff ensures that function and aesthetics work in harmony.


With his polished yet inviting designs, it’s no wonder Jeff Andrews has become a go-to for celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kris Jenner. His refined yet down-to-earth style blends elegant features like luxe fabrics and metallic accents with thoughtful details such as custom built-ins and meaningful artwork. Jeff’s keen eye for color, texture and artistic vignettes elevates his interiors from merely fashionable to timelessly chic. In an age of transient trends, Jeff Andrews creates spaces meant to evolve and endure.

FAQs About Designer Jeff Andrews

What is Jeff Andrews known for as a designer?

Jeff Andrews is renowned for his elegant yet relaxed style featuring sophisticated color palettes, rich textures, custom details and curated vignettes. His designs blend classic and contemporary elements for a timeless, collected look favored by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow.

What is Jeff Andrews’ signature style?

Jeff Andrews’ signature style includes clean lines mixed with ornate accents, neutral backdrops with vibrant pops of color, and layered lighting for visual depth. Custom millwork and meaningful artwork also distinguish his refined yet welcoming interiors.

Where is Jeff Andrews based?

Jeff Andrews is based in Los Angeles where he works on residential projects across Southern California and beyond. His home base of LA provides an abundance of inspiration for his signature sophisticated-meets-casual aesthetic.

What makes Jeff Andrews different from other designers?

Unlike many designers, Jeff Andrews doesn’t have a set “look” he repeats for every client. He tailored each space to the homeowner based on their tastes and collections using a refined yet eclectic blend of antiques, vintage and contemporary pieces.

What styles influence Jeff Andrews’ work?

Jeff Andrews pulls inspiration from varied eras and locations including 18th century French neoclassical furniture, 1960s glamour, the English countryside, British Colonial design and midcentury Scandinavian sensibilities. This melting pot of influences allows him to cultivate a signature style that transcends trends.

How does Jeff Andrews use color in his designs?

Jeff Andrews embraces a neutral envelope of soft hues like cream and camel then layers in pops of color via accessories and art. He also juxtaposes lighter and darker tones like pale blue with navy for sophisticated, nuanced palettes. Metallics add glamour to his refined color schemes.

Why does Jeff Andrews avoid the overuse of patterns?

Rather than heavily patterned spaces, Jeff Andrews opts for a timeless look with pattern as an accent. He’ll use an ornate floral rug underfoot but pair it with simple linen sofas for balance. This selective approach prevents patterns from competing in busy excess.

How does Jeff Andrews create depth in his designs?

Jeff uses layered lighting, varied textures and reflective surfaces to create visual depth. Floating furniture in open floor plans delineates separate zones while mixed materials like wood, leather, velvet and linen provide contrast. Mirrors also amplify dimension and space.

How does artwork contribute to Jeff Andrews’ designs?

Art is an integral part of Jeff Andrews’ interiors. He hand-selects pieces that reflect clients’ personalities and passions so they contribute meaning beyond just aesthetics. Eclectic groupings give his spaces a curated, collected look.


In the world of interior design, Jeff Andrews stands out for his refined yet unpretentious spaces that feel custom-tailored to clients. His mix of European influences, vintage discoveries, local artwork and custom details fills his homes with depth, warmth and personality. For design lovers, Jeff proves that luxurious doesn’t have to equal stuffy. By blending just the right amounts of timeworn and contemporary, fanciful and restrained, he strikes that elusive balance between fashionable and enduring. In the realm of harmonious, glamorous style, Jeff Andrews remains the designer du jour.