A white-and-wood double vanity can add elegance and visual interest to any bathroom. The combination of crisp white paired with warm, natural wood tones creates a light and airy look that is both classic and timeless. As you design your dream bathroom, consider incorporating this winning color combination into your vanity selection.

To help inspire your design, here are 10 beautiful bathrooms featuring white-and-wood double vanities:

1. Scandi-Chic Bathroom with Floating White Vanity

This Scandinavian-style bathroom uses a bright and airy color palette of white, light woods, and accents of black. The focal point is the stunning floating double vanity with an organic edgegrain wood countertop and sleek white cabinets.

To play up the light and brightness, the walls and ceiling are painted crisp white. The wood flooring adds warmth, along with the rattan pendant light and woven basket. Black metal hardware, shower fixtures, and accessories provide contrast.

This bathroom has a serene, spa-like vibe thanks to the simple colors, natural materials, and minimalist style. The floating vanity provides a light and airy look, while the wood countertop injects natural texture.

2. Transitional Bathroom with Marble and Wood Vanity

For a double vanity with a bit more glam, consider a combination of white marble and wood. The marble countertop adds elegance with its soft veining and shine. Paired with the matte white cabinets, it creates a striking contrast.

To add organic texture, this transitional bathroom vanity has vertical grain wood paneling on the cabinet faces. Bronze hardware also punctuates the crisp white and natural marble.

The Moroccan fish scale tile backsplash provides visual interest behind the sleek floating vanity. A trio of round frameless mirrors balances the linearity of the vanity and tile. The result is a bathroom that is both classic and sophisticated.

3. Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

For a cozier, more rustic aesthetic, a reclaimed wood double vanity is a wonderful choice. The naturally weathered gray barn wood has beautiful variation, knots, and grain patterns. It brings organic texture and a sense of history.

To keep the look light, the vanity base is painted crisp white. A marble herringbone backsplash adds subtle pattern and ties in the white marble countertop. Black metal hardware grounds the vanity with contrast.

Open shelving provides handy storage for rolled towels and toiletries. A glass vase of fresh flowers adds a welcoming touch. This bathroom vanity is ideal for a cozy farmhouse, cottage, or cabin.

4. Modern Bathroom with White Quartz Waterfall Vanity

A white quartz waterfall vanity countertop is a contemporary choice that makes a statement. The stone appears to pour seamlessly down the cabinetry, creating a fluid and sculptural look.

The white quartz has subtle gray veining that catches the light beautifully. The matte white vanity keeps the focus on the stunning countertop.

Behind the quartz waterfall vanity, rectangular white tiles create a graphic backdrop. The sleek fixtures, frameless mirror, and recessed lighting enhance the modern vibe. This contemporary double vanity design is perfect for a chic, urban bathroom.

5. Minimalist Bathroom Vanity with Wood Shelving

For a pared-back minimalist aesthetic, a wall-mounted double vanity lets the materials take center stage. This design pairs matte white cabinets with a long wood shelf instead of a traditional countertop.

The shelf provides space for neatly lined up toiletries, candles, and decor. Open shelving beneath gives additional storage. The vanity achieves a streamlined, minimalist look with no drawer hardware.

Crisp white walls, matching tile, and wood accents keep the color palette simple but interesting. The organic wood shelf injects warmth and texture to balance the matte white surfaces.

6. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Wood Mirror Frame

The popular modern farmhouse style masterfully blends contemporary and rustic elements. This lovely double vanity has traditional inspired details like the beadboard backsplash and decorative molding.

At the same time, the matte white cabinets and sleek marble countertop keep it looking up-to-date. The wood frame surrounding the circular mirror brings in natural texture.

A woven pendant light, vase of dried lavender, and antique-style mirror add charming vintage accents. However, the vanity’s clean lines maintain the modern farmhouse vibe rather than veering too rustic or cottage.

7. Glam Bathroom with Hollywood Lights and Mirrored Cabinets

For serious glamour and drama, opt for a glossy white vanity paired with mirrored cabinets. The high-shine lacquered finish bounces light beautifully. The mirrored cabinets double the feeling of brightness and space.

This vanity features contemporary style details like the thick waterfall quartz countertop. However, the sparkling Hollywood lights framing the mirror give it a glamorous Art Deco aesthetic.

Keep the rest of the bathroom decor simple to let this dazzling vanity take center stage. Neutral tones like white and gray are ideal. Add pops of metallic through fixtures and accessories.

8. Industrial Style Bathroom with Open Shelving Vanity

The industrial design style highlights raw materials and an unfinished, warehouse aesthetic. An easy way to get the industrial look is by incorporating black metal and natural wood elements.

This bathroom features a riveted metal double vanity with an aged wood countertop. The metal base provides an edgy, gritty foundation. The wood injects organic texture and warmth.

Open shelving above keeps the industrial vibe going and provides handy display space. Complement with concrete or wood-look tile flooring and expose any pipes or ventilation for an authentic feel.

9. Coastal Bathroom with Beach House Vanity

A weathered driftwood finish on the vanity cabinets and open shelves helps this bathroom double vanity channel breezy beach house style. Driftwood has organic grain patterns and texture, just like reclaimed wood.

The stone countertop resembles pebbles along the seashore. A woven rattan mirror and jute rug continue the coastal vibe. Ocean-inspired colors like sea glass blue and sandy taupe keep the palette relaxed.

This beachy vanity pairs perfectly with weathered woods, linen textures, and ceramic accents. Add found objects like shells or glass floats to decorate the open shelves.

10. Traditional Bathroom with Antique Mirrored Vanity

For a touch of antique luxury, consider an intricately carved double vanity with antique mirrored cabinets. The carved details add visual interest while the aged mirrors impart an Old World feel.

Play up the traditional charm by opting for classic materials like marble countertops and hexagon tile floors. Add vintage inspired sconce lighting, Persian area rugs, and other ornate accents.

Keep the walls light to prevent the space from feeling too dark. Use a soft color palette of whites, grays, and pale blues. The result is a bathroom with timeless and elegant traditional style.

Design Tips for White-and-Wood Vanities

When incorporating a white-and-wood double vanity into your bathroom, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Mix matte and high-gloss finishes for visual interest. Try a lacquered white vanity with a natural wood countertop.
  • Add warmth and texture with wood shelving rather than a full wood countertop.
  • Anchor the vanity with black or bronze metal hardware and fixtures.
  • Incorporate natural materials like marble, travertine, quartz or granite for the countertop.
  • Use wooden frames around mirrors to tie in the vanity.
  • Floating vanities create a light, airy look. Wall mount for a minimalist style.
  • Reclaimed, aged, or driftwood finishes add organic texture.
  • Open shelving provides handy display space.
  • Add subtle patterns with tile backsplashes or flooring.
  • Include plants, flowers, and other greenery to enhance the natural wood tones.

With the right combination of materials, styles, and colors, a white-and-wood double vanity can become a stunning focal point in your dream bathroom. Use these gorgeous bathrooms for inspiration as you design your own beautiful space.

Frequently Asked Questions About White and Wood Bathroom Vanities

Many homeowners have questions when designing a new bathroom featuring a white and wood double vanity. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What are the benefits of a double vanity?

A double vanity provides two sinks, allowing two people to use the bathroom at once. This prevents fighting over mirror time! Double vanities also offer ample counter space for both partners’ toiletries and getting ready routines.

What width should a double vanity be?

The ideal double vanity width is 60-72 inches wide. This allows comfortable use of both sinks, while leaving walking space in the middle. Standardwidths are 60 inches and 72 inches.

How much space do you need for a double vanity?

Plan for a double vanity bathroom to have minimum dimensions of 8 feet by 10 feet. This allows room for a 60-72 inch vanity, walkway space, and other fixtures. Larger bathrooms are ideal for double vanities.

What color cabinets work best with a white and wood vanity?

Crisp bright white painted cabinets pair beautifully with wood countertops. Shaker style cabinets in white look classic and clean. Glossy lacquered cabinets make a glam statement.

What wood finishes work with a white vanity?

Light natural woods like maple or oak have a timeless appeal. Distressed gray woods add farmhouse charm. Weathered driftwood or reclaimed wood offer beachy texture. Darker stains can feel too heavy.

What countertop materials work well?

Natural stone countertops like marble, quartz, or granite complement white-and-wood vanities. Concrete and butcher block also pair nicely for more modern looks.

Should the sinks be undermount or vessel style?

Undermount sinks keep lines clean and streamlined. Vessel sinks can obstruct counter space. However, they make a stylish statement atop a wood vanity countertop.

Should you choose one long countertop or two separate ones?

One long countertop promotes unity and flow. Two separate countertops allow you to use different materials for each side. It’s based on aesthetic preference.

Where should you position the vanity in the room?

Typically it’s best to place a double vanity on the wall across from the entryway for easy access. Float in the middle of the room for a statement.

What are the best lighting options?

Sconces on each side provide ideal task lighting. Overhead fixtures like pendants or chandeliers make a style statement. Undercabinet lighting illuminates the vanity.


A white-and-wood double vanity can add style, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to any bathroom remodel or new construction. Choosing the right materials, finishes, and details allows you to tailor the look from crisp and contemporary to rustically charming.

Keep proportions and layout in mind when incorporating a 60-72 inch double vanity into your bathroom. Be sure to include decorative lighting and accessories that enhance your chosen style, whether modern farmhouse, industrial, traditional, or coastal. With proper planning and design, your new white-and-wood vanity will become a stunning centerpiece that provides daily function and delight.